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Stories and Insights To Spark Your Imagination




Stories and Insights To Spark Your Imagination








Amazing Race

You were the fastest swimmer,your tiny body made it across the finish line. This is Your story. Season 2, Episode 5 Everyone matters, from an unformed fetus, to your grandmother in her golden years.Human life is not irrelevant or random.We are not cosmic accidents.We are not insignificant space particles drifting aimlessly. In are disposable, secular culture there's a tendency to ignore the sacred.Everything about us is sacred.It's important to remember within this Cannibalistic society....


Goldfish Suicide Letter

Life sometimes feels like a fishbowl,you swim in one direction bump your head and swim the other way.This goldfish had enough and decided to jump. Season 2, Micro Episode Goldfish's Suicide Letter was written in a dismal time in my life.I felt like a Goldfish in my small bachelor apartment as I contemplated the worse. If you can relate to this story seek help, depression grows when you remain silent. We need eachother, as the scriptures says, "man is not meant to be alone."And as John Donne...


E.C.G And A Bar Of Soap

Slipped on a bar of soap, struck my head and rushed to the hospital. In and out of consciousness as I heard my family plotting the unthinkable. Season 2, Episode 4 To test your humanity you have to be pushed to the limit. Living in a perpetual state of luxury does not heighten spiritual awareness, on the contrary it could make you docile and impotent. In our current North American culture we are in pursuit of the happy pill, or we desire for the Government to pay our bills, wipe our nose and...


100 Year Old Churchgoing Chain-smoker

Charles Enigma, is the author of Return to Glory, he's also a freedom fighter, a war hero and a complicated earthling. I invited him to my show but he slapped his bible across my face. Season 2, Episode 3 Old charlie fought the Natzies in WW2, he stood beside Dr. King in the civil rights movement. He was an intellectual giant, a straight shooter, and a realist.As for me, I was his fanboy and consumed all of his books. It wasn't just ink on paper it was fire and blood. His words shifted you...


Final Selfie

They ignored the warning signs,eager to take off their clothes, jump in the lake and pitch their tent in the great outdoors. One of them confronted a native, took out his camera before the lights went out. Season 2, Micro Episode Do you enjoy taking selfies? It seems like everywhere you turn someone is posing for the camera. Selfies are awkward. They never seem natural, and don't get me started with duck faces and cute filters to make you look like an angel. You'll never catch me taking a...



The crime scene was cut and dry, a disgruntled accountant armed with a suicide vest seeked revenge. An old fashioned cassette tape was left behind, one that could elevate your consciousness or turn you into a killer. Season 2, Episode 2 This story is a combination of two previous stories from season one: Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you. To get the most out of this episode go back and listen to both of them. Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you...


Falling Pictures(Bonus Episode)

Micheal discovered an old forgotten picture box, each photo has the ability to warp space and time. Bonus Episode Written by Brent Stark from his podcast Most Precious Commodity. I stumbled onto Brent on Twitter, noticed his podcast and hit play.Brent is one of those high energy motivational speakers, designed and engineered for TED talks. I enjoy his lighthearted, down home, carefree nature and he makes you feel good after each episode. His show talks about the concept of time, if you...



Ted and Nemron debate the moral implications of resurrecting the human experiment. By the press of the button humanity could be reborn, but is it worth it? Season 2, Episode 1 This philosophical conversation takes place outside of our known universe. Everything we are experiencing is an illusion or more accurately a computer simulation. If you haven't listened to season one’s finale, Human Data File 365, I suggest that you do. It may make more sense to witness the conversation of these...


Call To Action

Go behind the scenes of Poetic Earthlings in this candid interview from the Call To Action Podcast. Season two starts later this month in the meantime listen to my Fireside chat with the extraordinary Sante from the Call To Action Podcast. We talk about the origins of Poetic Earthlings, old school hip hop and creating from the ground up. If your an entrepreneur or thinking about creating your own podcast then this episode is for you. Contact: I'm always available on Twitter @Poeticearthling...


