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Hosted by Ryan Warner and Chandra Thomas Whitfield, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.

Hosted by Ryan Warner and Chandra Thomas Whitfield, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.


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Hosted by Ryan Warner and Chandra Thomas Whitfield, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.




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July 1, 2022: Stories behind what Avs fans wear; The primaries and the Republican party

Avs fans at Thursday’s parade tell the stories behind the jerseys and t-shirts they wear. Then, the primary election may be a defining moment for Colorado’s Republican party. We’ll get perspective with CPR's politics podcast, Purplish. Then, remembering the man who made history as the first Black starting quarterback in modern football. And, meet Colorado Matters’ new co-host!


June 30, 2022: Six months after the Marshall Fire; Watching the Colorado River run (dry)

Six months ago, after a spark or flame landed in some very dry grass and ignited, the Marshall Fire became the most destructive in Colorado history. Then, Colorado and states sharing the Colorado River have two months to figure out how to reduce the river water they use. Also, Denver7 chief meteorologist Mike Nelson's monthly chat. And, the best in summer books.


June 29, 2022: Looking ahead to November; The cost of ‘The Big Lie’

The general election ballot is mostly set with the moderate Republicans winning their races. Political analyst Eric Sondermann explains what to expect ahead of the general election. Then, election distrust hung over this election, but Matt Crane from the County Clerks Association explains why voting is safe in this state.


June 28, 2022: Why LGBTQ groups are watching SCOTUS; Professors of color on leaving DU

The abortion ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court has sent worrisome signals to Colorado's LGBTQ community. Then, three professors of color reflect on why they've chosen to leave the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Plus, meet the keeper of the Stanley Cup.


June 27, 2022: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks on immigration, voting security

Ron Hanks is currently a state representative from Fremont County. He faces Joe O'Dea in Tuesday's Republican primary. Chandra Thomas Whitfield asks Hanks about a range of topics including inflation, abortion access, gun control, and the January 6th insurrection. Later, the artistry and symbolic meaning behind one of the floats in Denver's Pride parade.


June 24, 2022: What the end of Roe means in Colorado

The Supreme Court has ended the federal right to abortion, but access remains legal in Colorado. Abortion opponent and columnist Krista Kafer hopes new restrictions here won't be far off. Then, Karen Middleton of abortion rights advocacy group Cobalt, wants to add reproductive freedom to the state constitution. Later, a discussion of abortion alternatives when there's an unintended pregnancy. Finally, Soul 2 Soul Sisters on how the ruling perpetuates what the group calls reproductive...


June 23, 2022: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea on inflation, guns, and abortion access

Colorado businessman Joe O'Dea is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. He's in a primary race with state representative Ron Hanks. The winner will face the incumbent, Democrat Michael Bennet, in the general election. We ask about issues including inflation, abortion access, climate change, and gun control and crime. Then, a new book explores the history of curanderos. And soap box derby's young racers.


June 22, 2022: Private investigator lifts the veil; Model with vitiligo has ‘tough skin’

In "Tell Me Everything," former private investigator Erika Krouse writes about the landmark sexual assault case she was assigned to in Boulder. It expanded the scope of Title IX. We read her book for "Turn The Page with Colorado Matters." Then, why Denver model and activist Jasmine Colgan has developed "Tough Skin" as she gets comfortable in her own.


June 21, 2022: Assessing the GOP divide; Colorado’s boom & bust history

The primary election could determine the future of the Republican party in Colorado. Voters will choose between two very different types of candidates in key statewide races. Purplish assesses the GOP divide. Then, mountain towns are hiring for the summer. And exploring Colorado's history of booms and busts.


June 20, 2022: Journey to Freedom connects community through song

Spirituals are rooted in a history of pain and hope. Today, Colorado Matters presents a "Journey to Freedom" with the Spirituals Project Choir based at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. Our colleagues at CPR Classical spent the last year sharing spirituals chosen by the choir's director, M. Roger Holland II. The collaboration culminated in a special event at DU’s Newman Center.


June 17, 2022: Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl makes her case

CU Regent and entrepreneur Heidi Ganahl believes her experience as a business owner, in addition to being the only Republican in statewide office, makes her the best candidate to run against incumbent Gov. Jared Polis. Then, Black Coloradans discuss what it means to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday.


June 16, 2022: Candidate Greg Lopez wants a conversation on the big issues, like inflation

Whether it’s crime or the cost of living, Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez sees himself as a convener on issues like gun laws, housing and climate change. But, he’s short on specifics. Lopez traces some of what ails the state to pandemic shutdowns, which he thinks destroyed livelihoods while trying to save lives. Lopez is running against CU regent Heidi Ganahl in the GOP Primary. Also, Juneteenth approaches and the origins of an Avs victory song.


June 15, 2022: Marking ten years of DACA

Ten years ago today, President Obama created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. It allows young people brought to the US unlawfully as children to attend college or work legally. About 18,000 Coloradans have taken Obama up on that offer. We'll hear some of their stories today. We'll also talk with Marissa Molina, herself a DACA recipient, who advocates for immigration reform.


June 14, 2022: Colorado and Guatemala create a choral connection with ‘El Ultimo Hilo’

"El Ultimo Hilo" is an international choral collaboration between Colorado's Kantorei and singers in Guatemala, and both companies have learned lessons about music and history. Plus, finding energy efficiency without making homes even more expensive.


June 13, 2022: Black climbers make history on Everest; Using genetics to improve health care

The first all-Black team of climbers reached the summit of Mt. Everest this spring. We speak with two of the Coloradans who were part of the expedition. Then, using genetic testing to improve medical treatments. And, rethinking housing in Greeley.


June 10, 2022: She lost her daughter in a mass shooting; now she helps others cope

Sandy Phillips lost her daughter nearly ten years ago in the Aurora movie theater shootings. Now she and her husband travel the country, helping survivors of other mass shootings cope. Then, working to preserve the language of the Ute Mountain Utes. And, "Rainbows and Revolutions" at History Colorado.


June 9, 2022: Half a century of a ‘Rocky Mountain High’

The world first heard John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" 50 years ago. It served as something of a musical magnet, attracting people to Colorado. Lawmakers here declared it the state's second official song in 2007. Today, we reflect on Denver's legacy -- musically and environmentally.


June 8, 2022: Who’s buying the Broncos and why; ‘Unbreakable’ shares LGBTQ experience

An ownership group led by Rob Walton is buying the Broncos, pending final approvals. We get perspective on the deal. Then, CPR's investigation into the Adams County Sheriff's Office. Also, answering a Colorado Wonders question about earthquakes.


June 7, 2022: Cyclist Scott Mercier ‘wins true’; Student makes her voice heard with poetry

Reflections from a cyclist who refused to dope. Scott Mercier, of Basalt, has a new book: "Win True: How You Win Matters On & Off The Bike." Then, Aidyn Reid from Colorado Springs competes in the national "Poetry Out Loud" competition. Plus, students say they're more than just test scores. And, as United expands its flight training center in Denver, pilots' mental health is also top of mind.


June 6, 2022: Primary election nears; A mom helps others navigate baby formula shortage

Republicans are divided ahead of the June 28 primary. Will unaffiliated voters tip the balance? Then, during the pandemic Julia Walker provided food for the needy. Now she helps parents find baby formula. Plus, In the San Luis Valley, Esteban Salazar forages for verdolaga – the Spanish word for purslane. And, Denver poet Nicky Beer’s new work.