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Highlights and recaps from Alabama's Morning News with JT, weekdays 6-9 a.m.




Donald Trump to Appear in Florida Court - Jon Decker

White House Correspondent Jon Decker joins JT to discuss Donald Trump indictment and his appearance in court next week.


This is Unprecedent - Newt Gingrich

Former U-S Speaker of the house Newt Gingrich joins JT to discuss the indictment of President Trump.


Trump Indictment - Paul DeMarco

Paul DeMarco joins JT to discuss the indictment of former President Donald Trump.


Joran Van Der Sloot is in Birmingham - Roger Appell

Defense Attorney Roger Appell joins JT to talk Van Der Sloot.


Comer Cancels Wray Contempt Vote as F.B.I. Agrees to Share Document - Ryan Schmelz

Fox News Radio's Ryan Schmelz joins JT from D.C. with the latest.


Tipping Has "Gotten Out of Control" - Valerie Sokolosky

Is tipping starting to get out of control? And when was the most surprising time you've ever been prompted to leave a tip? Image and Etiquette Specialist // Author of the book Do It Right! // Speaker on personal branding and etiquette Valerie Sokolosky joins JT to discuss tipping.


Office Politics - Coach Michael Lin

Can bosses ban political discussions at work? If an employee wants to decorate their desk with political or social issue paraphernalia, should the boss stay silent? Leadership expert who speaks to companies from coast to coast on how to create a "Thank God It's Monday" culture Coach Michael Lin joins JT with more.


FBI Willing to Allow All House Oversight Committee Members to View Biden Doc Alleging Criminal Scheme - Terri Hasdorff

Political strategist with over twenty years' experience in government and politics as a Washington insider. She began her career in 1991 in what is now called the White House Office of Public Engagement, where she had the honor of working with leaders from across the country Terri Hasdorff joins JT to explain this decision by the FBI.


Natalie Holloway Suspect Back in U.S. - Erin Real

Eighteen years ago an Alabama teenager named Natalie Holloway disappeared while on vacation in Aruba. Her body has never been found. A suspect in the case has now been extradited to the United States where he faces charges of extortion and fraud against Natalie Holloway’s mother. National Correspondent Erin Real joins JT to take a look at the cold case that caught the world’s attention nearly two decades ago.


Alabama’s Congressional Map To Be Redrawn - Rory O'Neill

A potential win for Democrats as the U.S. Supreme Court issued a surprise ruling that will require Alabama’s Congressional map to be redrawn. Currently five of the six Congressional districts in the state are represented by Republicans. National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins JT to explain the significance, and why the conservative-majority court voted the way it did.


The Voice Finalist Joins JT in Studio - DSmooth

Birmingham's own D-Smooth joins JT to discuss his experience on The Voice. D-Smooth finished 3rd place.


2024 Presidential Candidates - Parker Snider

1819 News Parker Snider joins JT to discuss former President Donald Trump coming to Montgomery, other candidates for President in 2024, and the latest on Bud Light.


Coming to Alabama - John Wahl

Alabama Republican Party Chair John Wahl joins JT with a “Big announcement”


Judge Finds Out Why Brief Cited Nonexistent Cases - Kirby Farris

Kirby Farris joins JT to discuss a ChatGPT court case taking place.


GOP Presidential Field - Jon Decker

There are now 12 Republican Presidential candidates, with the possibility of more to announce….but the front runner is still Donald Trump. White House Correspondent Jon Decker joins JT to take a look at not only the three who announced this week – but those who think they have a shot at the nomination.


Slowing Economy and Credit Crunch Is Squeezing Small Businesses - Brent Garrett

Inflation is hitting small business owners hard but most are hesitant to raise prices. Small business expert and author of the upcoming book Swirling the Drain: Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Stop the Leaks Brent Garrett joins JT with more.


White House Press Secretary KJP Grilled on Biden's Public Falls - Dr. Paula Price

Author of the Prophet’s Dictionary and founder of Price University // 70-year-old Black female conservative, educator, minister, and one of the most dynamic multi-faceted thought leaders of this generation Dr. Paula Price joins JT to explain more.


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Erin Real

If you live on the east coast – or if you know anyone who does – you have heard about the blanket of smoke that is covering much of the eastern seaboard. Where are the wildfires that are causing the haze and what are the health implications. National Correspondent Erin Real is in Connecticut, and joins JT to talk about what makes this different than any other smoky situation.


Cashless Society? - Rory O'Neill

A new survey says that most consumers are only carrying cash out of habit as credit and debit cards take over. National Correspondent Rory O’Neill joins JT with the story.


The PGA Tour Has Agreed To Merge With Saudi Backed Competitor LIV Golf - Jared Halpern

Fox News Radio’s Jared Halpern joins JT with more information.