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Join host Libby Znaimer as she brings you the latest Zoomer Headlines from around the world and shines a spotlight on the key issues affecting you. You’ll also get the freshest perspective from CARP and Zoomer Media experts on health, wellness and living the good life!

Join host Libby Znaimer as she brings you the latest Zoomer Headlines from around the world and shines a spotlight on the key issues affecting you. You’ll also get the freshest perspective from CARP and Zoomer Media experts on health, wellness and living the good life!


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Local News


Join host Libby Znaimer as she brings you the latest Zoomer Headlines from around the world and shines a spotlight on the key issues affecting you. You’ll also get the freshest perspective from CARP and Zoomer Media experts on health, wellness and living the good life!






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"Oops I Forgot To Save Money" & Interview with Erin O'Toole

“Oops I forgot to Save Money” - The book title captures a conundrum that many people, especially women, face. It’s a big problem that author, actor and screenwriter Monica Parker owned up to and overcame. We talked about her story. AND When the election was called he was unfamiliar to most Canadians and not especially popular even with Conservatives. But Erin O’Toole has led his Conservative Party to a dead heat with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. I talked with him earlier this week about his...


Recalling 9/11 & The Nursing Crisis

There are some events, when recalled, that take us back to that day. The assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, or Martin Luther King Jr. And the 9-11 attacks are another such tragedy. Two of the four coordinated terrorist attacks targeted New York's World Trade Center, 20 years ago. Sharing his recollection now, Hans Gerhardt, former general manager of Toronto's Sutton Place, who lost one of his sons, Ralph, who worked at the World Trade Centre. AND As many Canadians and...


Back to School Anxiety & Zoomers go to School

This time of year marks an annual rite of passage for many as parents send their kids off to university for the first time. Heading back to school no matter the age, often brings its own challenges and one of them this time is anxiety about being separated from families after months of togetherness. Now add into the mix, a pandemic with worries about distancing, vaccines and new ways to socialize. It can all seem overwhelming for parents and students. Dr. Sam Klarreich is a Toronto...


Escaping Afghanistan & The Canadian Medical Association President-elect

Canada has ended its airlift mission from Afghanistan but Ehsan Saadat, his wife, and four children are among the lucky ones who got out in time. Their escape to Canada had to be kept a secret even from immediate family members because the mission was just too dangerous. The 33-year-old researcher on women's rights put him at risk, but just days after applying to come to Canada the family of six boarded a plane just seven days before the country fell to the Taliban and are starting their new...


The Pandemic Election & Snowbirds Intend To Travel

More mail-in ballots, delayed results, and different polling places. These are just some of the changes to expect during this pandemic election. Libby got the details from Elections Canada’s Dugald Maudsley AND It may be high summer but this is usually the time when snowbirds start sorting out their insurance for the winter trip. Last year, most of the one million Canadians who usually go south stayed home. But surveys show that this year, the vast majority intend to spend winter in warmer...


The Demands of Pandemic Planning & Remembering Terry Fox

It’s Finals day at the National Bank Open, one of the first large events to resume in the wake of COVID-19. The week-long tennis tournament in Toronto and Montreal was a very different experience for both players and fans. Libby talked with managing director Gavin Ziv about the demands of pandemic planning. AND Unlike the tennis tournament, many charities will be holding their big events virtually for the second time. That’s why, this week, the Terry Fox Foundation unveiled a star-studded...


Turning to Politics & Hobby Beekeeping

We know him as a leading geriatrician and member of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Advisory Table - and he’s also a frequent guest on this radio station. So what is making Dr. Nathan Stall turn to politics? Libby talked with him shortly after he announced that he is seeking the Ontario Liberal nomination in Toronto-St. Paul’s. AND Beekeeping has been booming because of the pandemic. With people spending more time at home; an increased focus on the natural world; and local, sustainable food has...


Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy & Re-Opening the Arts

Vaccine hesitancy is declining in Canada. But recent polling shows that between 17 and 20% of Canadians still need to be convinced to get their shots. Why are they fearful and what makes them come around? Libby talked with Peta-Gay Batten - executive assistant at the RNAO who recently rolled up her sleeves. Last week, museums re-opened their doors to the public, You can already go to the movies and theatre are preparing to welcome back audiences in house. Are you ready? And Is this enough to...


Antisemitism Summit & Homecare Priorities

This week the government convened two summits to combat hate: one on Islamophobia, one on Antisemitism. The circumstances of the latter gathering were dictated by the alarming rise in hate against the Jewish community. It was mostly closed to the public to ensure the safety of those participating. Former federal justice minister Irwin Cotler, now Canada's special envoy for preserving Holocaust remembrance and combating antisemitism, was front and centre. Libby reached him in Montreal. AND...


