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Authors share their compelling true stories and great ideas for living well. All the books are insightful, inspiring, and uplifting.

Authors share their compelling true stories and great ideas for living well. All the books are insightful, inspiring, and uplifting.
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Authors share their compelling true stories and great ideas for living well. All the books are insightful, inspiring, and uplifting.






N4L 062: "Thanks for the Feedback" by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen

Authors Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen teach skills for receiving feedback in their book, Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well. Subtitled Even When It Is Off Base, Unfair, Poorly Delivered, and, Frankly, You're Not in the Mood, the book strikes at the heart of why getting feedback can be uncomfortable, awkward, and even painful. Stone and Heen hit the troubles and triggers that surround the skills we need to accept opinions and advice from others. 00:15...


N4L 061: "How We Did It" by Karl Subban and Scott Colby

From 30 years of coaching, teaching, and parenting, Karl Subban knows how to ignite potential in young people. He captures his strategies in How We Did It: The Subban Plan for Success in Hockey, School and Life. In the backyard and the schoolyard, Subban has spent his life encouraging kids to dream big, set goals, and accomplish great things. 00:15 Intro to Karl Subban – author, coach, teacher, and parent 00:55 Intro to the five accomplished Subban children 01:20 How Karl’s dreams morph...


N4L 060: "How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick" by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

At age 70, Letty Cottin Pogrebin felt fit as a fiddle on the fateful day she walked three miles to her routine mammogram. A founding editor of Ms. (magazine) and women's rights activist, she had energy and to spare until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Facing six weeks of radiation treatment, she was now obligated to join others in the waiting room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City. So, putting on her journalist hat, she began interviewing fellow patients. The result? How to...


N4L 059: "What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew" by Dr. Sharon Saline

Dr. Sharon Saline, licensed clinical psychologist and top ADHD expert, draws on her 25 years of expertise to offer her insightful and practical book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life. After listening carefully to ADHD kids express emotions, successes, and motivations, Saline knows how to share proven models of strength-based parenting and attentive awareness. Full of useful exercise and easy-to-remember techniques, the book...


N4L 058: "Editor's Picks - Personal Development"

Janet shares Just 3 books in the "Personal Development" category to help improve yourself and your life. She also announces "Recommendations," a brand-new feature on Nonfiction4Life podcasts. 00:20 Another episode of “Editor’s Picks” from the “Personal Development” category 00:25 Two other EP episodes (#20-Home & Family; #47-Biographies & Memoirs) 00:40 N4L adding “Recommendations” to the podcast; stay tuned to the end! 01:10 Just 3 Personal Development books 01:40 1st book: How Will...


N4L 057: "All Is Fair in Love and Sales" by Chris Singleton

On his own from age 13, Chris Singleton had to fight to survive. Channeling all his youthful grit, determination, and perseverance into becoming a nationally recognized top salesman, he captures lessons learned in his bestselling book, All Is Fair in Love and Sales: Six Steps to Sales Success. Listen to his personal story of overcoming difficult challenges and how he lives to help others succeed. 00:15 Invitation to add to Janet’s 56 Birthday List 01:15 Intro to Chris Singleton 01:35...


N4L 056: Janet Loves Books!

Nonfiction4Life Host & Founder Janet Perry celebrates her 56th birthday along with the posting of the 56th episode. She shares her story of falling in love...with learning! Connecting words to books and books to ideas, she takes listeners along her journey and explains how she chose to become a podcaster of nonfiction books. She also invites all to subscribe to the email list so she can share a gift with them--"Janet's List of 56 Things"--that includes book lists, apps, movies, and other...


N4L 055: "Your Fantastic Elastic Brain" by JoAnn Deak, PhD

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It by Dr. JoAnn Deak unveils exciting truths about our brains: we can stretch and shape them as long as we continue to learn. According to educational consultant and psychologist Deak, if we take advantage of 0pen "windows" in the brain, we'll keep our minds "plastic." Complete with colored illustrations and diagrams, this children's nonfiction book targets children ages 3-9, but middle schoolers and adults as well are reading it, too. Deak's...


N4L 054: "Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy" by Tim Harford

Tim Harford, economist and author of Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy, shares just a few of the inventions that have had far-reaching and unexpected consequences for all of us. His stories—part economics, part history, and part biography—give us fascinating facts and behind-the-scenes glimpses into inventions that have become integral and essential to our everyday work and play. Harford also cautions us about embracing all inventions as good. History shows that, for all their...


