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Interview with Peter V. Brett

We’re back with a new episode! This time we’re joined by the international best-selling author of The Demon Cycle Series, Peter V. Brett! Pete drops by the show to chat about his latest novella BARREN, the fifth and final short story set in the series! We’ll take a look at the foundation of Pete’s wildly popular fantasy series, we discuss the growing popularity of novellas in fantasy fiction, what it’s like to be BFF with author Myke Cole, and more! Find Pete online at, or on...


Interview with Fonda Lee

We’re back from a brief hiatus with award winning author Fonda Lee! Fonda is the author of the new epic fantasy Green Bone Saga, and she drops by the podcast to talk about Book 1 in the series, JADE CITY! (Now available in paperback!) Find Fonda online at, or on Twitter @FondaJLee! Buy JADE CITY (Book 1 of The Green Bone Saga) on Amazon Special thanks to this week's show sponsor: The Dark Crusade Podcast, dedicated to the literature of Karl Edward Wagner ~~~ Support GTP on...


The Grim 6: June 25th, 2018

Introducing THE GRIM 6! Bringing you the latest fantasy, science fiction and Grimdark news – in just about six minutes! In this first edition we bring you the latest SPFBO news, we find out what book series Amazon wants to bring to the small screen, find out the big winners of this year’s Locus Awards, and the Ladies of Grimdark have arrived. Rob J. Hayes WHERE LOYALTIES LIE - SPFBO 3 Winner Rob’s past appearance on the podcast Follow SPFBO at Mark Lawrence’s Blog Locus Award Winners for...


Grim Panel: Ladies of Grimdark

We bring you LADIES OF GRIMDARK, a special panel episode featuring some of the most prominent female voices from the Grimdark subgenre. Guests include Anna Stephens, Deborah A. Wolf, Anna Smith-Spark, and Sarah Chorn. During our conversation we attempt to establish a definition of Grimdark, we examine misconceptions of the subgenre, we take a look at gender issues that persist within publishing and online communities, the best way readers can support female authors, and more! Anna...


Interview with Tina LeCount Myers

It's a new episode of GTP! We're joined by Tina LeCount Myers, author of THE SONG OF ALL! Tina drops by to discuss her new book and the hectic schedule of being a debut novelist! We talk cover art, the need for maps and glossaries in novels, the use of language and religion in the novel, agents, marketng, and much more. Be sure to stick around at the conclusion of the podcast for a reading by Tina from THE SONG OF ALL! Find Tina online at! Buy THE SONG OF ALL on...


Wizard World Portland

In this episode host Rob Matheny drops by Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, Oregon to chat with cool authors and publishers about their books! Guests include J.R.R.R. Hardison, L.M. Pierce, Felipe Cagno, Annie Bellet, Kristopher Jerome, and J.S. Fields! Wizard World has tour dates across North America all summer long, find a city near you at! J.R.R.R. Hardison Author L.M. Pierce Ninestar Press The Few and Cursed Kickstarter – Felipe Cagno Annie Bellet - Author,...


Mark Lawrence, Part 2

In the epic conclusion of our first-time-ever-on-a-podcast interview with international bestselling author Mark Lawrence, we attempt to define Grimdark by finding the common link between the top MOST GRIMDARK novels as voted by Mark blog readers; we look at the big picture of Grimdark and whether it’s a viable commercial market or just a collective of passionate enthusiasts; we talk about the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off and how Mark got interested in assisting authors with getting their...


Grim Conversations: Fletcher & Smith-Spark

We catch up with authors Michael R. Fletcher and Anna Smith-Spark (at the same time)! Writing the concluding novel in a fantasy trilogy is tough, Mike and Anna discuss the shared struggles of writing the perfect ending. We get a preview of their short stories both appearing in the Art of War anthology. We’ll get a final update on the Landfall Kickstarter project from last summer. We find out if there’s any “grief with Grimdark” and what troubles come from being an author trying to make a...


Mark Lawrence, Part 1

For the first time ever on a podcast, we bring you part one of our interview with Mark Lawrence! Mark drops by to discuss the inspiration and path to publication for his wildly popular Broken Empire trilogy. We talk a bit about some of the controversy surrounding the series’ lead character Jorg Ancrath; we discuss the transition into the Red Queen’s War and the challenge of carrying readers along with a new series; we preview the new series Book of the Ancestor and what readers can expect...


Book Cover Design Panel

It’s a special panel episode of GTP! Cover art has been a rather hot topic as of late, and we recently had the chance to chat with an author and two top fantasy cover artists to discuss the ins and outs of commissioning a popping book cover! Past guest Peter Fugazzotto recently commissioned Shawn T. King and John Anthony Di Giovanni to compose the cover for his new grimdark fantasy novel THE RISE OF THE FALLEN, and we talked with all three about the collaboration process, how much an author...


