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Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.

Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.
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Anchored by seasoned pros, San Diego's First News serves up a full plate of local, national and international news. Complimented by an experienced staff of 25 editors, writers, producers and reporters. Rock steady and reliable. Authoritatively accurate.




What a City-Run Power Agency Would Look Like

San Diego is close to entering the power business. Back in October, Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced the city’s plans to form its own electric utility to provide green power. The city believes it can provide cleaner and cheaper electricity than the region’s long-time energy monopoly, San Diego Gas & Electric. If the City Council approves the mayor’s proposal, San Diego would become a community choice aggregator, or CCA. In other words, the city will have its own government-run power agency....


The Lowdown on the Border Shutdown

In the past couple of weeks, tensions in Tijuana have mounted due to the recent influx of Central American migrants who are seeking asylum in the United States. President Donald Trump deployed troops to the border to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Local residents in Tijuana have rallied against the migrants. And Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum has spoken out against them. At the same time, the migrants themselves have grown desperate as the process of requesting asylum has...


Bonus Podcast: San Diego’s Power Couple

Two of San Diego’s most influential politicians joined us this week for a special podcast episode. Since they’re married, we thought it would be interesting if they came in together. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is perhaps the most high-profile elected Democrat in town, and has earned a statewide reputation for passing big-ticket legislation and chairing one of the most powerful committees in Sacramento. Her husband, County Supervisor-elect Nathan Fletcher, will soon be the lone Democrat...


We Learned What a 'San Diego Special' Is and We're Obsessed

There are a lot of things that need to get done in San Diego. The city still needs to figure out how it will tackle the homeless epidemic, how it's going to get the money to fund a Convention Center expansion and what type of regulations it will impose on short-term vacation rentals. But there's been progress on at least one issue. After months of arguing over Airport Authority’s vision for an expanded Terminal 1, region leaders met earlier this week to talk about how that plan will bring...


The Election Isn't Done Surprising Us

Even when Election Day is over, it’s not really over. The San Diego County Registrar's Office can sometimes spend weeks counting all the ballots that continue to trickle in from across the region. As of Friday morning, 219,000 votes still needed to processed. More often than not, the initial results can help us identify the winners and loser of each race. Others are too close to call. Several we didn't see coming this year. On this week’s podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew...


Well, the Election Happened

San Diego’s political landscape is changing. Up in North County, Democrats were able to flip the 49th Congressional District seat for Democrat Mike Levin, who beat Republican Diane Harkey by 7 points. The seat had been long been held by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa. But the city of San Diego received the biggest shocker of them all. Two Democrats vying for a seat on the City Council were able to knock off incumbents from their posts. As of Friday morning, Monica Montgomery led Council...


Special Podcast: Our First Election Night Takeaways

What a night. San Diego voters weighed in Tuesday on a number of issues, including a $3.5 billion school bond, the future of the Mission Valley stadium and number of local races. On a special podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts go over their picks in last week's Voice of San Diego Election Draft and discuss some of the biggest takeaways from the midterm election. Voice now has a podcast texting club for listeners. To join, text the word “podcast” to 619-202-9051. We’ll...


Introducing the Voice of San Diego Election Draft

In case you didn't know, San Diego doesn't have a football team. It's fine. We've moved on. But sometimes we long for the excitement that comes with the sport, including the draft. To quench that thirst while previewing the upcoming election, this week's podcast features the inaugural Voice of San Diego Election Draft. Hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts select the local races they think are the most exciting ones to watch on Tuesday night. Some of their picks include San Diego...


In the Race for D2, Zapf and Campbell Agree on a Lot

During election season, voters often have a hard time identifying clear distinctions between local candidates. A lack of voter knowledge and overlapping issues in small communities can create a haze, leaving folks to depend on candidate's political party affiliation as the only guide. Such is the case in the race to represent District 2 on the San Diego City Council, where incumbent Lorie Zapf, a Republican, is running against Democrat Jen Campbell. On this week's episode, hosts Scott...


Special Podcast: Mayors in the Middle

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg come from different political perspectives but they’re both grappling with thousands of people living on the street and the health and safety problems that creates. In Tijuana, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum is dealing with similar problems – and some very different ones. All three of them joined us at Politifest to talk about the challenges facing each of their cities. As Voice of San Diego’s Maya Srikrishnan noted in a...


