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Highlights and recaps from Alabama's Morning News with JT, weekdays 6-9 a.m.




Legislative Session Update - Paul DeMarco

Paul DeMarco joins JT to discuss the latest from Montgomery and The Legislative Session.


Trump Still Hasn't Been Arrested - Jon Decker

White House Correspondent – and attorney – Jon Decker joins JT with the latest on the Manhattan Grand Jury that is investigating whether former President Trump diverted campaign money to payoff porn actress Stormy Daniels.


The Fallout from The Financial Institution’s Crumbling - Kevin Stocklin

Epoch Times’ Kevin Stocklin joins JT to examine this more.


Deadly Fungal Infection Detected in Florida - Dr. Michael Saag

UAB Infectious Disease Dr. Michael Saag joins JT to discuss a new fungus that is spreading at an alarming rate.


Get Out and Enjoy the Movies - Kevin Flannigan

Kevin Flannigan the Movie Guy joins JT to discuss movies in theatres and streaming this weekend.


ICE-T'S Daily Game - Ice T

For decades, Ice-T has been a cultural icon, respected actor, musician, and personality. Now, thanks to his massive social media appeal, he's added motivational life coach to his list of accolades. In each episode of Ice-T's Daily Game, Ice unveils one quote or words of wisdom from his personally curated list of inspiring sayings. He breaks down why he believes these words are important and reveals personal stories and experiences demonstrating how they've affected his life. In less than...


Jordan Investigating Manhattan Da Alvin Bragg’s - Terry Schilling

Bragg's office is investigating whether Trump was involved in paying hush money to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. "This indictment comes after years of the District Attorney’s office aggressively pursuing charges, with you and other special prosecutors leading the investigation into every facet of President Trump’s finances. Last year, you resigned from the office over Bragg’s initial reluctance to move forward with charges in 2022, Bragg is now attempting to...


Is It Safe to Eat Food That's Past Its 'Use By' Date? - Shelley Loving

These dates are particularly misleading when it comes to shelf-stable foods, like canned goods that can last for years past the marked date. Since the best by, use by and sell by dates don't tell consumers whether their food is safe to eat, they should rely on their five senses to tell them if their food has gone bad. Nutrition Chef and author of the new book What's On Your Fork?!: Easy, Healthy Meals for Everybody. She dedicated her life to teaching people how to eat healthy after her...


TikTok CEO on Capitol Hill - Erin Real

The CEO of TikTok faced some sharp questions on Capitol Hill as lawmakers asked about how much influence the Chinese government has over the social media platform. National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT with the story.


Just How Fat Are Your Listeners Anyway? - Rory O'Neill

Nearly HALF of all Americans are now considered obese. What does that mean exactly? National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with a state by state breakdown on where the fattest Americans live, and where your listeners fall on the spectrum.


FAA Issues Safety Alerts to Airlines and Pilots Following Series Of Near Misses - Jeff Monosso

Fox News Radio’s Jeff Monosso joins JT live from Chicago to discuss this more.


Graham Warns Trump Arrest Would ‘Blow Up Our Country’ - Lauren Daugherty

Graham also slammed Bragg as a “George Soros-backed prosecutor.” Color of Change PAC, which received a large donation from Soros — a frequent GOP foil — backed the district attorney’s 2021 campaign. Political Strategist // CEO, Young Americans for Liberty Lauren Daugherty joins JT to explain more.


They Are Going After TikTok - Jon Decker

The CEO of TikTok will be testifying on Capitol Hill today amid calls for the company to be banned. Why is the app so popular – and why are governments concerned. White House Correspondent and attorney Jon Decker joins JT with the story.


Daughter Sues Agency After DNA Test Ids Likely Suspect in Institutionalized Mother's Rape - Kirby Farris

Kirby Farris joins JT to discuss a wild case going viral.


Your Next Mission® Veterans Hiring Event - Ted Hacker

Ted Hacker with American Freedom Foundation joins JT to discuss an important event coming up in Huntsville.


Latest on the Legislative Session - Jeff Poor

1819 News Jeff Poor joins JT in studio to discuss the latest on the legislative session in Montgomery.


Grand Jury Weighing Options - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the Grand Jury that is deciding whether to indict former President Donald Trump – and what the next steps may be.


You Betrayed Us on Climate Change - Joshua Soloway

President Joe Biden's positions in recent weeks have put him at odds with young activists and members of his party, including the first Gen-Z member of Congress. Young voters played a key role in Biden's 2020 victory, with those aged 18 to 24 at the time voting for him more than any other age group. After the 2022 midterm elections, Biden thanked young people for voting in historic numbers as they did two years prior, acknowledging in a post-election news conference that "they voted to...


New Development in Ensley Will Bring Housing, Entertainment, Business Opportunities - Ty West

Ty West joins JT to discuss new developments in Ensley.


Grandy Jury Trial is Still Going - Rory O'Neill

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the latest on the New York Grand Jury’s investigation into former President Donald Trump, and how the city of New York is preparing for his possible indictment.