Geeking Out with Myke Cole

It’s a new episode of GTP, and we’re joined by Myke Cole, author of the new Grimdark novella THE ARMORED SAINT! Myke is well known for his military fantasy Shadow Ops series, as well as for having an epic beard and being rather jacked. We talk about the new Sacred Throne series (spoiler-free) and how Myke got hooked up with publishing. We chat about tackling the novella story length and how writing the main character of the new trilogy was so significant for Myke. Of course we dive...


Interview with Daniel Polansky

We’re back with a new episode, and this time author Daniel Polansky drops by! Daniel is the author of the Hugo nominated novella The Builders, in addition to Low Town, Those Above, A City Dreaming, and more. During our chat we discuss the ups and downs of Daniel’s publishing experience since his debut in 2011, including his favorite and least favorite book releases. We take a look into Daniel’s writing process, and even get some solid advice including how to read like a writer. Find Daniel...


Interview with Django Wexler

In the latest episode of GTP, Rob and Phil chat with Django Wexler! Django is the author of The Shadow Campaigns series of flintlock fantasy novels, including the latest concluding volume in the series THE INFERNAL BATTALION! During our chat we discuss the foundations of Django’s writing career, finding an agent and publication, Django’s thoughts on Grimdark, branching out into other genres and publishing models, his top two favorite anime selections, we discuss cool authors names, board...


Grimdark Gaming - Battle Brothers

Resident Gamemaster Philip Overby kicks off the new year highlighting the tactical RPG for PC known as BATTLE BROTHERS! Joining us is Jan Taaks from Overhype Studios, the independent game developer based out of Hamburg, Germany. During our chat we find out what inspired the creepy Germanic folklore setting, we examine the Grimdark elements that make the bloody and brutal game stand out, we get some inside tips on game strategy for early success, and much more. Download Battle Brothers for PC...


Interview with R.J. Barker

The British Invasion comes to an epic conclusion as we’re joined by R.J. Barker! During our expletive laden (not really) and completely serious (also not really) interview, we talk all about R.J.’s epic fantasy debut from Orbit Books titled AGE OF ASSASSINS! We discuss the appeal of assassins, what inspired R.J. to give the lead character a disability, musical influences in writing, antlers, taxidermy, badgers, and much, much … much more. We’ve also included a super cool reading from AGE OF...


Interview with Anna Stephens

It’s a new episode of GTP! The British Invasion continues as we highlight some of the coolest debut authors emerging from the UK! Today Rob and Phil are joined by Anna Stephens, author of the Gridmark fantasy debut novel GODBLIND! During our lively chat we discuss Anna’s ten plus year to publication, we’ll chat about mythology and religion, what aspects make her fantasy debut Grimdark, how Anna got an agent and her transition into full-time writing, and more! Find Anna online at...


Ross E. Lockhart with Word Horde

It’s Halloween and host Rob Matheny spooks it up with author, editor, and publisher Ross E. Lockhart to talk about the latest Word Horde anthology TALES FROM A TALKING BOARD. We’ll chat about what inspired the horror anthology, we’ll talk about the foundations of the small California-based press, the appeal of creating a well composed anthology, some of Ross's favorite anthologies, the impact of publishing award winning fiction like the Bram Stoker Award-winning Mr. Suicide and The...


Dark Poetry Special: The Crimson Circle

In this episode we take a special look at dark poetry. Host Rob Matheny recently attended the Hippocampus Press Happy Hour, a special event debuting the publisher's newest poetry collections as part of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. During the event Rob had a chance to interview four writers who specialize in dark poetry: Ashley Dioses, K.A. Opperman, Adam Bolivar, and D.L. Myers - also known as The Crimson Circle. Rob also interviewed Obadiah Baird and Dan Sauer of The...


Interview with Ed McDonald

We’re joined by Ed McDonald, author of the Grimdark fantasy debut BLACKWING! Ed Skypes in from his hometown of London to chat about the new novel and what creepy monsters and Grimdark elements readers will find within its pages. We chat about the significant six figure deals Ed received after rights were auctioned to publish the gritty trilogy. Plenty of writing discussion as well as we hit on what to consider when writing realistic weapons that makes sense, and why maybe debuting with a...


The 100th-ish Episode

We celebrate the 100th-ish Episode of The Grim Tidings Podcast! Rob and Phil look back on two years and 100 episodes of podcast magic, give some updates on past guests of the show, present the first ever Grimmie Awards, as well as the first ever 30-Second Geek-Out with host Rob Matheny! Thanks to this week's sponsors: DEMON FREAKS by J.R.R.R. Jim Hardison ARCHIVOS story software, online at Archivos.Digital! DARKSTORM by M.L. Spencer Past episodes you'll want to check out: Episode 1 -...