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Juneteenth: What, why, and beyond

Juneteenth has been called “America’s Second Independence Day”. But surveys show that only about half of Americans even know what Juneteenth is. So what exactly is Juneteenth? Why is it important? And should it be celebrated? With community leaders Jasmin Smith and Dino Allen, we will discuss the history behind Juneteenth and its continued modern day significance on the next episode of Hometown, Alaska


Alaska Version 3 asks us to imagine our collective future. You go first.

What if our latest conversations about Alaska didn’t lodge on the dollar amount of a PFD, or how much a budget should be cut? What if we leaped over these sticking points and employed our collective imagination to envision an Alaska of the future? What kind of place do we want Alaska to be? What […]


Book love: Updates from Alaska Center for the Book and Anchorage Reads

Host Kathleen McCoy talks with founders of the Alaska Center for the Book and a librarian about community programs to promote reading.


Hometown Alaska: A conversation with Anchorage Police Acting Chief Ken McCoy

APD's Acting Chief Ken McCoy joins host Kathleen McCoy for a conversation on the department's work in Anchorage, and more broadly, on modern policing — a public safety field that has come under increasing scrutiny as social media and video cameras have captured police at work.


Discussing anti-Asian racism

Recent events have put a spotlight on anti-Asian racism. Many Americans even seem shocked & surprised that it’s happening. But is anti-Asian racism new? Is anti-Asian racism rare? What does it look like? Where does it happen? And how does it impact Asian Americans? Join us as we discuss the complexities of anti-Asian racism on this episode of Hometown, Alaska.


RUNNING 2021: Runoff for Mayor of Anchorage

Hometown Alaska is hosting a mayoral candidates' discussion between Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar.


Doing right by kids: How to pay for quality early childhood education at a scale we need?

Today’s question came from a listener, a father who has weathered and completed his own family’s journey through expensive childcare, for which he’s grateful. But his own success don’t solve the huge challenge in our community, and he asked us to share with listeners the scope of the issue here in Anchorage. We invited panelists […]


Why aren’t there more Alaska Native defenders, prosecutors and judges?

A listener posed a question for Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska and we tackled it on this week’s show. Where are the Alaska Native defenders, prosecutors and judges in our state’s judicial system? What would justice in Alaska look like if there were more robust representation of Alaska Natives throughout the process? In conversations with […]


Is Alaska ready to go nuclear? Is nuclear ready for Alaska?

It’s probably time for everyday Alaskans to learn more about new developments in nuclear technology that may have potential benefits for Alaska—an energy-producing state that still faces rural high energy costs and challenging geography. The time is right because the industry is making fast progress on size and safety. Still, disastrous events like Chernobyl and […]


Land Acknowledgements: Why, How, and Beyond

Over the past few years, acknowledging the Indigenous roots of the places we call home has become more common. This is especially true in Alaska, a state rich with Indigenous history and the state with the highest percentage of Native people in its population. Alaska, however, also has a rapidly growing non-Native population that may […]


Healing and justice for victims of violent crimes

One week in the month of April 2021, the 18th-24th, is set aside to remember victims of violent crimes in communities across the United States. In Anchorage, Victims for Justice, an organization that advocates for victims, will share its annual ribbon-tying ceremony at Hostetler Park in downtown Anchorage on social media platforms. The event is […]


We’re ‘all ears’ on Hometown Alaska this week

The arrival of a new host to Hometown Alaska is a good opportunity to open the phone lines to hear what topics you want us to work on. We call it “all ears” because we’re listening for the ideas you want us to pursue. Joining the Hometown Alaska team is EJ David. You may have […]


RUNNING: 2021 Anchorage Mayor’s Race – issues and candidate Q&A responses

UPDATE: Candidate responses to Alaska Public Media’s 2021 Mayor Candidate questionnaire are now available at Running 2021. Fifteen candidates filed to run; 9 candidates returned the questionnaire. Albert Swank, Reza Momin, Anna Anthony, David Bronson, Darin Colbry and Jacob Seth Kern did not respond. (Scroll for a full list of candidates and seats. The mail-in […]


RUNNING: 2021 Anchorage School Board Race – issues and candidate Q&A responses

UPDATE: Candidate responses to Alaska Public Media’s 2021 School Board Candidate questionnaire are now available at Running 2021. Sixteen candidates are running; 12 responded to the questionnaire. Candidates Judy Norton Eledge, Marilyn Stewart, Kim Paulson and Marcus Sanders did not respond. (Scroll for a full list of candidates and seats.) The mail-in election is April […]


Reporter Kyle Hopkins: Revealing the human cost of broken safety and deferred justice in rural Alaska

Many programs on Justice Alaska focus on explaining Alaska’s judicial system from the inside, from the perspective of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, as well as participants in therapeutic courts and administrators within the Department of Corrections. Today’s program is a look from the outside. A team of reporters from the Anchorage Daily News and […]


Three local pastors respond to Henry Louis Gates’ “The Black Church”

In a sweeping, song-filled and emotional telling, Henry Louis Gates takes viewers through the beginnings of the Black Church in America, from its beginnings in white Christianity with influence from home countries and spiritual traditions that enslaved people brought with them. The 400-year history of the Black Church reveals influence during the Civil War, Reconstruction, […]


Dana Stabenow talks about her latest crime novel, her writing career and her support for women writers

Dana Stabenow is having a great writing career. Her latest book, Spoils of the Dead, is No. 5 in her series about Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell. After a demotion from sergeant back to trooper for a serious mistake, he finds himself policing in a commercial fishing town dubbed Newenham, “an ice-bound bush town with […]


LISTEN: Meet some of the Alaska owls that live in your backyard

One dark December morning, as I headed out with my dog for some exercise, I met a young man carrying an aluminum ladder. Since it was nearly Christmas, I asked if he was decorating a random tree to surprise and delight winter hikers. Not quite — he had just cleaned out an owl box of its […]


Wanted: Underrepresented artists who need financial support for their creative work

In times of stress and economic hardship, it can be easy to let art and its impact on us slip off the radar screen. Yet, that could be the very time when we need art the most. The inauguration of new President Joe Biden is an example. Not only did 22-year-old Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The […]


Balancing Alaska’s budget is getting so hard that it hurts. Here’s one citizen’s plan.

As Cliff Groh puts it, he’s studied how the State of Alaska “collects, saves and pays out money” for 40 years. As a legislative aide in 1982, he worked on creating the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Five years later, as a special assistant to the commissioner of revenue, he worked on the successful effort to […]