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This is an offbeat program that discusses the everyday life of Christians with humor and intelligence.


Clayton, MO


This is an offbeat program that discusses the everyday life of Christians with humor and intelligence.




Episode 195: A Formula for Discord

The Manly Doctors of Divinity return with more irrelevance than ever: Chicago deep dish pizza, a torrent of listener criticism, evidentiary apologetics, and even epistemology (and we’re not talking steh oder sitz here). And if that isn’t enough to keep you occupied, the Formula of Concord – Rule & Norm and how Scripture alone is […]


Episode 194: Two Sermons and a Nice Spaghetti

An appetizer of listener email and a discussion of poutine, Canadian bacon, and other delights along with Scott Conant’s terrific spaghetti pomodoro alla Scarpetto. And a double entree of a sermon by Norman Nagel on “Death and Life” and the feeding of the 5000 followed by Matt Harrison’s district convention sermon. And the usual GW […]


Episode 193: Steh oder Sitz?

The GW revisit the issue of “validity” of Baptisms when performed by heretical, apostate, or otherwise flaky groups. Also a discussion on German culture, bathroom habits, and a critical listen to a sermon preached by Rev. Stephen Anderson on the importance of “pissing against the wall.” Disturbing, compelling, enlightening and even entertaining.


Episode 192: Manic Monday

Another manic Monday with the Manly Doctors of Divinity. We deal with some listener email including a child’s question on the distinction between hypostasis and ousia in the doctrine of the Trinity, a pericopal discussion on Mark 6:1-13, and a revival of Mrs. Miller in addition to Donofrio having some sort of “moment.” Hey, it’s […]


Episode 191: The GW Sell Out

So what else is new, you ask? This is the official “sell-out” edition chock full of classic commercials from the day when products were actually sold for what they did, not for what you would become. Catchy tunes too. What does this have to do with God whispering? Well, nothing, really. Also included: a tasting […]


Episode 190: School’s Out for Summer

The Manly Doctors babble on and on about foundation cracks, Mt. Gay Rum, mojitos, Liszt, Bach, Tubal-Cain, rock stars, cigar smoking, small-town cops with too much time and not enough crime on their hands, manly pissething against the wall, and the Heidelberg Disputation theses 25-28 with a special emphasis on the Law as your “inner […]


Episode 189: Breaking Pentecostal Wind

F-bombing priests, the Gospel of Barnabas, an enlightening word study on “pissing on the wall” in the KJV, and a great sermon from Norman Nagel on Acts 4 on the Name of Jesus with a special visit by Robert “Pastor Gas” Tilton. And Donofrio momentarily loses his wedding band on air. Wow! Music creds: Theme […]


Episode 188: O Day Full of Grace and Other Stuff

Listener email, a riff on “visionary” pastoral leadership, and then on to Pentecost. Music creds: Come, Holy Spirit – John Michael Talbot O Day Full of Grace – The Choir and Orchestra of St. Olaf College


episode 187: “I Think You’re Remembering Something Else.”

The Manly Doctors of Divinity engage the functional differences of Calvinism vs. Lutheranism, theses 20-26 of the Heidelberg Disputation and why the harder you look at good works the less good they look. Then in a brilliant moment of middle-aged dementia, thinking he is quoting the Scriptures, Donofrio begins to channel the Council of Trent […]


Episode 186: Do Ask, Do Tell

Some episodes simply defy summarization. This is one of them. Just listen.


Episode 185: Calling the Thing What It Is

Kitchen appliances and plumbing tips; homemade Bay Rum aftershave, Political Science for Dummies, on being “weak on sanctification,” Heidelberg Thesis 21, and “Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” We don’t know how to tie this one together, so we’re pouring Flying Monkey Martini’s and spinning “Billions of Brazilians” by Don Tiki. Songs: “Billions of […]


Episode 184: We’re So Blue and Heidelberg Too

The GW catch up on Skype calls, discuss drive-by parishes, rites, ceremonials, gestures and congregational diveristy. Also LCMS Blue and the theologies of glory and the cross from the Heidelberg Disputation articles 19 and 20. Music creds: “What a Time It Was” “Bowling with Bedrock Barney” – The Dickies


Episode 183: Easter Edition

Easter hymns, Anglican descants, blended services and FB obscenities along with a lively discussion of the Resurrection narratives from Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. In that order. Christ is risen! Alleluia!


Episode 182: The Annunciation, Dry Masses, and Receptionism

A reading for the Annunciation of our Lord; the “Dry Mass” revisited, a defense of the Service of Prayer and Preaching from LSB, Bible translation right, wrong, and nuanced and why real men learn Greek, Receptionism vs Consecrationism and why both are wrong, and why all kids are liberals. Yeah, there’s no script to this […]


Episode 181: Sunrise Baptismal Floods in Marijuanaville.

OK, so the title is a glaring case of word salad. So is the show. The Manly Doctors of Mahem move meticulously and seemlessly from a discussion of sunrise services and other Easter atrocities to an in-depth discussion of the typologies of 1 Peter 3 including the descensus ad infera and the connection between the […]


Episode 180: A Million Moustaches and More

In a special facial hair edition of the GW, the Manly Doctors open the 3rd microphone to amply mustached LCMS synodical president Matt Harrison who talks about anything he wants. In the second half, the Manly Doctors take up listener mail and a question about women readers in the divine service along with the Million […]


Episode 179: Lent, Dead People, Heidelberg and an Aussie.

The Manly Doctors go international with Skype calls from Australia and France, discuss Lenten customs and disciplines such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, bacon, bottom-feeders, and Amarula along with prayers to the saints. The second half deals with “Christian dualism” and and Thesis 18 of the Heidelberg Disputation. Cute as a koala. Music creds: “Tie Me […]


Episode 178: Flarp That Pagan Lust

Pagan Lust by Don Tiki sets off a spirited hour of whispering including dry Masses, Bible translations, study Bibles, nerds vs. geeks, a couple of theses from Heidelberg and “What Going on With Campus Ministry?” with race car driver and campus pastor Rev. Ian Steward Pacey. And more Flarp! Music creds: Pagan Lust – Don […]


Episode 177: Flarp, the Law, and Girl Fights

The Manly Doctors take theology to a whole new e-scatological level thanks to a can of Flarp! courtesy of MDD Donofrio’s lovely wife Paula. Jasan Kaspar entertains with “I Want to Tell the Story,” Chris Loemker delivers a rousing reprise of “Skate Onward” on the mighty Cwirlizer. The GW Mailbag gives occasion for discussions on […]


Episode 176: Heidelberg Disputation Theses 9-13

The Manly Doctors engage in a little sports talk, a deep discussion of pizza, the political leanings of Astrud Gilberto, PETA, KFC and cruelty to fried chickens. But wait! There’s more! Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, theses 9-13 dealing with: dead works, mortal sins, arrogance, fear and faith, and Free Willy. You will definitely get your money’s […]