N4L 053: "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple" by Dr. Seth J. Gillihan

Dr. Gillihan, author of "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple," shares easy-to-understand practices for dealing with mental health issues. He offers "10 Strategies for Managing Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Panic, and Worry" that can be accessed on an as-needed basis. Void of psychobabble, Gillihan's book is written in layman's language for everyday issues and situations so readers can self-evaluate and help themselves find relief. BUY Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple: 10...


N4L 052: "The Sleep Solution" by Dr. Chris Winter

Dr. Chris Winter, an international sleep expert, combines traditional medicine with more than two decades of research and practical experience to give us The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It. Packed full of proven techniques applied to the most current sleep science, the book is designed to help you rest well and sleep better than ever before. Winter maintains that, unlike many ailments, sleep skills can be learned. And, with proper sleep, you can eliminate pills,...


N4L 051: "Storyworthy" by Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks, a bestselling author, shares "superhero" secrets in his latest book, Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling. He reminds us that we all have stories to tell. In fact, sometimes the smallest moments in our lives make the most compelling stories. Leave it to Dicks to help us find the ones that are "storyworthy" and share them through our own storytelling powers. BUY Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life...


N4L 050: "Wish You Happy Forever" by Jenny Bowen

Wish You Happy Forever chronicles Half the Sky founder Jenny Bowen's personal and professional journey to transform Chinese orphanages—and the lives of the neglected girls who live in them—from a state of quiet despair to one of vibrant promise. After reading an article about the thousands of baby girls languishing in Chinese orphanages, Bowen and her husband adopted a little girl from China and brought her home to Los Angeles, not out of a need to build a family but rather a commitment to...


N4L 049: "The Finnish Way" by Katja Pantzar

Journalist Katja Pantzar, author of The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power, introduces the powerful Finnish concept of “sisu.” This unique form of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity helps Finns stay happy and healthy all year round. After spending her 20s working in the media industry, Pantzar decided to leave the stressful environment of the Americas that was fueling her anxiety and depression. She moved to Helsinki, Finland, returning...


N4L 048: "On the Brink of Everything" by Parker J. Palmer

Parker J. Palmer looks back on eight decades to explore his life in On the Brink of Everything. He shares lessons learned about "Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old" as he travels the arc toward the sunset of his life. Some of his discoveries for a happy life include: With earned wisdom counterbalanced with honest, unanswered questions, Palmer expresses himself in prose and poetry. Also, collaborating with songwriter/singer Carrie Newcomer, Palmer shares three free, downloadable songs that...


N4L 047: "Editor's Picks - Biographies and Memoirs"

In our latest “Editor’s Picks” podcast, we focus on Biographies & Memoirs. To celebrate America’s Independence Day, we’re showing our patriotism by highlighting famous Americans. First, we recommend the biography Benjamin Franklin, An American Life by Walter Isaacson (2003). Franklin is known for a myriad of things, but here are just three: BUY Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Our next recommendation is Abigail Adams, Witness to a Revolution by Natalie S. Bober (1995). We see Abigail...


N4L 046: "Getting Back to Happy" by Marc & Angel Chernoff

After their own share of ups and downs, Marc and Angel Chernoff capture tricks, strategies, and skills for "Getting Back to Happy." The Chernoffs are the creators of Marc & Angel Hack Life, recognized by Forbes as "one of the most popular personal development blogs." Through their writing, coaching, and annual live events, they've spent the past decade sharing proven strategies for getting unstuck in order to find lasting happiness and success.


N4L 045: "Rebuild" by Dr. Robert Zembroski

Dr. Robert Zembroski, functional medicine specialist and clinical nutritionist, discusses his book Rebuild. After his own bout with cancer and surgery, Dr. Z. developed Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before. Navigating his own health journey, coupled with the struggles, frustration, and confusion his patients have experienced in the typical healthcare system, inspired him to create unique personalized protocols focused on results. Rebuild outlines...


N4L 044: "Reading with Patrick" by Michelle Kuo

In her coming-of-age memoir Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, A Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship, Michelle Kuo chronicles her time in Helena, Arkansas. Kuo is a Chinese-American woman of privilege teaching English at an alternative high school in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. There she develops an unlikely friendship with one of the teenage students who is arrested and imprisoned for murder. For seven months, the two of them study literature, memorize poems, and consider the...


N4L 043: Special Announcement from Nonfiction4Life

At Nonfiction4Life, we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of our first podcast. Today, we're rolling out our brand new YouTube channel! This new platform will help us extend our reach to readers and listeners who aren't on podcast platforms or who just don't know how to use them. Also, YouTube's "closed caption" feature makes it possible for many to "listen" without using the volume control. We're especially happy the hard of hearing and deaf community now have equal and easy access to...