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Buying Time

This story gives merely a glimpse of two young people who fall in love at first sight, and of the time-bending company they both work for: Chronomatics. Learn about Chronomatics' unique services, all of which make use of a form of time dilation to either seem to add more hours to your day (relative to the world at large) or allow you to skip over whole decades of time as though only a single night's sleep had passed. Learn about the challenges, one after another after another, which spring...


Iteration, Interruption - part 2

In part 2, Robert gets to see the future (and Earth's destruction) for himself, finds out that there's more to his future self's story than at first he'd let on, then learns that even repeated time travel may not be enough to prevent a terrible future.


Iteration, Interruption - part 1

This story is about the inventor of a revolutionary new technology embodied in a device which allows stable wormholes to be created in spacetime, linking any two of them together. Such a device would allow humanity to travel to space for next to no cost, and herald a new age of expansion into the Solar system. It could allow humanity to contact an alien race and attempt a peaceful relationship. But first, before the technology is ever tested, it gets used by a future version of the...


All a Dream

In this brief essay, I address the narrative style wherein an author, usually at the last minute, cancels out everything else they wrote and makes the entire experience a waste of time.


Family Forward - part 1

This story follows the actions of a couple who seem to have been together forever, who want to be able to create children of their own, and who will stop at nothing to do so. Involving stem cell research, cloning, mind control, human sacrifices, eventual success ... and what comes after, this story isn't afraid to touch on sensitive issues to get where it wants to go, or to take things even further from there. In part 1, Prince and Penny Pallas find themselves and their requests turned...


Oracular Offspring - part 2

In part 2, Sal walks them through a few details of the meta-analyzed future their child will experience, both less specific than the average PreVision (in terms of personal details) and yet much more precise (in absolute terms). The result will be a child almost totally unlike Harold and Anne themselves, while being created strictly from their own DNA.


Oracular Offspring - part 1

In a future where processing speeds allow computers to predict the future and advancements in genetic engineering allow people to design custom children, what happens when these technologies -and a couple who haven't kept pace with post-singularity advances in technology- are combined to try to create a family? When one can not only select for simple things like gender, eye color, and hair color, but also for likely future outcomes like when and where your child will have their first kiss,...


Unstuck From Time

This essay is a personal exploration of my own unusual relationship with time. It touches both on my mind and body's disconnection from a "normal" circadian rhythm and on my imagination and creative mind being six months (to many years) ahead of the pace of technology.


Time, emiT, and Time Again - part 3

In part 3, after discussing a few of the more ambitious possibilities presented by Brent's new ability, then deciding not to talk about an argument Brent reversed out of existence, they receive an unexpected visitor from their future gone wrong.


Time, emiT, and Time Again - part 2

In part 2, Charlie surprises Brent with a single ounce of unmarked gold, and over the course of several exhausting hours they use time manipulations to turn it into tens of millions of dollars' worth of precious metal.


Time, emiT, and Time Again - part 1

Imagine you could change the direction you travel through time and actually go backward in time. In this story, Brent finds himself able to do just that and, along with his brother Charlie, explores some of the possibilities that ability creates. Together they look at problems of ethics, causality, and the possibility of doing heroic deeds and making themselves vast amounts of wealth very quickly. In part 1, Brent gives just a couple quick (if confusing) examples of what can be done, and...


The Shape of Time

This essay is about an alternate conception about visualizing the shape of time. Rather than the standard circles, squares, and grids created by the limitations of paper and other physical displays, I suggest a new model which fits time better and is very reasonable to be displayed by today's ubiquitous digital displays.


Second Thoughts - part 3

In part 3, after losing interest in a direct encounter with a frozen bolt of lightning, he finds himself less and less interested in his surroundings and simply walks on, across the country, across the ocean, then finally finds himself standing in a place he'd never expected to be.

Second Thoughts - part 2

In part 2, upon waking up to find himself in the same frozen moment he'd gone to sleep, explores the oddities of the everyday objects of his home before heading outside again, this time simply following the road where it takes him.

Second Thoughts - part 1

This is a story about getting so caught up in love with someone that you stop living your own life, stop moving forward. - This is a story about finding yourself so stuck in seeking the same somebody that you become unstuck from the world. This is a story about love, and about waiting. - In part 1 the main character, finding himself alone in a single frozen moment of stopped time, explores his neighborhood to see the extent of the situation.