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Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.

Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.


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Milwaukee PR


Lake Effect is WUWM’s local show about what matters most now to people in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. It goes beyond the headlines and connects listeners to the community.




Thursday on Lake Effect: Design Your Future, Milwaukee County Zoo Director, Milwaukee Music Roundup

We learn about the Design Your Future fellowship and how it helps young people change education. Then, the new director of the Milwaukee County Zoo shares why he’s passionate about his work. Plus, hear new local music in this month’s Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Fire & Police Commission Chair, Songbird Illness, Colorful Bird Statues, Inclusive Yoga

We talk with the new chair of Milwaukee’s Fire & Police Commission: Ed Fallone. Then, tell you about a mysterious illness killing songbirds and the ways you can help prevent the spread. We meet the organization behind the big, colorful birds in Lakeshore Park in Milwaukee.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Handicrafts Project, ‘Storied & Scandalous Wisconsin’, Coronavirus Children’s Book, Da Crusher

We learn about the Milwaukee Handicrafts Project and some of Wisconsin’s more scandalous history. Then, the author of a coronavirus children’s book explains how she hopes it will help families cope through difficult times. Plus, we learn about the career and legacy of South Milwaukee native, and pro-wrestler, “Da Crusher.”


Monday on Lake Effect: Memorable Bucks Moments, Impact of Olympic Delay, Green Violet Rediscovery, Bubbler Talk, Milwaukee Mile

We look at some of the most memorable moments and defining parts of the Bucks playoffs run. A sports psychologist explains how the one-year Olympic delay might affect athletes. We learn about the discovery of a wildflower that hasn’t been seen in Wisconsin in over 50 years.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee County Executive, Giannis' Early Life, Redistricting in Wisconsin, 'American Memory' Exhibit

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley explains why the Bucks’ championship win and playoff run is a great argument for more local control over sales tax. Then, look at the redistricting process in the state and how it could be different from the last time the maps were drawn. Plus, learn about the Milwaukee Art Museum’s new exhibit, “American Memory.”


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Bucks Championship Win, Eviction Moratorium, 'Shoulder Season,' Preserving Gravestones

We look at the celebrations of the Bucks championship win. Then, learn how a local housing organization is preparing for the end of the national eviction moratorium and what resources will be available to those facing eviction. We look at the history of the Lake Geneva Playboy Club and the stigma of working there as a bunny. Plus, learn about the proper techniques and tools needed to clean and preserve gravestones.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Sports Fanaticism, Milwaukee Trans Oral History Project, 'Beyond Van Gogh' Exhibit

We learn about the good and bad mental health implications of being a sports fanatic. Then, tell you about the Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project and what’s changed since it began. Plus, learn about the “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit at the Wisconsin Center and a new E-bike business in Milwaukee.


Monday on Lake Effect: American Rescue Plan Funds, Reconnecting Milwaukee Neighborhoods, Ayurveda, Bubbler Talk

We hear from two local organizations on how they’d like the American Rescue Plan money to be spent in Milwaukee. Then, look at the different projects that have helped mend connections between Milwaukee neighborhoods divided by highways. Plus, tell you about the practice of Ayurveda and the different ways it can benefit the body. We bring you the latest Bubbler Talk, plus learn about the Milwaukee County Zoo’s plan to vaccinate animals and protect them from COVID-19.


Thursday on Lake Effect: State Budget, UW-Milwaukee Tier 1 Research Status, I-94 Expansion Plan

We learn what’s in Wisconsin’s biennial budget and what’s not. We look at a report that found if current financial trends continue, UW-Milwaukee could struggle to maintain its Tier 1 research status. Then, we learn about what’s happening with the proposal to update and expand I-94. Plus, astronomy contributor Jean Creighton shares how we can dodge doom when asteroids and other objects threaten Earth.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Rise in Human Trafficking, Former Packer Donald Driver, Self-Care Tips

We learn about the rise of human trafficking during the pandemic, some of the causes, and the work being done in Milwaukee to help formerly trafficked people. Then, former Green Bay Packer Donald Driver talks about his new position as the first Cultural Ambassador for the Marcus Performing Arts Center. Plus, we talk with two mental health professionals on how we can practice self-care and take the time to listen to ourselves.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Stalled Restaurant Revitalization Fund, Healthcare Worker Education, Revitalizing Pulaski Park

A local chef talks about why he hasn't received much-needed federal aid money and talks about the lawsuits that put the money on hold. We look at how higher education institutions are excelling and failing when it comes to preparing the next generation of healthcare workers. Plus, a Milwaukee resident explains what the revitalization of Pulaski Park means to her and how she helped.


