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Focusing on the state's people, issues and ideas, hear Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio's in-depth news station. Colorado Public Radio's daily interview show airs Monday through Friday at 10-11 a.m. and 7-8 p.m., Saturdays 7-8 p.m. and Sundays 1-2 p.m.

Focusing on the state's people, issues and ideas, hear Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio's in-depth news station. Colorado Public Radio's daily interview show airs Monday through Friday at 10-11 a.m. and 7-8 p.m., Saturdays 7-8 p.m. and Sundays 1-2 p.m.
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Focusing on the state's people, issues and ideas, hear Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio's in-depth news station. Colorado Public Radio's daily interview show airs Monday through Friday at 10-11 a.m. and 7-8 p.m., Saturdays 7-8 p.m. and Sundays 1-2 p.m.




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Aug. 23, 2019: Women Work To Change The World; When History Meets Nostalgia

Women from 15 countries around the world are in Denver to share their struggles and successes in the face of violence, war, and oppression as they work to overcome. Then, a Denver landmark raises questions about what's historic and what's nostalgic. Plus, celebrating a Chicano tradition in one neighborhood. And a wolf refuge that also helps humans.


Aug. 22, 2019: Candid Conversation About The Struggle With Youth Suicide & Depression

An 18-year-old who made a documentary called, "Surviving," talks candidly about his struggle with depression and attempted suicide, with insights from a mental health expert. Also, how John Hickenlooper's decision to run for U.S. Senate may shape the race. Then, Latin Fashion Week in Denver. And new perspective on Colorado's legendary Baby Doe Tabor.


Aug. 21, 2019: Feelings of ‘Flygskam’ & How To Fight It; Slavery’s Link To Medical Myths

When you go on a trip, does it send you on a guilt trip? We talk about "flygskam," Swedish for "flight shame," and the guilt tied to air travel's carbon footprint. Then, slavery's link to medical myths that have persisted for centuries. Also, engineering an earthquake-proof building.


Aug. 20, 2019: Exploring Bonsai At The Botanic Gardens; Climate Change & The Spruce Beetle

The attorney for De'Von Bailey's family says Bailey's been maligned after he was killed by police in Colorado Springs. Also, we explore the art of bonsai at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Also, the impact of climate change on the spruce beetle in Colorado.


Aug. 19, 2019: Auraria’s Past Helps Present Students; Colorado Warms A Meadow On Purpose

New perspective on the deadly police shooting of De'Von Bailey from a former law enforcement officer who leads a civil rights group in Colorado Springs. Plus, the history of Auraria is helping students today. Then, a climate change experiment in a Colorado meadow. Plus, who's buying houses in metro-Denver, and the cultural phenomenon of In-N-Out Burgers.


Aug. 16, 2019: What’s Considered In Police Shooting Reviews; Jewel’s Journey To Wellness

What does Colorado law allow when it comes to officer-involved shootings and what do district attorneys consider when deciding if charges are warranted? Also, what's next for John Hickenlooper after dropping his presidential bid? Then, reflecting on the man behind the "snurfer," the Smithsonian comes to Denver, and Jewel reflects on her journey to wellness.


Aug. 15, 2019: Perspectives On Guns, Violence & Mental Health

After a mass shooting come the “shoulds.” The US should pass gun control. Improve its mental health system. Arm good guys with guns. Address extremism. We’re going to grapple with these “shoulds” today. And get people who view them differently to talk with each other. We’ve assembled Coloradans who’ve given this a lot of thought. We’ll also include listeners’ questions and observations about this moment in America.


Aug. 14, 2019: What’s Next For The DIA Remodel; Treating Pain & Addiction Together

Now that DIA's fired its remodeling contractor, what's next for the Great Hall Project? Then, local research to treat pain and addiction at the same time. Plus, making naloxone more available to the public. Plus, art through the eyes of Colorado's Jordan Casteel. And, tracking down uranium tailings in Durango buildings.


Aug. 13, 2019: Noise Pollution’s Impact On Wildlife; Postcards For A Songbird

It's a threat to wildlife that isn't seen, so much as heard: noise pollution. Researchers are working on unique ways to reduce the impact. Then, remembering the late Lauren Watson, founder of Denver's Black Panthers, in his own words. Also, understanding implicit bias in "the Black and the Blue." Finally, an "ugly duckling" story that transcends age.


