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Episode 10 | Lily Evans Potter

Special Mother’s Day Episode!!! Grab your favorite Mom and listen to this installment of MuggleWatch in which we pay tribute to the everlasting love of Lily Evans Potter. While Lily’s character never gets the depth she deserves, her presence is pervasive throughout the books, and crucial to the central theme of the series. Listen below to hear more about how we get to know Lily, as well as the transformative power of love. ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong...


Episode 9 | Barty Crouch Jr.

We’ve got a new episode of MuggleWatch for you and it’s a good one! In this installment we go pure evil with a discussion about one of the Dark Lord’s most powerfully dangerous and loyal servants. Barty Crouch Jr. has a tragically compelling backstory and family dynamic, making him one of the most interesting characters we meet. Furthermore, he is never who he seems, which provides us with one of the greatest twists in the entire Harry Potter series. Listen below to hear all about these...


Fleur Delacour

New MuggleWatch goodness! We are back with our eighth episode which is all about our favorite Beauxbatons student, Fleur Delacour. Press play below to hear Julian swoon over this part veela while the others take a more level headed approach. ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love” and “A Very Potter Musical” for “Get Back to Hogwarts”*** The post Episode 8 | Fleur Delacour appeared first on MuggleWatch Podcast.


Episode 7 | Percy Weasley

Keep your Harry Potter excitement going after todays release of “The Crimes of Grindelwald” trailer with a new Episode of MuggleWatch! This episode is all about our favorite HB(Humungous Bighead). Percy Weasley might be the least Weasleyish, Weasley in the family, but what traits does he share with his loved ones? How does he go from the rule following Hogwarts prefect, to the Ministry loving outcast, to fighting along side Fred and George in the battle of Hogwarts? Press play to find out!...


Episode 6 | Rubeus Hagrid

This is MuggleWatch’s BIGGEST episode yet! you might even call it GIANT…or at least half giant. Rubeus Hagrid warms all of our hearts with his bad cooking, thoughtful advice, and supply of slug vomit receptacles. In this episode we discuss everything from his unofficial role as school counselor to his love for magical beasts. But, should Hagrid be given so much trust given his assorted past when it comes to befriending dangerous beasts? Press play to find out! ***Music credit to...


Episode 5 | Sybill Trelawney

I see an excellent episode of MuggleWatch in your future! In our fifth installment we discuss the not so celebrated seer Sybill Trelawney. Is she a true prophet, or just a good guesser? Press play to hear the answer to these questions and more! ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love” and “A Very Potter Musical” for “Get Back to Hogwarts”*** The post Episode 5 | Sybill Trelawney appeared first on MuggleWatch Podcast.


Episode 4 | Gilderoy Lockhart

Happy 2018! We are kicking off the new year with a bona fide giggle fest in which we discuss Harry Potter’s most charming character, Gilderoy Lockhart. Laugh along as we swoon over his greatest accomplishments and debate his title as the most villainous character in the books😉. Press play to hear more about the wizard who is here to make Hogwarts great again. ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love” and “A Very Potter Musical” for “Get Back to...


Episode 3 | Draco Malfoy

More MuggleWatch is here! In this episode we take on our biggest character yet, Draco Malfoy. We discuss his development throughout the books and relate his supremacist ideology to the muggle world. Listen to the end to hear an exciting argument about Draco’s deepest motivations as we try to discern whether he develops into a more empathetic adult or not. Listen and subscribe below! ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love” and “A Very Potter Musical” for “Get...


Episode 2 | Nymphadora Tonks

The MuggleWatch crew is back! Our second episode explores the only Harry Potter character brave enough to ask Mad Eye about his left buttock. Nymphadora Tonks is a fun-loving shape-shifter who tripped her way into our hearts. We will discuss what it means to be a metamorphmagus, a female auror, and the wife of a werewolf in the magical world. Listen and subscribe below to hear our full thoughts on this rebellious role model. ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong...


Episode 1 | Neville Longbottom

In the premier episode of MuggleWatch we look at one of our most beloved characters, Neville Longbottom. He proves to be a rich character with lots of development to dissect. But, is he really the kind, shy, second string character that he seems? Listen to find out… ***Music credit to “PotterWatch48” for “Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love” and “A Very Potter Musical” for “Get Back to Hogwarts”*** The post Episode 1 | Neville Longbottom appeared first on MuggleWatch Podcast.