Monday on Lake Effect: Surviving Wisconsin Prisons, Arts Equity & Job Creation, Bubbler Talk, F.E.A.R. Running Group

We learn the story of two men who spent 40 years in and out of Wisconsin’s penal system and how they’re using their experiences to give back to the community. Then, talk with two local arts leaders about long-term job creation and the need for increased funding for the arts. Bubbler Talk explores the tributes around Milwaukee to baseball legend, Hank Aaron. Plus, we hear how a social group centering the experiences of people of color is reshaping running culture.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Skin Sun Protection, George Marshall Clark Lynching, 'Forgotten Voices', 'Alone Bird' Book

We’ll learn about the importance of protecting your skin from the sun, and the best ways to do it. We’ll tell you about the 1861 lynching of George Marshall Clark in Milwaukee. We’ll look at Skylight Music Theatre’s latest production celebrating forgotten Black artists. Plus, we’ll speak with the author of “Alone Bird: A Story About Autism.”


Wednesday on Lake Effect: 'Terrible City' Comments, 5 Things To Do, Herd Immunity, Gun Essay

We’ll unpack recent comments made about Milwaukee being a “terrible” city. Then, we’ll tell you about some outdoor, in-person events happening around Milwaukee this month. We’ll learn what it will take to achieve herd immunity from COVID-19. Plus, hear an essay on how difficult it is to get rid of a gun.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: Political Civility, Court Interpreter Training, 'Growing Up Milwaukee', Racine Blues Musician

We discuss the importance of civility and how it can be achieved through building better relationships. Then, we learn about the importance of court interpreters. We hear from the director of the documentary “Growing Up Milwaukee” about how she tells stories behind the city’s negative statistics. Plus, hear music from Racine blues musician, Stephen Hull.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Ask the Lt. Gov., Bucks' Playoffs, Puddlers Cottages Historic Status, Guide to 'Up North'

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes joins us for our "Ask the Lieutenant Governor" series. Then, we talk about the Bucks’ playoff prospects and the national spotlight on Milwaukee’s Deer District. We learn the history of the Puddlers Cottages in Bay View, which could become a historic district. Plus, look at Milwaukee Magazine’s Up North Guide ahead of the long weekend.


Wednesday on Lake Effect: Gay 'Conversion Therapy,' ‘Send For Me’, 1971 Bucks Championship, Milwaukee Music Roundup

We talk with a survivor of so-called gay conversion therapy and learn how it’s fundamentally changed his life. Then, author Lauren Fox talks about her book Send for Me and why it’s important to continue discussing the horrors of World War II. We’ll find out why the 1971 Championship Bucks team didn’t get a parade. Plus, hear some of the best, new songs from local musicians in this month’s Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Tuesday on Lake Effect: France-Wisconsin Relationship, Fulton v. Philadelphia Ruling, Milwaukee Festival Schedule

The French Ambassador to the U.S. will talk about Wisconsin’s relationship with our oldest ally - and what diplomacy has looked like during the Biden Administration. Then, we look at the legal implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Fulton v. Philadelphia, and two local pastors will share their perspectives. Plus, look at which festivals will be returning to Milwaukee this year, which ones won’t, and why.


Monday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee County Parks, Basketball Physical Stress, 'Changing the Game,' Bubbler Talk

We get an update on the state of the Milwaukee County Parks system. Then, learn about the physical stress basketball players experience, especially with this season’s unique schedule. We speak with the director of the documentary Changing the Game, which follows three transgender high school athletes. And the latest Bubbler Talk explores some of Milwaukee’s distilleries.


Thursday on Lake Effect: Legal Tuneup, Wisconsin Drought, Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee, Pete's Pops

We learn about Legal Tuneup, a website that’s helping Wisconsinites clear up their legal records. Then, farming contributor Dave Kozlowski talks about how the current drought is impacting farmers. We tell you how Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee is making solar panels more affordable for homeowners. Plus, talk to Pete of Pete’s Pops.