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Join us every fortnight as we interview recently published or well established authors, gleaning insights and real tips from writers following their process from beginning to write, editing and proof reading, to finding an agent and publisher and finally finding an audience.

Join us every fortnight as we interview recently published or well established authors, gleaning insights and real tips from writers following their process from beginning to write, editing and proof reading, to finding an agent and publisher and finally finding an audience.
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Join us every fortnight as we interview recently published or well established authors, gleaning insights and real tips from writers following their process from beginning to write, editing and proof reading, to finding an agent and publisher and finally finding an audience.






Episode 56 - Susan Hurley - Eight Lives

The guest is Susan Hurley debut author of the medical thriller Eight Lives. Eight Lives is the story of David Tran and the drug he discovered which ultimately kills him in a failed medical trial. The novel maps all the cause leading to and the effects of his death. Susan speaks candidly about the struggles of getting this book published and her extensive experience in both the medical world and academic worlds.


Episode 55 - RWR McDonald - The Nancys

The guest is Rob McDonald debut author of The Nancys. Rob is a fellow Kiwi and The Nancys is a riotous crime/coming-of-age story about Tippy Chan and her uncle and his boyfriend who, inspired by Nancy Drew, set out to solve a crime in a small town in South Island, New Zealand. We talk about 'breaking through,' writing small town real life settings and how to write a first novel.


Episode 54 - Mark Brandi - The Rip

Mark Brandi is the guest. His second novel The Rip explores many contemporary themes including homelessness and drug addiction. Like his debut Wimmera, The Rip is set in a place Mark knows well, Melbourne City. He talks us through his process and the ways real life inspires his stories. For years Mark worked in policy and has close ties to law enforcement.


Episode 53 - Laura Elizabeth Woollett - Beautiful Revolutionary

Laura Elizabeth Woollett is the guest. The novel is Beautiful Revolutionary, a retelling of the events that led up to the mass suicide at The Peoples Temple. We talk about the appeal of cults, method writing, breaking through as a young writer and research. Laura's writing is crisp and evocative, and Beautiful Revolutionary was one of my favourite books of 2018.


Episode 52 - Dervla McTiernan - The Scholar

The guest is Dervla McTiernan, author of the international bestseller The Ruin. Dervla talks brain cancer, Scrivener, being ambitious and how fantasy novels have shaped her approach as a crime fiction writer. We also talk about her outstanding second novel The Scholar.


Episode 51 - Stuart Turton - The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

The guest is Stuart Turton author of the Costa prize winning novel The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Stuart talks about his development as a writer and the challenges of writing whilst helping to raise a young family. We also talk about reviews, Agatha Christie and deliberately getting lost in a forest.


Episode 50 - Sarah Bailey - Into the Night

Sarah Bailey is the guest. In this bumper episode I talk about some of my favourite books of the year before speaking with the author of two Gemma Woodstock crime novels, Into the Night and The Dark Lake. We also talk about the feeling of flow, flawed characters and high expectations.


Episode 49 - Trent Dalton - Boy Swallows Universe

The guest is journalist and novelist Trent Dalton whose debut, Boy Swallows Universe, has become an instant Australian classic that is publishing into markets around the world. The story draws heavily on events in Trent's life and we speak about fictionalising biographical elements of novels, writing highly personal narratives and about Slim, a real life prison escape artist who happened to baby sit Trent.


Episode 48 - AJ Finn - The Woman in the Window

AJ Finn aka Daniel Mallory is the guest. We talk about big book advances, meeting Amy Adams, book trends, and moving from publishing into writing books.


Episode 47 - Robert Lukins & Stephanie Bishop - Man out of Time

Robert Lukins, author of The Everlasting Sunday, speaks with Stephanie Bishop for the Booklovers festival. Robert and Stephanie talk about Stephanie's brilliant and enigmatic literary novel, Man out of Time.


Episode 46 - Sarah & Sarah - Sisters in Crime

A very special episode from the Booklovers Festival in Melbourne brings Sarah Schmidt and Sarah Krasnostein together for a live conversation. Sarah & Sarah talk about writing dark themes, their first written work, writing about death and dying, and take questions from the audience.


Episode 45 - Angela Meyer - A Superior Spectre

The guest is Angela Meyer, her novel is called A Superior Spectre. Angela is a commissioning editor as well as a novelist, and brings tremendous insight into writing a book and finding a publisher. As someone who has sat on either side of the table Angela brings fresh perspective to subjects such as finding an agent, dealing with rejection, writing for an audience, and selling your debut novel.


Episode 44 - Robbie Arnott - Flames

Robbie Arnott is the guest. His debut novel, Flames, is a staggeringly imaginative work of literary fiction. It's set in Robbie's home state of Tasmania and bends genres to explore themes of family, renewal and the nature. We talk about writing place, meeting famous authors and Robbie's process. Flames is my favourite book of 2018,


Episode 43 - Megan Goldin - The Escape Room

Megan Goldin is the best selling author of The Girl from Kellers Way and The Escape Room. Megan talks about the corporate world, writing novels set in the USA and breaking through as an author.


Episode 42 - Bella Li - Lost Lake (Poetry)

Bella Li is an award winning Australian poet. Her work is surreal and ambitious, assembling poetry, collage and photography. Her books are simply beautiful. We talk about ruptured achilles tendons, research for poetry, and attempt to answer what good poetry is.


Episode 41 - Christian White - The Nowhere Child

Christian White is the guest, his debut novel is The Nowhere Child. Christian won the VPLA unpublished manuscript prize and his novel is set to be published in the UK, US and twelve other countries. The novel asks the readers one question: who took Sammy Went? The answer is found across two continents, and three decades in the past. We talk about what it means to win an unpublished manuscript prize, toxic Goodreads reviews, the dreaded second novel and adapting work for screen.


Episode 39 - Robert Lukins - The Everlasting Sunday

Robert Lukins is the guest. Robert's debut novel was published in 2018 by UQP. We shared scones and tea and spoke about the two decades Robert spent teaching himself to write a novel, meeting our literary heroes and what it's like to go from writing alone to emerging into a lively writing community.


Episode 38 - Susi Fox - Mine

Susi Fox is the guest. Susi's debut book is Mine - a psychological thriller set in a hospital. A woman wakes from an emergency Caesarian section believing her baby has been swapped. What ensues is a twisty look into paranoia. We talk about medicine, writing as a doctor and what it takes to become a writer.


Episode 37 - Gideon Haigh - A Scandal in Bohemia

The guest is Gideon Haigh, author of over fifty books including A Scandal in Bohemia, a true crime story about Mollie Dean. Gideon explains how he remains so prolific, his approach to research and how he decides what he wants to write about. Gideon also attempts to recruit me for his cricket team.