Aug. 12, 2019: Neil Gorsuch’s Influence On SCOTUS; Colorado’s Clare Dunn Hits A High Note

What impact is Colorado’s Neil Gorsuch having as a Supreme Court Justice? Then, answering a Colorado Wonders question about power lines and orange balls. Plus, training to fight wildfires at night. Then, an 8-legged migration is about to begin in southern Colorado.


Aug. 9, 2019: Space Battalion Called Into Action; Bringing Bollywood To Colorado

It may sound like science fiction, but Space Support Team 26 based with the Colorado National Guard recently deployed to Kuwait. Then, meet the first woman to take over as Pueblo’s Fire Chief. Plus, one woman's recovery after a bike crash. Then, a new immersive play preserves Westminster homesteading history. And a Bollywood "rom com" set in Colorado.


Aug. 8, 2019: Perspective On Mental Health & Violence; Singer Marc Cohn’s Colorado Return

After a mass shooting, mental illness often becomes part of the discussion, but is it dismissive? Then, the debate over public and media access to police scanners. Plus, will Colorado become home to a new Medal of Honor museum? And singer Marc Cohn reflects on his brush with death in Colorado as he launches a new music project.


Aug. 7, 2019: Tracking Hate Crimes In Colorado; New Effort To Help Teens Stop Vaping

Hate crimes in Colorado nearly doubled from 2017 to 2018. The director of the state's Division of Homeland Security talks about tracking the threat. Plus, how effective is Colorado's universal background checks law? Then, stepping up the fight to stop teen vaping. And, a Colorado poet and writer reflects on the influence and legacy of Toni Morrison.


Aug. 6, 2019: CO’s Red Flag Law & The National Debate; New Search For Amelia Earhart

Colorado has a red flag law like the one President Trump proposed after the shootings in Texas and Ohio. Then, reaction to the CPR News' story about a new member of the state's ethics commission who was previously investigated for harassment. Finally, Amelia Earhart's namesake talks about a new expedition to solve the mystery of her disappearance.


Aug. 5, 2019: Colorado’s Boutique Corn Crop Faces Challenges; Marijuana Grow Goes Green

The City of Denver is negotiating with its contractor to keep the remodeling project at DIA on track. Then, Colorado Wonders about how Allenspark was founded. Plus, the challenges facing the Olathe sweet corn crop. Finally, "On Something" explores one man's effort to make his marijuana grow environmentally friendly.


Aug. 2, 2019: Overcoming High Altitude Sickness; Colorado’s Presidential Portrait Artist

Researchers continue to search for answers about the causes and treatments of high-altitude sickness. Then, meet the Colorado artist who painted portraits of Presidents Trump and Obama for the state capitol. Plus, exploring the Grand Canyon. Also, the strategy of political recalls, and it's not too late to grab a great summer read.


Aug. 1, 2019: Governor Polis On Healthcare, Oil & Gas, And Green Chiles

Governor Jared Polis answers questions about changes to healthcare and issues such as local control of oil and gas drilling, cleaner air, behavioral health needs, and who has the best green chiles. Then, how did Michael Bennet do in night two of the debates? Plus, using co-buying to purchase a home. And Orbiting Olympia performs Friday.


July 31, 2019: Bicycle Accidents Prompt Road Safety Questions; Colorado’s Brush With Mars

Did John Hickenlooper have his breakout moment in night one of the Democratic presidential debates? Then, the dynamics of making Colorado roads safe for all modes of transportation after 4 bicyclist deaths this month. Also, what the Mariner missions revealed about Mars 50 years ago. Plus, Colorado's Cold War Horse. And, understanding reinsurance.


July 30, 2019: What’s At Stake In Next Debate?; Author Explores What It Feels Like To Die

What's at stake for former Colorado John Hickenlooper, who takes part in round two of the Democratic presidential debates Tuesday night? Then, a Colorado author and hospice volunteer explores what it feels like to die. Then, an unprecedented study to help dogs avoid cancer.


July 29, 2019: When NPS Tried To Censor Her Report, This Scientist Blew The Whistle

Boulder scientist Maria Caffrey alleges she lost her National Park Service job when she refused to remove references to human-caused climate change from a report. Then, behind the new Pikes Peak visitor center. Next, what an ozone alert means. Also, how microplastics have infiltrated every possible environment. Finally, go inside ESL classes in Colorado.