Special Podcast: Three State Leaders on How to Overcome California's Biggest Challenges

Despite incredible economic growth, California is dealing with widespread poverty, struggling schools, concerns about public safety and justice and an extremely high cost of living. What will the state’s leaders do to grapple with these problems? What is the future of politics and what are the short- and long-term debates we’ll see in Sacramento? At this year’s Politifest, Voice of San Diego’s Sara Libby and Ry Rivard sat down with Assemblywomen Shirley Weber, Lorena Gonzalez and...


Special Podcast: The Future of Mission Valley — SoccerCity, SDSU West or None of the Above?

Even before the Chargers left, the future of the Mission Valley stadium was up in the air. But come Election Day, San Diegans will finally have the chance to decide what do with the land. Measure E would direct the city to sell and lease the land to investors who promise to bring in a Major League Soccer team, a park, thousands of homes and an entertainment district. Measure G would direct the city to sell the land to San Diego State University, which itself has outlined a plan for a new...


California Outdid Itself This Week

Every once in a while, we’ll joke about local news that makes us say, “that’s so California.” Take for instance, this recent Sacramento Report that highlighted mariachi serenades in the state Capitol, an In-N-Out boycott and a bill that made surfing the official state sport. This week, many "that's so California" moments happened here in San Diego. Supporters of Prop. 6, the effort to repeal the gas tax, expressed some extreme disdain for public transportation and other non-car methods of...


Special Podcast: All 12 State Ballot Measures, Explained

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: The statewide propositions appearing on this year's November ballot aren't as sexy as the ones Californians voted on in 2016 — when voters weighed in on actual sex, as well as blockbuster issues like pot and the death penalty. This time around we've got dialysis clinic profit margins (huh?), daylight savings time (yawn) and bonds — so many bonds. But the confusing and complex nature of these measures is all the more reason to study up. For...


Live Show: Definitely Not a 2020 San Diego Mayoral Debate

The city of San Diego is still two years away from picking its next mayor, but the names of those who might throw their hat in the ring are already circulating. In a special live edition of the Voice of San Diego Podcast, three of the folks rumored to be running for mayor in 2020 — Rep. Scott Peters, Assemblyman Todd Gloria and Councilman Chris Cate — sat down with hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts to talk about some of the biggest challenges facing the city but certainly,...


The Big Rent Control Measure Facing California Voters

Rent control is one of the most contentious topics on the November ballot. If passed, Proposition 10 would free up local governments to create new regulations limiting how much landlords can increase rents by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a law that seriously limits rent control policies. On this week’s episode, hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts are joined by former Voice of San Diego reporter Liam Dillon, who now covers housing and state politics and policy...


The Differences Between Two Dems Running to Represent District 8

A City Council seat is up for grabs in District 8. Councilman David Alvarez is termed out, and two Democrats are vying to replace him. Vivian Moreno is Alvarez's community representative. Her opponent Antonio Martinez is a San Ysidro School District school board member who works at a community health clinic in Nestor. Both say they they're ready to take on the biggest issues impacting city's southern neighborhoods – Barrio Logan, Greater Logan Heights, San Ysidro and Otay Mesa. Moreno and...


The Rift That Split SoccerCity and SDSU West

The battle over the future of the Mission Valley stadium site is fierce. Ads for and against SoccerCity and SDSU West are seemingly everywhere, all the time. But before the development proposals became opposing measures on the November ballot, the people behind the plans were working closely together to come up with a deal to transform the city-owned land into a joint soccer-football stadium. On this week's podcast, Voice of San Diego's Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Sara Libby explain just...


The Close Race Politicos Didn't See Coming (But Neighbors Did)

Incumbents don't often lose in local political races. But in the District 4 City Council race, Councilwoman Myrtle Cole is fighting to save her seat as challenger Monica Montgomery's grassroots campaign continues gaining steam. This week's show kicks off our podcast series covering the most interesting races in the November election. In this episode, hosts Andrew Keatts, Sara Libby and Scott Lewis break down the biggest issues in D4 communities like Encanto, Lincoln Park and Paradise Hills,...


The School District Took a Hard Look at Graduation Rates After All

Voice of San Diego's investigation of graduation rates at the San Diego Unified School District didn't go over very well with district leaders. Former VOSD education reporter Mario Koran found that some of the school district’s lowest-performing high school students transferred to charter schools focused on credit recovery — sometimes at the urging of school employees — which helped the district land a 91 percent graduation rate in 2016. The district worked aggressively to push back against...