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Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.

Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.


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Milwaukee PR


Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.




Thursday on Lake Effect: Marsha P. Johnson, 'Forgotten Voices,' Palestinian Mural, Milwaukee Mile Race Track

We learn about gay liberation activist Marsha P. Johnson. Then, look at Skylight Music Theatre’s latest production celebrating forgotten Black artists. We tell you about a backyard abstract mural inspired by the Palestinian flag - and what it means for the artist who commissioned it. Plus, learn about the Milwaukee Mile — the oldest race track in the U.S.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Law Gaps, Wisconsin Budget Surplus, Lakeside at MAM, Micro Weddings

The executive director of Fair Wisconsin breaks down the gaps in nondiscrimination laws for LGBTQ Wisconsinites. Then, we look at a new report about how Wisconsin could spend its surplus tax money. We look at the Lakeside event series at the Milwaukee Art Museum and learn about some of the city’s Native American history. Plus, learn about the rise in popularity of micro weddings.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Nelson Mandela Exhibit, Gray Wolf Endangered Species List, 'Crying in H Mart,' KK Can Opener

We learn about an exhibit that explores the life and work of Nelson Mandela. Then, a wildlife expert explains why he thinks the gray wolf should be put back on the endangered species list. Crying in H Mart author Michelle Zauner shares her story of family, food, love, and grief. Plus, we learn why the KK Can Opener's reign of terror may be coming to an end.


Monday on Lake Effect: Ending Unemployment Relief, Prohibition in Milwaukee, Bubbler Talk, Wisconsin's LGBTQ History

We look at recent legislative efforts to end federal unemployment and how it could force people back into low-wage jobs. We learn what life was like during the prohibition era in Milwaukee. Bubbler Talk explores the legacy of the Up & Under pub on Brady Street. And we learn about Wisconsin’s early gay history.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Marquette Vaccination, 'Soundstage MKE,' Dig In! Companion Planting

We go over Marquette University’s vaccination requirement for students on campus this fall. Then, learn about SoundStage MKE, Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s new audio play walking tour that combines theater, history and exploration. Plus, learn about companion planting in our Dig In! series with Venice Williams.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Police Reforms Report, Milwaukee Film Pride Programming, 'Breaking Fast'

We look at a new report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum about policy changes at the Milwaukee Police Department and how they compare to what’s happening in other cities. Then the lead of Milwaukee Film’s GenreQueer program shares more about their new, month-long Pride programming. Plus, we speak with a producer of the film Breaking Fast, which brings queer, Arab Muslim-American representation to romantic comedy.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Child Mental Health, Burmese Rohingya Center, Estuarine Research Reserve

We learn about the growing need for children's mental health care and the call for more state funding to support it. Then, look at the new center for the Burmese Rohingya Community of Wisconsin and their hopes for the future. Plus, learn about the project in Green Bay that could help improve waterways throughout Wisconsin.


Monday on Lake Effect: Couture Groundbreaking, LGBTQ History, Baseball’s Negro Leagues, Bubbler Talk, Milwaukee Shipwreck Tours

After nearly a decade, ground has been broken at Milwaukee’s Couture site. We’ll learn more about the project and how it promises to redefine the city’s waterfront. We’ll also learn about some of Wisconsin’s history with LGBTQ rights. Then, we’ll learn about Baseball’s Negro Leagues and why the Milwaukee streetcar is paying tribute to its players. Bubbler Talk explores some of the first Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee. Plus, we’ll look at a new ghost tour of Lake Michigan and get a taste of...


Thursday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Lead Abatement, Policing in Wisconsin, 6 Things in Milwaukee, Harvesting Maple Syrup

We learn about the new approach to lead abatement in Milwaukee. Then, in our final installment of our Policing in Wisconsin series, we learn how virtual reality could help build understanding between police and the community. We look at five things to do in Milwaukee this month. Plus, explore the lessons that can be taken from harvesting and making maple syrup.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Defunding Police, Alternatives to 911, Activist Nate Hamilton, 'Some Kind of Heaven'

A Milwaukee activist talks about what defunding police could look like and what efforts are underway to reallocate money. Then, we learn about a website that lists alternatives to calling 911. Activist Nate Hamilton talks about his work building trust between police and Milwaukee communities. Plus, we speak with the director of Some Kind of Heaven, a documentary that looks into America’s largest retirement community.