Concussion Calculator & Retirement Surge

It’s an invisible injury that many, including Zoomers, may suffer in their lifetime, concussions. Now, Toronto researchers have created a calculator to identify those at high risk for prolonged symptoms. We reached Doctor Mark Bayley, medical director at University Health Network's Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, who says the tool gives doctors a risk score based on patients' answers to five questions. AND Canadian retirements are beginning to return to normal after the uncertainty of the...


Adrienne Clarkson Reacts To The New Governor General & Boomer and Property Trends

Mary Simon will be Canada’s first Indigenous governor general. The 74-year-old Inuk leader and former diplomat grew up in a remote village in northern Quebec and has committed her life to advocating for Inuit rights. Parallels can be drawn between Mary Simon and Canada’s 26th government general Adrienne Clarkson, this country’s first person of Asian descent appointed to the position, who also championed the rights of northern indigenous communities during her tenure. We reached the Right...


The Technology Finding Unmarked Graves & "Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe"

Technology is enabling the discovery of unmarked graves of indigenous children on sites of former residential schools. The system is called ground penetrating radar and it is also used extensively in the construction industry. Dr. Terence Clark of the University of Saskatchewan is a practitioner and he tells Libby Znaimer that locating these burial grounds involves art as well as science. AND How does our response to COVID-19 compare to the way other catastrophes have been handled through...


Post-COVID Travel & LOFT Community Services

Where is the first place you want to travel post-COVID? Zoomers are starting to prepare and plan now that fully vaccinated Canadians won’t have to quarantine when they return home from abroad. Libby Znaimer chatted with Zoomer Magazine’s Executive Editor and travel expert Vivian Vassos. And It’s a problem that plagues our healthcare system: patients who no longer need to be in hospital but can’t go home and have nowhere else to go. There are about 4000 of these patients in Ontario hospitals,...


The Surgery Backlog & Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Canadians are waiting longer for hip and knee replacements because tens of thousands of operations were postponed or cancelled during the pandemic. According to numbers from the Canadian institute for health information, 50% percent of patients did not get their new joints within the recommended 6 month wait time frame. How long will it take to catch up? Libby Znaimer talked with Dr. Peter Ferguson, the Albert and Temmy Latner Chair Division of Orthopaedics at the University of Toronto’s...


New Alzheimer's Treatment & The Limit of a Lifespan

It’s being hailed as the first new Alzheimer’s treatment in 18 years and the first to slow disease progression. But some experts say there’s not enough evidence that Aducanumab actually works. Dr. Sharon Cohen, director of the Toronto Memory Program, was a clinical trial investigator in the drug’s phase 3 trial and has a number of patients who are taking it. Libby Znaimer reached her in Toronto. AND New research suggests there is a hard upper limit to the human life span - but according to...


Ageism in the Workplace & The Meal Revolution

Over the last two decades, the number of Zoomers in the workforce has nearly tripled. But they are subject to pervasive negative typecasting that holds them back. A new report from Federal, Provincial, and Territorial ministers responsible for seniors, surveys the stereotypes that feed into ageism. Libby Znaimer talk to demographic expert David Cravit, CARP's chief membership officer. AND It’s the first ever cookbook inspired by the two year old Canada Food Guide and it comes just as many of...


Gender Pay Gap & Cottage Country Real Estate

Women executives in this country earn about 56% less compared with men and are on average slightly younger. That's according to a recent study from Statistics Canada. Economist Marina Adshade, an assistant professor at the University of B.C., says the finding about age may offer a clue as to the cause of the pay gap. AND She's been in the real estate game for decades in cottage country, but Muskoka agent Catharine Inniss says she’s never seen anything like this.


The Law of War Crimes & COVID-19 Rehabilitation

The term "war crimes" has been thrown around a lot amid the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Libby Znaimer turned to Janice Stein, an expert in Middle East studies and conflict management and Founding Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs. AND What will happen to COVID-19 patients who leave the ICU with long-term side effects of the illness? Dr. Raphael Rush is clinical director of Complex and Continuing Care at the Salvation Army-Toronto Grace Hospital. He says their recovery will...


Possible New Treatment For Alzheimers & Perdita Felicien's Memoir

Alzheimer’s disease afflicts half a million Canadians and there is still no effective therapy. A pilot study from baycrest and Sunnybrrok finds that low dose radiation can bring remarkable improvement at least for awhile. And it started when a researcher had an idea to help a friend. Researcher Jerry Cuttler joins Libby to share his experience. AND Perdita Felicien’s memoir is a love letter to her mother Catherine, who faced racism, abuse and hostility after coming to Canada from St. Lucia...


Online Healthcare Concerns & Vaccine Texting Tool

Like most things during the pandemic, there’s been a stampede to pivot online. This includes the health care system. Family physician, and U of T professor, Sheryl Spithoff recently wrote an op-ed piece condemning health care’s pivot to virtual learning arguing that with so many corporations wanting a slice of the pie, it’ll drive up costs, create fragmented care and pose a risk to privacy. AND Two Toronto-based engineers have created a texting tool to help us all amid the confusing world of...