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Highlights and recaps from Alabama's Morning News with JT, weekdays 6-9 a.m.




Get Out and Enjoy Birmingham - Russell and Amber

Russell and Amber join JT to discuss events taking place in Birmingham this weekend.


The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book - Wayne Allyn Root

With President Trump's arrest looming, unrest on the horizon, and America divided like never before, conservative author and nationally syndicated radio and TV host Wayne Allyn Root joins JT to discuss how he has developed the perfect solution to a bitterly divided nation in his excellent new book, The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book. Their gameplan is to FUND conservative, patriotic and Christian companies, thereby automatically DEFUNDING leftist "woke" companies.


Police Officer Shot in Huntsville - Steve Marshall

Attorney General Steve Marshall joins JT to discuss the Nashville School Shooting and a Huntsville Police Officer that was shot.


Police Need More Protection, Fewer Gun Laws - Jason East

Jason East, President of Adams Arms joins JT to explain why police need more protection.


Tuberville Holds the Line Against DOD's Abortion Policies - Tommy Tuberville

'We make the laws': Tuberville holds the line against DOD's abortion policies despite pushback from Dems, GOP. Tuberville joins JT to discuss how he will keep his foot down and not let up.


Women Bosses Are Still Judged More on Their Looks Than Their Smarts - Tricia Benn

Is this true? Is there a double standard when it comes to attractiveness? If a woman is too attractive, is that a problem? International speaker, whose passion is sharing inspiring, practical and actionable tips to promote gender equality in the workplace Tricia Benn joins JT to explain more.


National Debt – Biden Vs McCarthy - Jon Decker

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is demanding a meeting with President Biden to discuss the national debt. White House Correspondent Jon Decker joins JT with the story.


Dumb Phones Are on The Rise - Erin Real

There has been a resurgence in “dumb phones” in the U.S. and it may be tied to the mental health impact of Smartphones. National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the story.


Opening Day - Rory O'Neill

It is Opening Day and National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with a look at USA Today’s annual ranking of the BEST (and WORST) Ballparks in America.


Kim Jong Un Has Told His Nuclear Scientists to Ramp Up Production of Weapons Grade Material - Jonathan Savage

Fox News Radio’s Jonathan Savage joins JT to discuss this latest move.


Full of Grace and Full of Truth - Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson joins JT to discuss the Nashville School Shooting and the truth of who Jesus is.


Nearly Half Of U.S. Murders Going Unsolved - Joe Cardinale

Are police departments so short-staffed that there's just not enough investigators to solve murders? Why are countries in Europe solving more than 70% of their homicides, while the U.S. is only able to solve around 50%? Retired NYPD Lt. Commander Joe Cardinale joins JT to explain why so many cases are going unsolved.


January 6th Testimony - Jon Decker

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been ordered to testify before a Federal Grand Jury about the events related to January 6. Will Pence appeal – and what does this mean for him politically? White House Correspondent – and attorney – Jon Decker joins JT to discuss the story


Only A Quarter of Democrats Want President Biden to Run for Re-Election In 2024 - Orlando Sanchez

The poll’s release comes as the president gears up to run for re-election. Biden has repeatedly said he intends to seek a second term in the White House, but he has yet to make any formal announcements. However, the president hinted toward a re-election campaign during a speech early last month to party leaders and activists at the DNC’s winter meeting, which was held this year in Philadelphia. Founder, Texas Latino Conservatives; Former Harris County, Texas Treasurer (2007-2018); U.S. Air...


Active Shooter Incidents Have Risen 52.2% Between 2020 And 2021 - Gene Petrino

Gene Petrino Co-founder of Survival Response LLC joins JT to discuss the increase in school shootings across the country.


American Values - Erin Real

A new poll says that Americans are pulling back from values such as patriotism, religion, and families – the values that once defined the country. Why is that happening, and what else was revealed? National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the story


Nashville Update - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the Nashville school shooting investigation – as well as reaction.


Tragedy Strikes in Nashville - Blake Fulton

Blake Fulton joins JT from Nashville to discuss the tragedy that took place yesterday at a local school shooting that left 6 dead.


Update on Yesterday’s School Shooting in Nashville - Michael Patrick Leahy

Host of the morning show on iHeart’s WLAC in Nashville Michael Patrick Leahy joins JT with the latest update on the school shooting in Nashville that took place yesterday.


Are We About to See Runaway Inflation? - Brett Winterble

Former Rush Limbaugh Fill in host Brett Winterble joins JT to discuss your whole life savings could vaporize. But with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, so tangible assets, such as gold, could increase twentyfold relative to the dollar. In such a case, a $500,000 IRA or 401k could overnight become worth $10 million.