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#54 - Reefer Madness and Issue One

The struggle to have functional medical marajuana continues in Ohio, as new technologies are developing locally, and current providers fail to deliver. Meanwhile the midterms ads and political pieces are starting to drift out in preparation for November, and this year we only have one (1) issue on the ballot: Drug and Prison reform. We also discuss the tragic fifth third shooting, more scooter panic, and the city both acknowleding and ignoring the success of a certain popular bike...


#53 - Tasers for Tots

This week is abuzz with news, and Ohio has been making the national press after a young Cinci girl is tased during a shoplifting incedent. What's the most Dangerous road in Columbus? The answer may not surprise you. Sweeping scooter policy changes for the city of Columbus see a quick part three, in response to much criticism directed at the mayor's office.


#52 - Battle of the Crew Part 2

Authur Blank has ignited the passion the legion of Crew fans with two statements almost designed to send fans into a frenzy. Could the Austin Crew and a new Columbus team coexist? Did the city of Columbus inadequately fight for the Crew? Only time can validate Blank's predictions. In other news, a mass casualty comes out of Ross County Correctional Facility as nearly 30 inmates were exposed to fentanyl via the prison air vents. Rounding out our stories, the city has enacted legislation on...


#51 - Urban Meyer and LimeBike vs. the World

Are you overjoyed or distraught or the Urban Meyer decision? If so, you probably don't live in Columbus, where citywide citizens came together to collectively say "Meh". In other news, our fair city gets yet another visit from el Presidente Trump this summer, while Kasich decided to avoid Trump and attend Matsuricon instead, cementing his tsundere relationship with Trump. In #savethecrew land, Precourt's team name and logo is a sight to behold. Not a good sight, but a sight nonetheless....


#50 - Shades of Scarlet and Gray

Lots of follow up stories this week, as the Urban Meyer OSU drama continues to heat up after the investigative committee follows up with Zack and Courtney Smith. In addition, we finally got to the root cause of the Chipotle food poising incident in Delaware county, the legislation around the 7% entertainment for Columbus is live, and the rental scooters are expanding at an explosive pace, with very tentative legal support from the city. In new news, Grove City will soon be the hoppinest...


#49 - The Race To End No Races

Balderson. O'Connor. The election is down to the wire, with money bombs, presidential visits, key endorsements, and seemingly everything on the line, if you listen to the party rhetoric. The problem is, this race isn't even over when it's over, and the victory will by definition be fleeting, since the elected candidate has to win again in November, which raises the question: Why do the parties care so much about a special election that is going to be upset less than four months from now? In...


#48 - Urban Meyer's X

MWe can't avoid the elephant in the room this week, Urban Meyer is front and center of the local news cycle. The feature topic is an in depth discussion of the Urban Meyer scandal, the reactions from supporters and detractors, and a breakdwon of likely outcomes. In news that won't be making any headlines, we also talk about a three way twitter fight between LeBron James, Donald Trump, and John Kasich, Ohio's student debt problem, and the governor's bill to reign in on payday loan...


#47 - Corruption, Scandal, and Dog Birthday Pawties

It's often said that no news is good news, and unfortunately Columbus has a lot of news this week. Join us as we discuss the Stormy Daniels planned police sting, drugs being brought into Ohio prisons, corruption in manufacturing, and the worst crime against humanity yet: dog parties. Don't despair though, it's not all bad news this week, as Ohio libraries will soon be recieving new educational services, two dozen central Ohio companies made a top 300 list for best places for women to work,...


#46 - Kasich Speaks for the Trees

...and he says "Dear farmers and Ginthers, please do not cut these". In a rare moment of republican environmentalism, we witness John Kasich fighting against a coalition of farmers on the speed and regulations around the lake Erie cleanup. On the flip side, Columbus's own mayor Ginther would like to remove trees from poor, high crime areas of city, citing that trees provide effective cover for criminals. Is this a good, well thought out idea? No, no it's not, and you don't need to tune in to...


#45 - A Year To Cheer

This episode marks the one year anniversary of Columbus This Week, which we celebrate by drinking heavily, and blathering about the local antics of the fine folks of Columbus. This week sees a porn star arrested in the classiest joint in the city, serial vandalism towards nice cars in nice neighborhoods, and harsh words from Honda USA towards the Trump administration's tariffs.


