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Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.

Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.
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Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.




The Great Sex Work Debate

Interim District Attorney Summer Stephan doesn’t see a big difference between sex work and sex trafficking. She's said that women involved in prostitution rarely choose that work voluntarily and are often being coerced. Genevieve Jones-Wright, who’s running against Stephan for district attorney, disagrees. Jones-Wright has said Stephan is conflating sex trafficking with sex work, the latter of which can be voluntary. On this week's podcast, I. India Thusi, an assistant professor at...


Potcast: Connecting 'Cannaseuers'

Many industries have places where professionals, both young and old, can hobnob and break bread. Weed is no different. And since San Diego crafted a system for adult-use marijuana businesses, there’s been a wave of private clubs offering to connect investors and entrepreneurs who might not know one another but whose interests are the same. They want a piece of the new and limited regulatory system. "It's really in the beginning stages, but there's a lot of fight over who gets what and how...


Who Really 'Got Rid of' Filner

John Cox, a Rancho Santa Fe businessman who's running for governor, made quite a claim in a gubernatorial debate this week. In response to a question about sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement, he said: "I led the recall of Bob Filner and got rid of him as the San Diego mayor." A collective eyebrow raise spread across San Diego. On this week's show, hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts consider the claim, and go through the laundry list of people and efforts that really put...


Special Podcast: The Bonnie Dumanis Interview

"Is this a trial?" That was Bonnie Dumanis at one point in our interview for this week's podcast. We were asking questions we've long had about the biggest campaign finance scandal we've seen in the last five years in San Diego. We've long wondered what Jose Susumo Azano Matsura, who was convicted of illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of local candidates, was trying to achieve here. We came the closest with this investigation. He had long been at war with...


A Fiery DA Debate and Omar Passons' Supervisor Run

The two candidates vying to be San Diego's next district attorney went after each other in a fiery debate Sunday. There were many tense moments at the recent forum with Democrat Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a public defender, and appointed District Attorney Summer Stephan, a Republican. On this week's podcast, hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts talk about some of the issues behind the friction in the DA race. One of the tensest exchanges happened when Lewis, who moderated the...


The Port Considers a Payoff and Tommy Hough's Council Push

San Diego leaders really want to expand the Convention Center. But there's a coveted piece of bayfront land the city needs, and right now there's a plan to build a hotel on it. The property is owned by the state of California, managed by the Port of San Diego and currently leased by a private development firm, Fifth Avenue Landing. On this week's podcast, hosts Sara Libby, Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis talk about how the Port may be moving forward with a plan to help the city get back...


Potcast: The Dearth of Medical Marijuana Research

The federal government’s classification of marijuana as a schedule one narcotic has prohibited widespread and rigorous clinical studies on how the drug affects people. That’s left open the door to all sorts of strange ideas and assumptions about what the components of marijuana actually do — what one might call “herban legends.” For instance, the evidence showing that CBD, a non-psychoactive compound made from cannabis, can alleviate pain is weak, and the distinctions between marijuana...


A Reality Check on the County's Trump Vote

San Diego County Board of Supervisors made national news this week. The supervisors voted Tuesday to join the Trump administration in challenging California’s so-called sanctuary policies. In a tweet, Trump thanked the supervisors for their support. Much of the discussion around the vote, and the policies being challenged, has been completely untethered from reality. In this week's podcast, hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts break down what the county's decision really means,...


I Made it in San Diego: The Making of a Local Music Legend

If you listen to local music, then you’ve heard of Tim Mays. Mays is the cofounder and co-owner of San Diego’s mythic music venue The Casbah. On this episode of "I Made it in San Diego," Voice of San Diego's podcast about local businesses and the people behind them, hear how Mays went from a kid handing out concert fliers to an indie music legend. Mays started booking and producing shows in San Diego in the early 1980s as a way to make sure his favorite bands came through town. By the mid...


Airport Transit Envy

Los Angeles is stepping up its game when it comes to public transit. This week, the Los Angeles City Council pulled the trigger on a $4.9 billion transit project to connect people to the Los Angeles International Airport. That news spurred some jealously here in San Diego, where our trolley doesn't extend to the airport. It also resurfaced the news that Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher is proposing legislation to kill the agency that oversees the San Diego International Airport,...


