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Highlights and recaps from Alabama's Morning News with JT, weekdays 6-9 a.m.




7th Officer Relieved of Duty For Involvement In Death Of Tyre Nichols - Eben Brown

Fox News Radio's Eben Brown joins JT with the latest on two more officers being relieved of duty for their role in the Memphis killing of Tyre Nichols.


Top Foreign-Policy Experts Think Russia Will Become a Failed State Or Break Up By 2033 - Fred Fleitz

Almost half of top foreign-policy experts think russia will become a failed state or break up by 2033, according to a new survey. Former National Security Council Chief of Staff // America First Policy Institute Vice Chairman Fred Fleitz joins us JT with more.


The Latest on the Debt Limit Fight - Ryan Schmelz

Fox News Radio’s Ryan Schmelz joins JT with the latest on the debt limit fight.


Egg Shortage Will 'Be with Us A Little While' - Rick Pate

Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate joins JT discussing why the egg shortage won't be fixed for a while.


2023 is Looking Bright for Gadsden - Craig Ford

Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford joins JT to discuss economic growth and more.


Congress Facing Police Reform Again - Jon Decker

Will Congress again take up police reform following the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis – and what would that mean? White House Correspondent – and attorney – Jon Decker joins JT with the latest.


America Should Pursue the Strategy Most Likely to End the War in Ukraine at an Acceptable Cost - Mark Moyar

Mark Moyar joins JT to talk his new piece for The American Spectator, Mark Moyar draws on the history of the Vietnam War to show how the fog of war can impact strategic decision making. Mark Moyar notes: “The Biden White House and its supporters in Congress and the media have offered fresh assurances about favorable prospects. Biden recently asserted, for instance, that Ukraine is now strong enough to retake Crimea. Western press reports depict a Russian military depleted and in disarray....


Alec Baldwin Charges Pending - Erin Real

Actor Alec Baldwin is expected to be charged on Tuesday in connection with the fatal shooting on a film set in 2021. National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT to take a look at the case, and next steps.


Illegal Crossings Now Coming from Canada - Rory O'Neill

The crisis of illegal immigration is shifting to the NORTHERN border where there has been a huge spike in crossings from Canada – sometimes trudging through 12-feet of snow! National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT to explain how they are getting to Canada, and where they are slipping into the US.


Challenges Ahead in Alabama - Stephanie Holden Smith

Stephanie Holden Smith (CEO and President of Alabama Policy Institute) joins JT to talk the challenges ahead for Alabama.


What to Tell Your Employer If You Have a Cancer Diagnosis - Sarah McDonald

Sarah McDonald, author of “The Cancer Channel,” was diagnosed with two, unrelated cancers in her 40s, while holding an executive level role at a major company. Now, she is sharing some advice on how to approach your employer if you receive a cancer diagnosis.She joins JT to discuss this topic.


Scam Alert: How Consumers Can Protect Themselves from Payment Fraud - Joannie Wei

Scammers make up all kinds of stories to get your money, saying you’ve won a prize, you owe a debt, or your family member is in an emergency. But some things stay the same: scammers want your money, they want it fast, and don’t want you to be able to get it back. That’s why they’ll ask you to pay in ways that make it hard to track them down — and once you know what these are, you’ll have one more clue to tell if you’re dealing with a scammer. FTC’s Joannie Wei joins JT with the latest.


GOP Leaders Slam Biden Treasury For ‘Stonewalling’ - Raven Harrison

The Treasury Dept pointed Fox News Digital back to its letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer. Several Republicans sounded off on President Biden’s Treasury Department "stonewalling" the House Oversight Committee’s probe into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. Earlier this week, Biden’s Treasury Department refused to hand over suspicious activity reports (SARs) regarding the president’s son, Hunter Biden’s oversea business dealings to the House Oversight Committee...


Memphis Police Officers Are Facing Charges - Scott Morro

(Former Officer turned Attorney) Scott Morrow joins JT to discuss the killing in Memphis involving five police officers.


Higher Education Employees Feel ‘Trapped in A Dead-End Job' - Matt Bennett

In a recent open-ended survey of over 150 'college workers,' respondents expressed 'frustration' overpay, bureaucracy, and the lack of opportunities for advancement. Higher education expert and the Founder and CEO of Christian Union Matt Bennett joins JT to discuss the recent survey.


77 Congressional Democrats Say 30,000 Illegal Aliens a Month Isn’t Enough! - Mark Morgan

From New York City to Yuma cities and towns across the country are suffering from an overflow of illegal aliens. When will enough be enough? Former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and FAIR senior fellow Mark Morgan joins JT with more.


The French Secrets of Aging - Erin Real

Two of the world’s oldest people lived in France. What are the French doing differently that allows them to live longer – and what can you do to add years to your life? National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the story.


Tyre Nichols Update in Memphis - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the release of a video tape that led to the arrest of five Memphis police officers for the death of Tyre Nichols.


Most Wanted Travel Destination in Alabama- Ty West

Ty West with the Birmingham Business Journal joins JT with the latest on what is happening in Birmingham.


Get Out and Enjoy the Movies - Kevin Flannigan

The Movie Guy Kevin Flannigan joins JT to discuss movies that are in theatres and streaming this weekend.