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Hosted by Ryan Warner and Chandra Thomas Whitfield, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.




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Nov. 30, 2023: Hip Hop Turns 50! Colorado’s place in this cultural phenomenon

Hip Hop marks a major milestone this year: its 50th anniversary! During that time, the musical genre has changed the world, influencing language, dance, education, politics, media, and so much more. But what is Colorado's place in all of this? Chandra Thomas Whitfield asked some of the biggest players in our state to join her in-studio. Radio personality Amerykah Jones (Nikki Swarn) and rappers DJ Cavem (Ietef Vita), Old Man Saxon (Saxon Kincy) and Black Pegasus (Robert Houston II).


Nov. 29, 2023: Finding resources for migrants; Understanding climate threats

They've fled dire conditions in Venezuela, and come to Colorado, but they aren't allowed to work; that could change. Plus, we'll meet two Venezuelan-Americans helping them with everything from applications to education to therapy for trauma. Then, understanding climate threats in Colorado. And later, Colorado wonders, "Where is the Western Slope?"


Nov. 28, 2023: State historian Dr. Claire Oberon Garcia on diversifying Colorado history

The new state historian has a vision to diversify our thinking about life in Colorado. Dr. Claire Oberon Garcia is also an English professor at Colorado College. Chandra Thomas Whitfield sat down with her in front of an audience at the Southern Colorado Public Media Center.


Nov. 27, 2023: News anchor Anne Trujillo’s inner life; Tracking respiratory illnesses in dogs

Anne Trujillo reflects on life's lessons as she steps down as the longest-serving news anchor in Denver. Then, a new idea to help people experiencing homelessness in Grand Junction. Also, what veterinarians know about respiratory illnesses affecting dogs. And a co-owner of Townie Books in Crested Butte previews his new novel, which shatters Western tropes.


Nov. 22, 2023: How special session will impact taxes; A rabbi reflects on feeling alone

Whether you own your home or rent we'll break down what this week's special legislative session means for you taxwise. Then, a Denver rabbi addresses her congregation after marching on Washington, D.C. in support of Israel. And "Off the Walls" on the restoration of "Huitzilopochtli," the Hummingbird Warrior.


Nov. 21, 2023: ‘Diversity doesn’t happen in a vacuum’ — CU officials on school’s DEI quest

Our exploration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Colorado, the state's flagship university and its third largest employer, continues with CU president Todd Saliman and Wanda James, an alumna and the first Black Regent in 44 years.


Nov. 20, 2023: Exploring diversity and inclusion as the ‘Prime Factor’ puts CU in the national spotlight

The "Coach Prime effect" has catapulted CU Boulder into the national spotlight, but some students say it doesn't necessarily reflect the Black experience on campus. We'll talk about diversity, inclusion, and representation with a third-year grad student, a graduate who now works on the campus, and the vice chancellor of student affairs, D'Andra Mull.


Nov. 17, 2023: Mild weather hints to upcoming winter; Funding concerns for HIV/AIDS services

Winter’s just a month away but in much of the state the weather’s still mild. Denver7 chief meteorologist Mike Nelson will help us understand the patterns. Then, why there's concern about funding for HIV/AIDS services in Colorado. And it's now up to a judge to decide if Donald Trump can be on Colorado's GOP primary ballot. We get perspective from Purplish.


Nov. 16, 2023: On eve of special session, how to ‘disagree better’; ‘Control Freaks’ features whiz kids who love to win

As state lawmakers get set for a special session on property tax relief, Colorado's Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, and Utah's Governor Spencer Cox, a Republican, talk about a concept called "Disagree Better," aimed at reducing animosity in civic life. Then, Denver author J.E. Thomas shares her book, "Control Freaks" with Ryan and 5th grader Della Johnson.


Nov. 15: Holding funeral homes accountable; Testing the air above Central I-70

There's a push to regulate funeral homes in Colorado. We'll talk about ways to protect your family in a time of grief. Then, central I-70 was capped to control pollution, so is the air safe to breathe? CPR's climate reporter Sam Brasch tested it. And, what happens to closed schools in Colorado? Plus, how life has changed for a survivor of the Club Q attack.