Potcast: High on Inspiration

Abby Dorsey isn’t the first rapper to embrace weed. Obviously. But the way she speaks about it is unique — more as a medicine than a street drug. Better known as MC Flow, Dorsey started smoking Philly blunts as a teenager and now advocates for patients through her music. She’s also found cannabis to be a useful tool in the creative process, something that stimulates the mind by quieting anxiety. "It turns my brain on in a way, and tunes me into this different frequency, that I tend to find...


The Big Power Shift

A big decision looms: Will the city of San Diego start its own agency to buy and sell energy, or will San Diego Gas & Electric continue to control the energy market? The city says it can go gas-free and get to its legally mandated Climate Action Plan target of 100 percent renewable energy quicker than SDG&E, a utility that has the word "gas" in its name. SDG&E disagrees, and has a plan to hit the goal by 2035. VOSD's Ry Rivard joins hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts to break...


Supes in the Spotlight

It was an unusually newsy week for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, whose work often goes under the radar. In this week’s podcast, Sara Libby and Scott Lewis dive into the various ways in which the board made headlines. VOSD’s Maya Srikrishnan broke the news this week that the board is considering following Orange County’s lead and jumping into a lawsuit between the Trump administration and the state of California – on Trump’s side. The lawsuit is over the state’s sanctuary...


Potcast: Training the Next Generation of Budtenders

An Encinitas-based company that connects marijuana companies with workers got media attention recently when it posted an advertisement for a “420 product tester.” The stories practically wrote themselves, revolving around the same theme: Get paid to smoke pot. But the legal industry is much bigger than that. Local recruiters are also looking for marketers, purchasing directors and, of course, budtenders, the people who walk the floors of dispensaries answering questions about strains and...


The DA Takes All Our Questions

The number of prescription drug and other opioid-related deaths in San Diego County are on the rise. Human trafficking has long been a problem in San Diego. Those are two of the big issues that have the attention of the district attorney’s office. In this week’s podcast, District Attorney Summer Stephan sat down for an in-depth interview with hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts to talk about her priorities as the region’s top law enforcement official, and to answer a wide range of...


Trump Came and Didn't Even Get a Taco

Talk about an epic clash of worldviews. When President Donald Trump came to San Diego to kick the tires of the border wall prototypes, he used the opportunity to trash California. "The place is totally out of control," he said. "You have sanctuary cities, where you have criminals living in the sanctuary cities." The thing is: San Diego is really safe. Last year, crime rates were the lowest they've been in 49 years. Trump's comments turned hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts into San Diego...


Potcast: Entrepreneurs with a Sense of Morality

They work in an all-cash business and get taxed multiple times on the same dollar. Most are forced into the parts of town where the adult-entertainment shops go. The products on their shelves remain illegal under federal law. Given the incredible risk and cost, why would anyone operate a marijuana dispensary in San Diego? On our second episode of the Voice of San Diego Potcast, Kinsee Morlan and I consider the difficulty of steering an industry that still has one oar in the prohibitionist...


San Diego Dems Ascending

San Diego Dems are gaining steam. Shifting demographics are driving the region further away from its traditional Republican roots. In this week's show, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts talk about how Democratic leaders and labor unions are wielding their growing influence. Dems have used some of their momentum to push reform of several local government agencies – powerful institutions that have a big impact on regional planning, land use and governance. Keatts broke the news this week that...


Chaos at Civic San Diego and Ken Malbrough

Downtown redevelopment has survived scandals, the death of the state's tax-funded redevelopment program and strong opposition from labor unions and others who don't like how the city's redevelopment agency operates. Now a lawsuit alleging misconduct at Civic San Diego could be the thing that brings the downtown redevelopment agency down, or at least inspires major reform. On the podcast, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts discuss the ongoing turmoil at Civic San Diego. None of the accusations...


Political Jockeying in the 49th and Fayaz Nawabi

Hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts consider the Democratic response to Rep. Darrell Issa's departure and talk to Fayaz Nawabi about his bid for the San Diego City Council. ... All eyes are on the 49th Congressional District. The 49th — which includes parts of San Diego's North County and southern Orange County — has long been a Republican stronghold. But Rep. Darrell Issa’s announcement in January that he would not seek re-election, plus anti-Trump sentiment, has motivated a wave of...


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