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Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.

Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.


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Milwaukee PR


Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.




Wednesday on Lake Effect: Armenian Genocide, Economic Politics, Up North Guide, Pandemic Performers

We explore the impact of the United States’ official recognition of the Armenian genocide. Then, we look at how economic optimism influences the way people vote in the Midwest. We’ll get the highlights from Milwaukee Magazine’s Up North Guide. Plus, Trapper Schoepp joins us to talk about his upcoming album “May Day” for our Pandemic Performers series.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Wolf Management, Wildlife In The City, How Did You Do That?, Bubbler Talk, Earlene Fuller

We’ll find out what’s next for wolf management in the state of Wisconsin. Then, learn about some of the unusual wild animals you can find in the City of Milwaukee. Bubbler Talk explains why there’s a statue of Ghandi at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Our series on entrepreneurship, How Did You Do That? Explores how open-source software could help close the digital skills gap. Plus, we’ll tell you about Earlene Fuller, a Milwaukee bowler and designer.


Monday on Lake Effect: Pregnancy Vaccination Questions, Employer-Mandated Vaccinations, Aging Athletes, To Paint Is To Live Exhibit

An OBGYN answers many of the common questions about COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy. We’ll learn about the legal concerns surrounding employer-mandated vaccinations. Then, we’ll look at what it takes for aging athletes like Aaron Rodgers to maintain an elite level of gameplay. Plus, we’ll explore an exhibit at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee called To Paint Is To Live.


Thursday on Lake Effect: 'When Claude Got Shot,' Concurrent Teaching, 6 Things To Do In Milwaukee, Red-winged Blackbirds

We speak with the subject and the director of the documentary, When Claude Got Shot. Then, a teacher describes the challenges of educating students both in person and virtually. We tell you about some of the many events happening in Milwaukee this month. Plus, learn about the red wing black bird and the significance of its return to Wisconsin.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Restaurant Jobs, 'Alone Bird,' 'Artists Without Borders' Exhibit, John McGivern Stage Show

Millions of jobs were lost due to the pandemic but one industry is struggling to find workers: restaurants. We explore why. Then, speak with the author of Alone Bird: A Story About Autism. Then, explore a new exhibit at the Museum of Wisconsin Art that features pieces by local artists with roots abroad. Plus, John McGivern talks about his latest one man show, now on stage and in person at the Pabst.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: NPR at 50, 'The Nostalgia Awakens' Exhibit, Musician Caley Conway

We hear from one of the founders of National Public Radio about how NPR changed the sound of news. Then we speak with the owner and creator of “The Nostalgia Awakens” exhibit about why Star Wars toys have become so iconic. Plus, singer-songwriter Caley Conway shares songs from her upcoming EP and talks about the challenges of creating art during the pandemic.


Monday on Lake Effect: Nelson Mandela Exhibit, Homegrown Pizza Documentary, 'Crying in H Mart,' Brew City Brewing

We look at a new exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum about the life and work of Nelson Mandela. Then, learn about a Wisconsin farmer's quest to make the perfect pizza from 19th century wheat and homegrown ingredients. Crying in H Mart author Michelle Zauner shares her story of family, food, love, and grief. Plus, tell you what you can do, see, and hear during this week’s Brew City Birding Festival.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Youth Suicide, Lead Poisoning, Theatre Gigante, Milwaukee Music Roundup

A child and family therapist offers her insight on how to identify and support youth in crisis at risk for suicide. Then, we learn how the pandemic may have exacerbated the issue of lead poisoning in children in Milwaukee. Milwaukee’s Theatre Gigante shares the inspiration for their new fairy tale project.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Ask the Lt. Governor, Youth Caregivers, Harley-Davidson in Mexico

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes joins us for our monthly series, where we ask him questions inspired by listeners. Then, we learn about the little known group of youth caregivers, who care for chronically ill or disabled adult family members. Plus, hear the history of how Mexicans adopted and adapted Harley-Davidson culture.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Cash Bail, Catholic Same-Sex Unions, Distrix Game, Milwaukee's Best Pizza

A look at the constitutionality of wealth-based detention practices. Then, we discuss the Vatican’s announcement it won’t bless same-sex unions with Father James Martin and how it’s impacted his ministry work with LGBTQ people. Plus, explore some of the best places for pizza in Milwaukee.


