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Highlights and recaps from Alabama's Morning News with JT, weekdays 6-9 a.m.




Most Wanted Travel Destination in Alabama- Ty West

Ty West with the Birmingham Business Journal joins JT with the latest on what is happening in Birmingham.


Get Out and Enjoy the Movies - Kevin Flannigan

The Movie Guy Kevin Flannigan joins JT to discuss movies that are in theatres and streaming this weekend.


Eddie Tyler, An Example of Standing Against The Gender Mob - Amie Beth Shaver

1819 News’s Amie Beth Shaver joins JT to discuss Eddie Taylor and the latest.


World Games Had $165 Million Economic Impact — Only $11.7 Million 'Direct' Impact - Justin Bogie

Experts predicted this past summer's World Games in Birmingham to have an economic impact of $256.5 million. However, according to a new study, the actual impact was much lower than expected. Jonathan Bogie from 1819 News joins JT with more.


Congress Working on Legislation To Curtail President From Dipping Into Strategic Oil Reserve - Jared Halpern

Fox News Radio’s Jared Halpern joins JT from DC with more on this topic.


Could States All Begin Offering Cashless Bail - Lance Lorusso

What would the impact be? How would it affect law enforcement? Does it create equity as proponents say, or is it a get out of jail free card? Leading attorney for law enforcement officers, the 2021 National Fraternal Order of Police Attorney of the year, author of the book, When Cops Kill, and a former police officer himself Lance Lorusso joins JT with more.


Welcome Gallium Robots to the World - Jonathan Strickland

Shape-shifting liquid metal robots might not be limited to science fiction anymore. Jonathan Strickland, Host of the Tech stuff Podcast on the iHeart Radio App joins JT to discuss these new robots.


Justice Was Finally Served to Those Attacking A Pro-Life Clinic - Scott Wheeler

For a while there, many people were wondering why the Department of Justice were so hellbent on pursuing those that attacked pro-abortion centers, but didn’t provide that same level of urgency to those that damaged pro-life ones. But in a new statement, they proclaimed that some movement is being made on that front. Scott Wheeler wjo is an accomplished and diverse investigative reporter, having written two books and worked in many mediums as a newspaper reporter and editor, as well as chief...


Recession – Where Will It Hit Hardest? - Erin Real

With a recession looming this year, what regions of the country will it hit hardest? National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the details – and explain what areas are most vulnerable.


Memphis Police Tape Will Be Released - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the situation in Memphis where charges are being announced against police officers involved in the death of Tyree Nichols.


Get Out and Enjoy Birmingham - Russell and Amber

Russell and Amber join JT for 'Happenings in the Ham'


Great Start to 2023 for Birmingham - Randall Woodfin

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin joins JT to discuss crime in Birmingham, economic growth in Birmingham, and more.


Prosecutors Face Obstacles in Prosecution of Alec Baldwin - Kirby Farris

Kirby Farris joins JT with more on why prosecutors are facing obstacles in charging Alec Baldwin.


Researchers Say the FBI’s Statistics on Hate Crimes Across The Country Are Flawed - William Bill Daly

The FBI recorded a drop in hate crimes in 2021, but the year's tally may not give a true account of hate crimes in the United States as thousands of law enforcement agencies were absent from the accounting. The FBI annualized collection of data from law enforcement agencies saw 7,262 crimes motivated by race, religion, gender or other factors last year. That's a decrease from 8,263 incidents in 2020. Are things getting any better or is the country becoming more divided? Former FBI...


Schiff, Swalwell, Omar Respond After Speaker McCarthy Keeps Them Off Committees: 'Political Vengeance' - Ted Harvey

Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were kicked off the House Intel Committee, while Omar was dropped from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Reps. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Ilhan Omar, who were stripped of their committee assignments by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have accused him of "political vengeance" in a statement Tuesday evening after he again blocked their appointments. "It’s disappointing but not surprising that Kevin McCarthy has capitulated to the right wing of his caucus,...


Electronic Wallets Are Here to Stay - Erin Real

Digital payments are here to stay, and it looks like some of the biggest banks in the country are teaming up to create an app that will rival Apple Pay. National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the story – and why more people are using electronic transfers than cash.


Tanks are Being Sent to Ukraine - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the U.S. decision to send sophisticated battle tanks to Ukraine – and reaction from Russia.


Hoover is a Great Place to Raise Your Family - Frank Brocato

Hoover Mayor Frank Brocado joins JT in studio to talk the latest on Hoover and 2023.


The Global Campaign To Crush Motherhood And Fatherhood Can’t Win - Kimberly Ells

Kimberly Ells, author of Why The Global Campaign To Crush Motherhood And Fatherhood Can’t Win joins JT to talk about her work. For centuries, the inherent bond and claim of mothers to their children have gone unquestioned. Nature makes plain that children belong to their mothers. It has also been long accepted that the family is the sacred context in which children are protected and loved and brought up to be good people. Author Kimberly Ells argues for the recovery and protection of these...


Wall Street is Set to Digest a Great Number of Earnings Reports this Week - Jay Ratliff

Jay Ratliff joins JT to discuss the market and a lot more.