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Catch us on FaceBook like us for the love!
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Catch us on FaceBook like us for the love!




Chapfest On Target Live

Sites and smell will be up by Sunday evening we just have so much to sift through ugh !! hear yeah soon!


233 welcome to Chapfest

Get ready for Chapfest 2019


TheDMR Fall 2019 on the road tracks

On the Road Tracks Fall 2019 00:01:35 Fortunate Youth - - So Rebel 00:05:10 Aittala - Black Coffin 00:09:55 ALYXX - I'll Be Okay 00:13:40 Kranion - Brinca Corre 00:17:33 Dead Original - Bored Again 00:20:05 Divide The Fall- I Won’t Fade Away 00:23:43 Fight Like Sins - Never Surrender 00:27:00 Pop Punky Pizza- if not tonight 00:30:18 JOLLY ROGER - jolly roger 00:36:31 Run Away – LaRosa 00:41:16 MODERN MIMES- STARE 00:45:33 PHOENIX RISING - DO YOU KNOW 00:48:51 Sweat - Razorwire...


plea for Patrick

Fundraiser for Patrick


231 Zep Wow N'6

what an ineradicable time, so funny a Legendary Fred Zeppelin and Danny Cage playing Cage N'6 Live in studio Amazing good time, and the stories from Fred so cool,, good time episode,


230 Back to The Backstage Bash

The year is now 2019 and we was at Hightopps Bar and Grill their was 4 hours of recording but we shortened it all down to a 1 hour fun episode enjoy some Live and recorded music the only way that the Backstage Bash can do it... Thank you Logan Sappington Wes Anderson Brendan Clarke and so many more check out the music site and smells as we take you back to the Bash!!


229 TheDMR Meet LaRosa

Meet Thomas and Isabel very talented up and comers who come to hangout with theDMR and yes New Music as well get the Music soon on Spotify and many other platforms right now get to know LaRosa!!


228 TheDMR Backstage Beyond

228 TheDMR Backstage Beyond We have Fernando Delgado the Man behind the Backstage Bash at HighTopps with an announcement about the Festival wait for it!!! Also the Vibesmen Nick Depietro, Jesse Johnson, and Danny Cage Cruise hanging out as well with a little preshow music of what is coming and oh yes TheDMR will be there on Saturday so get Autographs from Artists, get to know them as well.. hang out with us it will be a A Good Time!! Bumpin Uglies _ Locust Avenue Spencer Joyce -bohs...


227 theDMR 7 is a good number

227 theDMR 7 is a good number Originalrik Dr Dane and Euginious mentions a good number of ands Playing The Backstage Bash at hightopps tickets on sale get them now. 10 Min crappy news band News Danes PSA of the day music BY the Cringe - I can't take it no more The BRKN - your existence Edjacated Phools - rest in peace Losing september - Idiot your screaming silence - take the light from us all Sink - white noise owls mad about you - spencer joyce


224 TheDMR Meet Spencer Joyce

224 TheDMR Meet Spencer Joyce We welcome Spencer to our studio for a good time and that it was live music and some from his LPs a must hear episode as all episodes are support local artist! Music Shine my light Live - Truth Be Told Live - Gus's song Faith in mankind Live - Cover (written by Joey Harkum) sick and tired Live - Spencer trace and theDMR crew love is what i got cover. trapped free spirit


223 TheDMR 2019 Summer on the road tracks

yes on the road tracks! it's the time right now where the bands are a full swing out and playing, go out see them all live, treat yourself to a 2019 rocking summer!! 00:20 Found - Big Infinite 03:22 Summer Fling - Ballyhoo 06:50 Restin Peace - Edjacated Phools 10:39 Keep it Alive - Without the Accent 14:46 Artificial Sin - Super City 18:10 Mathair - wall of Cain 23:58 Midnight Dream - Troubled Spirit 28:49 My Thoughts - Joint operation 32:25 Sunshine - Sara Paige 37:51 She Cries...


222 TheDMR yeah It's All Good

just a bit of a taste what it was like at the Nap town getdown. the fun the food the water balloon battle. not to mention a chat with Cody from The Harbor boys and Under the sun great live music from The VibesMen Troll tribe with out the accent and much more


221 TheDMR MidSummer Heat

221 TheDMR MIDSUMMER HEAT Dr Dane and originalrik in studio brining you even more new fresh music and talk about all the great shows going on around town. music : Beneath - Autumn Academy blank POINT method - Death of Me Sally May - Dropping Julia What Could Be Better the Grilled Licolns Paradise Creek - 40 Issues - Tapping Out


TheDMR 220 A Midsummer dream

New music and a quick interview with the Amazing Sara Paige and also i'm joined with Eugenious with a min 10 min crappy news. and a list of who is playing where.. Music By Big Infinite - Found Sarah Paige - Sunshine SuperCity - Sanctuary Without the Accent - The world is ours Spencer Joyce - In-between win and lose VibesMen - Undercover Under the sun - Drink all day


219 TheDMR 2019 4th of July

219 2019 4th of july Star Spanngle Banner - Jolly Roger 03:40 Spencer Joyce - Faith in Mankind Gus's song 07:24 Super City - Sanctuary 12:45 Cage N'6 - Take a hit 19:02 under the sun SickDay 25:00 Without The Accent - The World Is Ours 28:50 The Vibesmen - Sideways 33:46 Sarah page - Sunshine 37:05 my house. - Daphne Eckman Music 40:50 Too Tired to Sleep by Sweet Teej 45:46 Care Free - harborBoys 51:58 Little Stranger Bag full of money also a little chat with Frank Lewis the Man...


218 TheDMR Kraken Band Live at Falling branch

The Kraken Band show TheDMR a good time Chip and the Boys Rock Falling branch Brewery and a bit more. Starts out a bit loud but it does settle great music great time


TheDMR 217 Hi Lorelei

welcome back Lorelei been a long time and lots of fun 10 min crappy news whos playing where danes psa of the day shower thoughts and Ask the doctor full show 5 songs all new of course Wes Anderson - Many ways The Vibesmen - Fight Red dirt Revolution - a place like this Beloved Alice - Burn upon my flesh Originalrik - Hands High support Unsigned and Local music..


216 TheDMR The FAM

216 TheDMR The FAM we talk a bit how great the reaction as TheDMR grows and how the FAM help us get known.. Ryan's thought of the Day 10 Min crappy news Danes PSA of the day music Aqua Cherry - Bleachin 8 $ Rum - Come down from your mountain top feat Ron Bowes For King and Country - Control Mayday Parade - Looks Red Tastes Blue The Holtzman Effect - Black Door Support local artists!


215 TheDMR On The road Tracks 15

TheDMR one the road tracks vol 15 1 Kelly Bell band - Dead Man Walking 00:00:40 2 From Ashes to New - Live Again 00:03:41 3 Future Thrills - Next Episode 00:07:06 4 Carefree - harbor boys - clean edit 00:10:09 5 Malander - Dead hedges 00:14:04 6 The Boogeyman - Hide 00:19:33 7 Dave Rave - Give it to me 00:24:22 8 Joint operation - the road 00:28:02 9 Skyward Story - Requiem 00:33:23 10 small town Titans - door bell 00:37:03 11 Jacob Panic-The Heart Breaks 00:40:40 12 never give...


214 TheDMR #thedmr

exciting new music 10 min crappy news danes PSA of the day who is playing where and really all around good time music on this episode music from Any Given Sin - Dynamite Jacob panic - The Heart Break Dave Rave - Love to the limit Pages & Poets - Chess club Small town titans - The day that i die Support Local and unsigned Music..