Black Dog

Depression is like a dog who's constantly barking and biting at your heel Because of social distancing due to COVID, depression and other forms of mental disease is on the rise. If your not suffering I'm sure you know someone who is. When the lockdown in my city was firmly in place downtown Ottawa seemed like a ghost town, sort of like a scene from the Walking Dead. The trendy shops, book stores and restaurants were closed. The Canadian hustle and flow of the Byward Market was reduced to...


Self Sabotage

Sometimes the biggest obstacle keeping us from our goal is ourselves. Are you standing in your way? Special Thanks To the #WritingCommunity on Twitter and to Okon Ukeme from the WordChef podcast. Contact To read all my crazy and sometimes inspiring tweets I'm on Twitter @Poeticearthling, let me know what you think of the show and I will mention you on the next Mico episode. Season Two Brand new full length episodes is arriving next month, some of the stories will tie into season one. Support...


Lessons I Learned From Trump

His style and mannerism may be offensive and crude, but we can all learn something if were open minded enough to listen. Don't worry, this is not about politics. Welcome to the Mothership, a behind the scenes podcast for members only. This show is intended for writers and other artist who desire to go against the grain. I will explain my writing process and how I come up with new ideas. We also discuss overcoming mental barriers such as writers fatigue, writers block and the imposter...


Everything Sucks

Do you feel that sometimes everything sucks, and no amount of self help books or a therapist can get you out of the slump? This micro episode maybe the cure. Support Become a monthly member and receive bonus content at buymeacoffee.com/Poeticearthlings Thank You Special thanks to Shante from the Call to Action Podcast, please check out my interview on the above link and subscribe to her show. Contact I'm on twitter @Poeticearthling And you can visit me at Poeticearthlings.com


So Long Tarzan

We saw it coming, but didn't expect it to happen so soon. This is a true story, but it’s not what you expect. Thank you listening to the micro episode, season two arrives in the Fall. Special Thanks to Okon Cornelious, please check out his podcast Wordchef on Spotify. Contact follow me on Twitter @Poeticearthling and I will follow you back. Visit my headquarters at Poeticearthlings.com So Long Tarzan Last time we met was on Christmas Day, that's when I noticed something strange. He didn't...


Confidence Killer

This is a story about my brutal murder by the hands of a psychopath Thank you for listening to the Micro episode, season 2 is arriving in the fall. Please subscribe to the show and spread the word. Also please contribute to the show by buying me a coffee, at buymeacoffee/poeticearthlings. Monthly members will receive a brand new exclusive podcast called the Mothership that goes behind the scenes of the main show to show the creative process at work. Special thanks to #writingcommuntiy on...


Women’s Wrestling

I'm appalled at the exploitation of women, after listening to this you will to This is a micro episode, season 2 will start in the fall. Special thank you to my sweet wife, Valrica, for the intro. Support If your a fan of this show please Buy Me A Coffee your contribution will be used to produce future episodes, follow the link above and consider becoming a member. Contact Let's be friends on Twitter @Poeticearthling To listen to previous episodes go to Poeticearthlings.com


Human Data File 365

Everything you experienced in season one is a part of a sophisticated algorithm. You are not in control. All previous episodes was designed to alter your reality. Every decision that you make is prewritten in our software. Season 1 Finale, Episode 25 Thank You To the #writing community on Twitter also to Tiffany C Lewis, Gord Lanyon, Don Newton, Support If you like this show please buy me a coffee, at buymeacoffee/poeticearthlings members will receive access to the Mothership, this is a...


Battle For Karen

A line has been drawn with snipers on the roof, and cannons in place. War is brutal, however this conflict takes on a whole new twist. Written by Don NewtonIf you want to be transported to a different world read his books, Special Thanks: Tiffany C Lew...


Endangered Bastards

Emma's colleagues warned her not to take her work home with her. She should have listened, now she's the one whose endangered. Written by Tiffany C. Lewis author of the Michael Taylor Series available on Amazon.She usually writes crime fiction novels h...


IRIS 2.0

My hot new coworker resembles my former girlfriend, however there's something diabolical in her piercing eyes that will unravel the fabric of reality.I used to listen to Coast To Coast Am with Art Bell, do you remember that radio show?It was about Alien ...