#44 - Red Cross Needs Blood For Riots in Pickerington

You won't believe what went down in the city of Pickerington this week during the city's annual fireworks display, but that might be because even the officer reporting the near riot struggles to believe what he's saying. Outside of that den of evil, things are so calm, that the biggest uproar in the entire metro area is changes to parking laws. If you live in Columbus proper, you may soon be required to move your car every 72 hours. In housing news, yet another national study paints a...


#43 - Stop Thinking of the Children

America's youth is in rough shape it seems, if the slew of articles and legislation in the air in Ohio are actually needed. From articles about how to prevent your child from burning themselves for fun, to legislation throwing 19 year olds in a rehabiliation school for sexting, this week has been all about protecting the children from themselves.


#42 - CoverMyTaxes

CoverMyMeds is looking to build their own #HQ2, and they would like you, the taxer payer, to provide a small grant of ~40 Million dollars for it. The BFA and the NRA are suing Columbus and Cinci, as exactly every person on the planet predicted, given the new gun legislation on the table. Meanwhile, the church(TM), Kasich, and the police are making a push for more gun control statewide. In news that won't die: Reagan Tokes act update, Crew lawsuit news, and the electric snek odds of being...


#41 - City Enacts Plan to Replace the Homeless with Gays

It's a fun week to be gay in Columbus, as Vice President Pence is protested during a serendipitous visit, drama brews over private security changes for the pride festival, and the festival itself finds protestors of the event arrested. If you are homeless however, it's not your week: as not only is Dublin going after you, but Columbus City has also introduced some rather aggressive anti-panhandling legislation, as well as plans for signage. In other news, the Columbus Police make the news...


#40 - Goodbye Foreign Beer, Hello Foreign Food

Lots of worlds colliding in the Captial of Ohio this week. We have sagara making national news, Com Fest only supplying Columbus local brews, and Canadian tariffs that will hurt the economy of one midwestern state more than the other 49. Which state could it be? Find out, on Columbus This Week!


#39 - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Is maintaining employment a struggle for you? If so, statistically you don't live in Columbus. Join us this week as we chat about all the new shops opening, UPS hiring 600 new workers, and Columbus 2020 hitting their city wide jobs goal of +150,000 two years ahead of schedule. In other news, nationawide children's hospital is now 3D printing organs, drawing on a dog with parmanent marker leads to a happy ending, and a background check CEO tells us why #MeToo means you should contract out...


#38 - Bring your baby to the bar

While Columbus may not have a reputation for tourism, it looks like we may soon the the elusive bar baby demographic, as multiple breweries and bars open their doors to the little folks who can't open the door themselves. If that's not enough to draw the tourists in, we also have sharpie dogs, #chipotleHQ2, and a lack of out of school suspensions. If you are a touring bum though, you may look to avoid Dublin, as the city aims to hunt down your kind and shame you with signage.


#37 - Market Gods and Squirrel Jihads

The gubernatorial race is heating up, as the most pressing issue of our time is on the table: Should we A) legalize sports gambling and give the money to specific groups in Ohio, or B) legalize sports gambling and give the money to the state of Ohio general fund; truly a moral black and white question. In addition, Columbus's housing market continues to rise unfettered, even despite the best attempts of local pink bombers and suicide squirrel saboteurs. As for the feature, we attempt to...


#36 - Pills, Petitions, and Platitudes

This week we visit a city council meeting in Worthington to watch the sparks fly as second amendment drama is on the agenda. In one corner we have three overly meta teens, a handful of thirtysomething suburbanite moms, and a guy who swears he knows how guns work. In the other, we have boomers in "AMERICA NEEDS GUNS" shirts, newsletter soldiers, and 1,500 different statistics. In other news, the gubernatorial primaries are over, and we run through the policy background (or lackthereof) of...


#35 - Biking into the Scioto River

CORRECTION: I referenced a letter written by a Worthington city council member named Scott Myers. In doing so I incorrectly referred to him as the mayor. I am an idiot, please ignore me. It's bicycle safety month in the US, so strap on your helmets kids. A new shared bike startup comes to Columbus, with an interesting business model: You can leave your bikes anywhere when you are done with them, no dock needed! I'm sure this can't have any unintended consequences. In local news, Worthington...