Monday on Lake Effect: Out-Of-State Landlords, Ramadan & Vaccines, Wisconsin Wildfires, 'Copper Horns In Water'

Monday on Lake Effect, we’ll look at the influx of out-of-state corporate landlords buying up homes in Milwaukee and how it could affect the fabric of our neighborhoods. Then, a Muslim community leader explains why those observing Ramadan should still get the COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll learn why this year has been especially bad for wildfires in Wisconsin. We’ll tell you about the first play in First Stage Theater’s Amplify Series. Plus, tell you how to brew the perfect cup of tea.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Witnessing Police Violence, Earth Week Series, Beautiful Questions, Blue Moon Latte

Thursday Lake Effect, we get advice on what you can do if you witness police violence during an arrest or at a protest. Then, we wrap up our Earth Week Series with a look at a key program that provides funding for conservation in Wisconsin. We’ll learn about a new project called “Beautiful Questions” that’s working to help isolated seniors. We meet the state’s first-ever female Chief State Forester. Plus, hear how Colectivo Coffee adapted an infamous ice cream flavor into a new drink.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Sexual Assault Kit Tracking, Earth Week Series, Maranta Plant Shop, Tropical Plants at Home

Wednesday on Lake Effect, we’ll learn about a new software program coming to Wisconsin that will help track the processing of sexual assault kits. Then, our Earth Week Series continues with a look at what Wisconsin is doing to improve clean, renewable energy. We hear from the owners of Milwaukee’s only Black and Brown-owned plant store who just opened up a storefront. Plus, learn how to care for tropical plants at home.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Impact of Police Violence Videos, Earth Week Series, Bronzeville Art Exhibit, ‘Send For Me’

Tuesday on Lake Effect, we explore the cultural and traumatic impact of viral videos that show police officers killing Black Americans. Then, we continue our Earth Week series with a conversation on how farming in Wisconsin can become more environmentally friendly. A Milwaukee artist captures the vibrant history of the historic Bronzeville neighborhood in a new exhibit. Plus, Shorewood author Lauren Fox discusses her book Send for Me.


Monday on Lake Effect: ‘She Said’ Authors, TeamTeal 365, Earth Week Series

Monday on Lake Effect, we speak with the Pulitzer-prize winning reporters who broke the news of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and abuse of women for the New York Times. Then, we speak with the founder of TeamTeal 365 about their mission to empower survivors of sexual abuse and educate Milwaukeeans. Plus, we begin our Earth Week series with a look at the presence of PFAs in Wisconsin.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Disabled Voting Rights, Black Space, Earth Week, Twisted Plants

We learn about proposed election law changes that would make voting more difficult for people with disabilities. Then, we look at Black Space, a place dedicated to therapy for Black, Brown, and LGBTQ people. We get a preview of WUWM's upcoming Earth Week series. Plus, hear from the owners of Twisted Plants, one of the restaurants taking part in Milwaukee Black Restaurant Week.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Wisconsin Minimum Wage, Rep. David Bowen Addresses Bias, 'All In' Podcast, 'Rise & Thrive' Exhibit

Today on Lake Effect, we’ll look at how increasing Wisconsin’s minimum wage would affect workers, especially women and people of color. Then, State Representative David Bowen addresses biases Black men face based on their clothes. We’ll tell you about a new Milwaukee podcast that shares stories from currently and formerly incarcerated people and re-entry issues. Plus, we hear about an art exhibit that combines the writings of trauma survivors with landscape paintings.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: 'The Sit-In,' 'Througline,' Edessa School of Fashion, MSO Symphony Center

We hear from filmmaker Yoruba Richen about her documentary The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts ‘The Tonight Show. Then, we meet the hosts of NPR’s history podcast Throughline, who recently made the jump to radio. We learn about Milwaukee’s new Edessa School of Fashion.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Turners, JazzyRae Jewels, 'Climbing Beyond Everest' Concert

Thursday on Lake Effect, how the Milwaukee Turners organization is trying to reclaim its role as a progressive force in the city. Then, a Milwaukee boutique owner describes the losses and successes of operating a business during the pandemic. A pianist takes on a daunting musical challenge inspired by his journey of overcoming physical and societal challenges. Plus, the dos and don’ts of giving to a local charity.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Anti-semitism Report, Kin, Pandemic Midwifery, 5 Things To Do

We break down the results of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s 2020 audit of anti-semitic incidents and what could be the cause of some troubling trends. Then, we’ll learn about the Milwaukee-based platform “Kin,” which hopes to foster conversations and understanding across political and racial divides. We’ll learn how practicing midwifery has changed during the pandemic as part of our COVID Earners series. Plus, we’ll tell you about five things to do in Milwaukee this month.