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Talk of Iowa is the place for Iowans to interact with and learn from each other. Together we delve into culture, history, art, and literature. We want you to come away connected to our culture and what it means to live in Iowa.

Talk of Iowa is the place for Iowans to interact with and learn from each other. Together we delve into culture, history, art, and literature. We want you to come away connected to our culture and what it means to live in Iowa.


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Talk of Iowa is the place for Iowans to interact with and learn from each other. Together we delve into culture, history, art, and literature. We want you to come away connected to our culture and what it means to live in Iowa.






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Are political fault lines showing up in Iowa's nonpartisan school boards and elections?

As culture war issues froth into school board meetings, how are political issues shaping these nonpartisan offices? Hear about what we are seeing statewide, whether we’ve seen it before and what impact it is having on these local offices.


Understanding the give and take of your organic garden

Iowa State University horticulture specialists Cindy Haynes and Kathleen Delate join Charity Nebbe to talk about organic gardens and answer the plant and tree questions in the lives of listeners.


Historians and artists collaborate to look back and move forward as Iowa marks 175 years of statehood

Historians Andrew Klumpp, Ashley Howard and artist Awki Nji join Charity Nebbe to discuss the latest special edition of the history journal "Annals of Iowa," which celebrates 175 years of statehood.


Now is the time to make improvements to the air quality in your home

Charity Nebbe speaks with home-improvement expert Bill McAnally about preparing our homes for winter and a lot more time spent indoors.


Ninth-grader wins National History Day competition

Caleb Sinnwell, a ninth-grader at Nashua-Plainfield High School, and his teacher Suzan Turner join host Charity Nebbe to discuss Sinnwell's first-place win in a National History Day competition. Later, two very different Iowa singers, Jessica Faselt and Kelsey Madsen, talk about their ties to New York City and how the pandemic impacted their musical careers.


Zac Easter wanted people to view his death as a way to spread awareness about CTE

Author Reid Forgrave joins Charity Nebbe to talk about his book "Love, Zac: Small-Town Football and the Life and Death of an American Boy." It tells the tragic story of Indianola's Zac Easter and the negative impact of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Easter's mother, Brenda, and Ali Epperson, Easter's girlfriend, also join the conversation.


Autumn leaves are coming. Ready or not!

Once again, summer is coming to an end. But that just means another phase in the life cycle of Iowa's forests.


The lifelong practice of letting go

In his new book, an essayist shares his ups and downs, fears and joys while living through his ninth decade. And a sexagenarian describes how breaking boards saved her life.


It took decades for Iowa to establish its borders

Charity Nebbe speaks with three historians about Iowa's complicated border history, Mildred Pelzer's 1934 map of Iowa celebrating statehood and the nation's first female lawyer, Belle Babb Mansfield, a southeast Iowa native and graduate of Iowa Wesleyan University.


Author Heather Gudenkauf talks about how she shook writer's block to publish her most personal novel yet

In "Not a Sound," the protagonist is dealing with the aftermath of a car accident that leaves her deaf when she stumbles across a body in the woods and a mystery.


Children with special needs and veterans find balance and develop strength on horseback

A Swisher, Iowa-based ranch is using horseback riding to help improve neuromotor function, including coordination, balance, and strength for children.


If you're planting bulbs this fall, you can be more adventurous than tulips and daffodils

Horticulturist Ed Lyon, director of Reiman Gardens in Ames and Aaron Steil, of Iowa State University Extension, take us beyond the usual choices for planting spring-blooming bulbs.


Kyle McCord’s debut novel tells the story of a utopian community and the death of its followers

Charity Nebbe talks to author Kyle McCord about his book, “Reunion of the Good Weather Suicide Cult.” Then, a conversation with a double Master's degree graduate student at ISU, Derrick Kapayou.


What Would A Net-Zero Emission Iowa Look Like?

Whether we see it or not, many of our daily activities — driving to work, powering our homes and grabbing a bite to eat — produce carbon or require emitting carbon. What would a low-carbon or zero-carbon lifestyle look like in Iowa.


Awkward Teenagers, Spiritual Experiences, Cultural Connections, A UFO Sighting -- "Black Eagle Child: The Facepaint Narratives" Has It All

This is the September meeting of the Talk of Iowa Book Club. Charity Nebbe and her guests have been reading “Black Eagle Child: The Facepaint Narratives” by Ray Young Bear.


The Health Benefits Of Forest Bathing And Documentary Follows Soybeans From Midwest Farm To South Korea

Charity Nebbe and her guests discuss a practice that is gaining popularity — spending time in forests in pursuit of boosting health and happiness, and how a single soybean travels the world before it ends up as part of a meal in Seoul, South Korea.


A Guide To Planting, Caring For And Harvesting Garlic

Charity Nebbe speaks to Iowa State University Horticulturist Ajay Nair to guide listeners through planting, caring for and harvesting garlic.


Getting 'All Access' To Studio One's New Show From IPR

Charity Nebbe speaks to all three IPR Studio One hosts about their new show: All Access


A Magician's Road Trip Across America And A Student Enters the World Of Aerospace Engineering

Charity Nebbe talks to Nate Staniforth about his epic cross country road trip and his YouTube series "American Magic" and Kwizera Imani's journey from a Tanzanian refugee camp to a career in Aerospace Engineering.


What Is The Legacy Of Nile Kinnick Jr.?

A long-time Iowa City resident and retired teacher dug deep into the history of a football icon.