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This Year's Cy Dunn Award Goes To… (Ep. 176)

It's the offseason, which means it's time for baseball players to go on beautiful vacations, hang out with their friends and apparently, crash weddings. This week, Gemma, Matt and Eric talk about Ken Griffey Jr.'s star-studded dinner party, Alex Bregman's surprise appearance at a wedding reception and Joe Mauer's retirement. Matt also awards the most anticipated prize of the year … the Cy Dunn, for the best position player pitching appearance.


Mookie Betts Already Won the Offseason (Ep. 175)

Everyone's going to spend the entire winter telling you who's winning the offseason, but we already know the answer: It's Mookie Betts. Dakota, Gemma and Ian talk about Betts' new baby, try to figure out where major free agents will sign and get excited for the Japan All-Star Series.


Whole Pod Ready (Ep. 174)

The World Series is over and the Red Sox won! Dakota, Gemma and Michael discuss their favorite moments from it, how they survived the 18-inning game and why Mookie Betts is their new favorite player. They also discuss the new Mets GM's surprising family member and share spooky baseball stories.


David Ortiz is Still a Red Sox Fan (Ep. 173)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael aren't sure who tempted fate more: Alex Bregman with his Instagram story or Jackie Bradley Jr. with his grand slam. On this week's episode, they discuss the whims of the baseball gods, watching David Ortiz watch baseball and Christian Yelich's adorable senior photo. They also update their World Series predictions.


Who Should Be in the 'Rookie of the Year' Remake? (Ep. 172)

Dakota, Gemma and Eric are having a great October, but theirs isn't as great at the Braves fan that got Ronald Acuna Jr.'s face tattooed on her arm or every single member of the Boston Red Sox's. On this episode, the Cut4 staff talks about all the postseason action, the best team troll moves and the rumored remake of 'Rookie of the Year.'


The Wildest of All Wild Card Games (Ep. 171)

Two postseason games into October, Dakota, Gemma and Chris are already making wild predictions. They discuss the Wild Card Games, try to institute a rule to incentivize more on-field hugging and attempt to guess how the Yankees vs. Red Sox ALDS will shake out.


Postseason Fever: Catch It! (Ep. 170)

Dakota, Gemma and Jake share what they're most looking forward to this postseason, from the players they can't wait to watch to the question they can't wait to see answered. They also break down Bartolo Colon's epic new tattoo and compare the Philadelphia Flyers' new mascot, Gritty, to Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner.


What's the Best Slang Term for Home Run? (Ep. 169)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael talk about Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist wearing their uniforms out and about, and explain which extraordinary feats they're looking forward to before the end of the season. They also wonder what happened to the rat that invaded Fenway and debate the best slang term for "home run."


What Happened to Spencer Kieboom's Tooth? (Ep. 168)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris congratulate Bryce Harper on his excellent work as temporary groundskeeper, worry about Andrew McCutchen's lost luggage and decide which ballpark should host offseason winter sports. They also get to the bottom of Spencer Kieboom's missing-tooth home run.


Just How Many Minor League Pitchers Named Brady Feigl Are There? (Ep. 167)

Dakota, Gemma and Eric can't believe that all Andrew McCutchen had to do to discover the secret to time travel was get traded to the Yankees and shave his beard. They also support Alex Bregman's intense home run celebration, say farewell to recently-retired Ryan Howard and look into the mystery of the two Minor League Brady Feigls.


What's the Best Team of MLB Clones? (Ep. 166)

Dakota, Gemma and Ian pick the teams they're most excited to watch down the stretch and decide who deserves a vote for Manager of the Year. They also congratulate Scott Servais on seeing his haircut bet with Edwin Diaz through, do a deep dive into Justin Verlander's million-dollar breakfast and choose a baseball player to clone eight times in order to create the strongest possible lineup.


Live Life Like You're A-Rod Looking at J-Lo (Ep. 165)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael get excited about Michael Kopech's debut and how wonderful J-Lo and A-Rod's relationship seems to be. They also discuss the Little League Classic and their dream cast for "Moneyball 2."


Are the Red Sox Likable? (Ep. 164)

This week, Dakota, Gemma and Chris freak out about the umpire who had a live moth pulled out of his ear, discuss J.A. Happ's public transit adventures and applaud Andrew McCutchen's candid recap of the recent Dodgers-Giants brawl. But perhaps most importantly, they attempt to answer the greatest question of the season: Are the 2018 Red Sox likable or unlikable?


How Can a Team Get No-Hit and Still Win the Game? (Ep. 163)

Dakota, Gemma and Jess discuss Mike Moustakas' spontaneous autograph signings, Tony La Russa's lost (and found) World Series ring and the Minor League team that got no-hit … but still won the game. They also pick players for their imaginary slow-pitch softball league and decide what their dream player meeting would be like.


Which Player Is Having the Most Fun on His New Team? (Ep. 162)

Dakota, Gemma and Jordan can't get over certain players in their new uniforms. Cole Hamels is a Cub now? Chris Archer is a Pirate? They also talk about new Cardinal Dakota Hudson's callup story and embrace the new trend of position players revealing their inner pitchers in blowout games.


Is Billy Butler on Your Softball Team? (Ep. 161)

Joey Votto told MLB Network that he'd like to be a school bus driver when he retires, and Dakota, Gemma and Michael have a lot of questions about that. They also wonder what everyone on Billy Butler's rec league softball team thinks about him, spend some time discussing Eric Thames' muscles and explain how they would want to find out they were traded.


What Was Your Favorite All-Star Week Moment? (Ep. 160)

Dakota, Gemma and Jake Mintz break down all the best parts of All-Star Week, from FanFest to Joey Votto's extra-inning home run. Jake talks about what it was like to be in the stadium for Bryce Harper's historic Home Run Derby victory, and Dakota and Gemma award red carpet bests and worsts.


Get to Know Rockies Ace Kyle Freeland (Ep. 159)

This week, Dakota and Gemma welcome Rockies starter Kyle Freeland to the show. He talks about his dogs, explains how to pitch in tough situations (occasionally involving mosquitoes) and realizes he can't define what it means to be a "Kyle Freeland Guy." Dakota and Gemma also prepare for the All-Star festivities.


Is It OK to Ask a Player for an Autograph … While You're on Second Base? (Ep. 158)

Is it OK to ask a player for an autograph while he's playing? Dakota, Gemma and Matt think it's fine, as long as you're a player on the opposing team and are also Mike Trout. They also discuss SNL star Leslie Jones' favorite part of baseball, Tim Tebow's surprisingly successful Minor League career and patriotic walk-up songs for the Fourth of July.


Puig Your MVP (of the Body Issue) (Ep. 157)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris can't confirm whether ghosts are real or not, but they still support Carlos Martinez's decision to have a slumber party with his teammates at the Pfister Hotel instead of facing being haunted alone. They also discuss Alex Bregman's mid-game grooming ritual, the baseball players in ESPN's Body Issue and the over-30 players who might make the All-Star Game for the first time this year.