Tuesday Lake Effect: MPD Chief Jeff Norman, Bubbler Talk, Milwaukee Music Roundup

Our Policing in Wisconsin series continues with a conversation with the Milwaukee Police Department’s Acting Chief Jeff Norman, who explains his priorities leading the organization. Bubbler Talk looks at the colorful history of stained glass windows in Milwaukee bungalows. Plus, Matt Wild joins us for the latest Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Curfew Tickets Racial Disparity, Lupus Awareness Month, Memorial Day Gardening

We look at the racial disparity in who was given curfew tickets during last summer’s racial justice protests in Wisconsin. Then, for Lupus Awareness Month, we speak with someone who’s been living with the disease for a decade. Plus, get some tips on how to protect warm weather plants during these cool, spring nights.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Wisconsin Racial Disparities, Listen MKE, History of Policing, Gray Wolf Endangered Species List

A member of the speaker’s task force on racial disparities explains why she thinks the recommendations didn’t go far enough. We hear some of the latest Listen MKE, which explores what has and hasn’t changed since last summer’s protests. We learn about the early roots of policing in the US. Plus, a wildlife expert explains why he thinks the gray wolf should be put back on the endangered species list.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Policing Mental Health Crises, Milwaukee Gun Violence, MPS Budget

We examine the role police play in responding to mental and behavioral health concerns and some models looking to change it. Then, as a victim of gun violence and a perpetrator, local organizer Ramiah Whiteside talks about how it’s impacted his life. Plus, ahead of the Milwaukee Public Schools board’s decision on next year’s budget, we look at the district’s financial outlook.


Monday on Lake Effect: Policing in Wisconsin, Police Reform, Impact of Violent Viral Videos, Bubbler Talk

We learn about proposed legislation that could bring changes to policing in Wisconsin. Then, we explore how smart phones and social media have impacted the conversation about racial justice, and the emotional impact of violent images. Plus, Bubbler Talk explores the history of an old holiday radio show: Billie the Brownie.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Eviction Moratorium, 'Joychild,' Corpse Flower, Pandemic Performers

We break down the latest updates on the federal eviction moratorium and explain what it means for those facing eviction in Wisconsin. Then, speak with the filmmaker of Joychild, a documentary short about a child coming out as trans to their mother. We learn about a rare and smelly flower that bloomed at the UW-Milwaukee greenhouse. Plus, musicians Zach Pietrini and McKenna Bray share new music in our Pandemic Performers series.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: 'Two American Families,' Asian Restaurant Week, 'Cowboys'

We look at the documentary “Two American Families,” recently rereleased on YouTube and talk with one of its subjects: Keith Stanley. We learn about Milwaukee’s first Asian Restaurant Week. Plus, we speak with the writer and director of Cowboys, a modern Western about a father who runs away with his transgender son into the Montana wilderness.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Right to Eviction Counsel, 'The Women and the Sea,' Milwaukee River Beavers

We learn about a new right to counsel resolution for people facing eviction in Milwaukee County. Then we speak with filmmaker Camila Guarda about her short documentary The Women and the Sea. We look at a new study that examines how increasing the beaver population on the Milwaukee River could reduce flood damage. Plus, local poet Richard Hedderman talks about his latest collection, “Choosing A Stone.”


Monday on Lake Effect: Herd Immunity, 'Operation Wolf Patrol', Bubbler Talk, Donation Tips, Cherry Blossoms

We learn what herd immunity means and what it would take to actually achieve it. Then, we speak to the filmmaker behind “Operation Wolf Patrol”, about a group of wolf activists highlighting the impact of contentious hunting practices. Bubbler Talk finds out who’s behind the clever signs you see reminding Wisconsin drivers to be safe on the highways. We’ll share some dos and don’ts of donating to local charities. And we learn about the cultural significance of Japanese cherry blossoms.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Armenian Genocide, Economic Politics, Up North Guide, Pandemic Performers

We explore the impact of the United States’ official recognition of the Armenian genocide. Then, we look at how economic optimism influences the way people vote in the Midwest. We’ll get the highlights from Milwaukee Magazine’s Up North Guide. Plus, Trapper Schoepp joins us to talk about his upcoming album “May Day” for our Pandemic Performers series.