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TKC 559 Fellow HBS Alum Allen Hughes

Amazon’s Director of Sales & Marketing for Kindle eReaders & Fire Tablets Interview starts at 15:36 and ends at 46:17 “We find that customers--whether it’s our entry Kindle, our Paperwhite, our Oasis program--you can find voracious readers on any of those devices, reading many, many books a month and really enjoying their devices and consistently using them every day. ” News “The Inner Bezos” by Chip Bayers at Wired Magazine - March 1, 1999 Jeff Bezos 2018 Letter to...


TKC 558 Future Coach James McQuivey

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Interview starts at 12:02 and ends at 52:12 “We used Future Fitness to describe this concept, because we wanted to make it clear that it is not measuring a fixed attribute. This is not a personality trait. In fact, we avoid the word ‘trait’ deliberately, because although there are traits obviously related here, almost everything that we’re measuring is something that you can change--if you want to. If you want to become more future...


TKC 557 Fantasy Author Michael J. Sullivan

Author of the Legends of the First Empire and Riyria series Interview starts at 10:01 and ends at 43:57 On writing fantasy: “The world should just build in the background. You should get to know it by experience, not by having to be told in page after page and getting a whole world history, because that’s boring. People tend to skim that kind of stuff. I like to try and write so if people skim they’ll totally ruin the book, and I try to make everything entertaining enough that they won’t...


Movies & TV Aficionado Col Needham

Founder and CEO of IMDb Interview starts at 14:54 and ends at 52:50 “In 1990, if you’d have said to me ‘You know the service that you’ve just launched, one day you’ll be able to interact with that by voice with a device that’s this big in your kitchen.’ I’d be like, ‘Really?’ Now it’s kind of like an everyday experience.” News Fire HD 10 tablet on sale for $100 - a price cut of $50 Kindle Voyage - $130 on Amazon’s Woot site ($90 off) “Open road Integrated Media Shows 36% YoY Revenue...


TKC 555 Creativity Whisperer Austin Kleon

Author of Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad “When I first started out, if you had told me that my books were going to be shelved in Self Help, I would never have believed you. And when I first got started I had no idea there was such a thing as an illustrated gift book. I just didn’t know that those genres existed in publishing. The really fun thing for me about doing this kind of book is that it allows me to be as weird as I want to be in a mainstream format. That...


TKC SXSW19 3 Crypto and Gaming

The Gaming Hall at South By Southwest On this last of my TKC updates from South By, I will tell you why I'm not going to sell my small stake in Bitcoin any time soon. Also, a tourist's view of the high-energy gaming track at SXSW. Right-click here and then click "Save Link As..." to download the audio to your computer, phone, or MP3 player.


TKC 554 South By Southwest

Len on the main escalator at the Austin Convention Center Neil Pasricha, director of the Institute for Global Happiness Neil Pasricha’s books at Amazon “Four Ways of Looking at South By Southwest” by Len Edgerly at Medium - March 14, 2019 The Texas Tribune John Hickenlooper and Pete Buttigieg websites CNN Town Hall with Pete Buttegieg: CNN Town Hall with John Delaney: “Nothing to Be Written” VR...


TKC SXSW19 2 South By and Senior Living

This is the view from the big escalator at the Austin Convention Center, where I am attending a session about the Hope and Hype of Blockchain. Also in this TKC Extra I share an unusual experience I had yesterday while visiting senior living communities with my cousin Peter, who is blind. Thanks for listening! Right-click here and then click "Save Link As..." to download the audio to your computer, phone, or MP3 player.


TKC SXSW19 1 Hi from Austin

I plan to upload brief segments each day this week from Austin, where I am attending South By Southwest through Sunday. So much to learn! Right-click here and then click "Save Link As..." to download the audio to your computer, phone, or MP3 player.


TKC 553 Extinctions Expert A G Riddle

Author of Winter World Interview starts at 17:30 and ends at 43:00 “My books almost always deal with an extinction-level event or the pushing of humanity to the brink at times.” Comments Mark Isero’s Kindle Classroom Project Kindle Direct Publishing eBook Quality Dashboard Interview with A G Riddle A G Riddle’s books at My interview with A G Riddle in July, 2018 on TKC 520 News Amazon to stop selling its Dash buttons - Fast Company and BBC Last-Ditch effort to save NYC...