Nov. 14, 2023: Growing need to support an aging Colorado; Can the arts and AI share creative ground?

One in five Coloradans is older than 60. In Mesa County, that number is one in four. And it’s putting a lot of pressure on senior services like Meals on Wheels. Then, can something that wasn’t made by a person still be considered art? That question about artificial intelligence has sparked a contentious debate. And we celebrate a Colorado Centennial Farm.


Nov. 13, 2023: DIA at the holidays – travel hacks for long security lines and confusing construction

Today, we'll answer some of your big questions about DIA -- aka DEN -- like, when can we expect to see shorter lines and less construction? You'll also meet some of the thousands of people who work at the airport and hear their travel hacks.


Nov. 10, 2023: ‘Donut Dollies’ helped troops escape realities of war; Changing lives through ‘Hard Miles’

Their service went largely unnoticed through three wars, but national recognition may be coming. For Veterans Days, we share the story of the women known as “The Donut Dollies.” Then, we revisit the harrowing mission of the Misty Experiment. And the new film "Hard Miles" shows how bicycling helped break the cycle for at-risk youth.


Nov. 9, 2023: Growth challenges in Colorado; Doctor returns home from Gaza

Colorado is growing, but at what cost? As people move here the state demographer talks about the challenges, the trade-offs and the trends. Then, Dr. Barbara Zind was in Gaza on a humanitarian mission when *Hamas* launched its surprise attack on Israel. Now, a month later, the Grand Junction pediatrician has returned home. Also, environmental education and "Coal Country" in Boulder.


Nov. 8, 2023: What’s next now that voters rejected Prop HH?; A Club Q survival story of a life forever changed

A complicated measure designed, at least in part, to tamp down property taxes, failed at the ballot box. Now that voters rejected Prop HH, what comes next? Then, John Arcediano survived the attack on Club Q, but his life has forever been changed. And later, a chance to see a relic from the U.S.S. Arizona in memory of the Coloradans killed at Pearl Harbor.


Nov. 7, 2023: Reaction to second Elijah McClain verdict; Psychological film ‘Soft Liquid Center’

After the latest verdict came down Monday afternoon, juries in Adams County has found two of the three officers who forcibly stopped Elijah McClain not guilty, with a third convicted of lesser charges. A discussion whether Elijah McClain has received justice, and what these verdicts mean for policing in Colorado. Then, the "reddest" part of Colorado. Plus, a psychological thriller, "Soft Liquid Center" is being shown at the Denver Film Festival.


Nov. 6, 2023: Murals tell the history, stories of community; The fight for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District

Street art, history and neighborhoods feature in the new podcast “Off the Walls,” from CPR and Denverite. Then, the fight to represent Colorado’s Third Congressional District is intensifying. And, singer/songwriter Antonio Lopez draws inspiration from his Indigenous roots in the San Luis Valley.


Nov. 3, 2023: The case for and against Trump on the ballot; ‘Dear Alana’ on faith and sexual identity

The hearing into whether Donald Trump should be off the Republican primary ballot in Colorado is wrapping up. We'll get an update on testimony and what happens next. Then, the podcast "Dear Alana" explores the sometimes fraught relationship between religion and sexual identity.


Nov. 2, 2023: Officer charged in McClain’s death takes the stand; ‘Deconstructing Karen’ challenges white supremacy

Nathan Woodyard, the officer accused in the death of Elijah McClain, takes the stand in his own defense. We'll hear some of his testimony. Then, difficult, uncomfortable conversations about dismantling white supremacy with "Deconstructing Karen." Later, the first run of the ski season is an annual challenge for two friends. Plus, Colorado's lost ski resorts.


Nov. 1, 2023: Denver’s new leader on climate action; A Club Q survival story

Denver has a new climate boss; it's not a role very many U.S. cities have. We asked Liz Babcock to meet us somewhere especially vulnerable to climate change. Then, we share another survival story a year after the attack at Club Q. Also, hear from the three candidates for Aurora mayor. And a new honor for the nation's first prima ballerina, Maria Tallchief.