TKC 552 Visit to Belmont Hill School

Len teaching a creative writing class at Belmont Hill School Audio starts at 12:59 and ends at 54:39 News “Amazon Alexa and the Search for the One Perfect Answer” by James Vlahos at Wired - February 18, 2019 Tech Tip “How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Amazon Alexa has recorded” by Natt Garun at The Verge - February 28, 2019 Audio from my presentation at Belmont Hill School Blue Yeti microphone - $103 at Wattpad Medium MailChimp Tech Tonic...


TKC 551 Kids Lit Expert Kelsey Skea

Executive Director of Two Lions and Amazon Crossing Kids Interview starts at 23:18 and ends at 43:02 “We would really love to discover books from all over the globe, especially from diverse regions that may not be as well-known to a young English readership. We want the list to be dynamic and really showcase every possible language and culture that we’re able to.” News “How New York Lost Amazon” on The Daily podcast - February 21, 2019 “Amazon’s grave HQ2 mistake: The political...


TKC 550 Genre Buster Jasper Fforde

Author of Early Riser: A Novel Interview starts at 11:47 and ends at 39:00 News Amazon to buy Eero - in Wired and Yahoo Finance Amazon drops plans for HQ2 in New York (Washington Post) Tech Tips VoiceBrew podcast on Alexa tips (via Bradley Metrock’s This Week in Voice podcast) Interview with Jasper Fforde Early Riser: A Novel at Early Riser web site and “What’s the book about?” Shades of Grey: A Novel Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew...


TKC 549 Classical Music Evangelist Clemency Burton-Hill

Author of Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Every Day Interview starts at 18:16 and ends at 42:30 “I wanted to demystify the music itself, and I wanted to humanize the people who created it, because I think we often think about classical composers being these dead, white European guys invariably from Germany and Austria somewhere in the 18th century maybe with a frock coat, maybe with a powdered wig, definitely on some kind of pedestal occupying a lofty, elevated space that has no...


TKC 548 Seth Godin

Author of This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See Interview starts at 13:06 and ends at 45:08 “I have a bunch of regrets about how Amazon is steering the boat these days. One of the things I think they dropped the ball on is they’ve had a hundred opportunities to make Kindle a social platform, and they have dropped it. And they shouldn’t, because that is a really useful transformation--to be able to say ‘Where are the other thousand people who highlighted this? How can...


TKC 547 Philosopher-Economist Tim Harford

Author of Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives Interview starts at 15:43 and ends at 43:50 “You can be super clever and have all your tricks, but fundamentally everything in your life is crowding out something else in your life. At some point you have to choose, and the choice should be thoughtful.” News “The Prime Challenges for Amazon’s New Delivery Robot” by Matt Simon and Arielle Pardes Gear at Wired - January 23, 2019 “Meet Scout: Field testing a new delivery system...


TKC 546 Roger Wang

Project Manager for MobiScribe reader/writer by TeamUC Interview starts at 18:37 and ends at 41:06 “It’s basically going to be like a Kindle that you can write on. If you’ve ever had your work documents on the Kindle it must be frustrating, because you feel like you can’t write on your work documents even though you have it in a meeting. So now we have PDF annotation integrated into the device as well as a separate note-taking software.” Comments Open Road Integrated Media list of...


TKC 545 SciFi Fonts Guru Dave Addey

Author of Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies Interview starts at 18:51and ends at 43:30 “So much of this stuff that, when we watch 2001 today, makes it feel fresh, makes it still feel futuristic was way ahead of its time at the time that the movie was created." News “The ‘Future Book’ is Here, But It’s Not What We Expected” by Craig Mod at Wired - December 20, 2018 Amazon Showroom - TechCrunch story Amazon Key for Garage - Verge story Echo Auto is...


TKC 544 Veteran Book Marketer Mary McAveney

Chief Marketing Officer at Open Road Integrated Media Interview starts at 9:51 and ends at 38:35 “I do think we’re unusual in that we consistently continue to market these books day in and day out for many years. I think that’s the benefit we bring to our partners in the Open Road Ignition program, that we are taking those eBooks that they don’t have time or resources to market in an ongoing way and doing it on their behalf.” News “Amazon, to Win in Booming Rural India, Reinvents...


TKC 543 Retail Savant Chris Walton

Forbes contributor & co-founder of Omni Talk blog Interview starts at 7:33 and ends at 41:04 “2018 was a watershed year in terms of how things transpired. This to me was really the year you saw Amazon try to become a physical retailer.” News Amazon holiday press release - December 26, 2018 Sphero Mini Blue: The App-Controlled Robot Ball Tech Tip Calibre Recomendo Fakespot Fakespot Chrome extension Interview with Chris Walton Omni Talk blog “Amazon’s New Mall of America...