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008: Value Driven Course Creation [Neil Napier]

The popularity of business and personal development courses has massively increased over the past few years, so if that’s your biz then high-five! But how do you know whether or not you’re creating course material that people are going to bite your hand off for? What if you’re investing time and money into a course that nobody wants to buy? Well, we have the interview right here that will get rid of all those fears for good! This week we’re chatting with Neil Napier about course creation....


007: How To Boss Customer Engagement [Troy Broussard]

One of the biggest things we all focus on is getting loads of leads and then working hard to turn them into customers. But boy is that hard sometimes! Taking cold leads who have never heard of you before and turning them into paying customers, handing over their hard earned cash, can be really tough! That’s why the real money is made from the people who are already customers and getting them to buy again, and again. If you’re wondering how on earth you make that a possibility for your...


006: A Formula For The Perfect Offer [Adil Amarsi]

Converting leads and bringing in sales is always at the top of any entrepreneurs to-do list. So what do you do when you’ve spent hours labouring over the perfect sales letter and offer creation and it’s just not hitting the spot? Well, you listen to this episode of 3 Marketers, obviously! We’ve managed to pin down legendary copywriter Adil Amarsi and he’s agreed to share his top tips for expert copy creation and even shared his 15-point formula for the perfect sales letter. Be prepared,...


005: How To Boss Personality-Driven Marketing [Paul Mort]

It’s Friday…and what better way to celebrate than with another episode of 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast?! This episode the guys are delving into personality-driven engagement with the King of personality, Paul Mort. Paul is a master at making his marketing really stand out from the crowd and is an expert at creating hyper-engaging video and email content. With a background in the fitness niche and dominating the outdoor boot camp market in the North East of England, Paul has since gone...


004: From A Launch Business Model To Recurring Revenue [Wilco de Kreij]

It’s one thing launching a new product, building up hype and offering a blinder of a one-off price, but how do you keep those sales rolling in after launch? It’s always nice to get a big rush of sales at once but one launch doesn’t pay the bills, right? Making the switch from one-off lifetime pricing to monthly recurring can be scary, so we sat down with Wilco de Kreij to get all his top tips and tricks for you. Wilco is an amazing marketer and SaaS expert, and knows plenty about making...


003: Data Driven Marketing Made Cool [Nathan Hague]

If you associate data marketing with niggly headaches and spreadsheet-eyes, then you’re in for a nice business-boosting surprise. This episode you’re going to learn how you can use data to save your business a ton of money and get more converting traffic to your website. Here to spill the beans is Nathan Hague, who we like to think of as the ‘Guru of Data Driven Marketing’. Make sure you turn the volume up on this one because you are not going to want to miss the advice Nathan gives on how...


002: Attraction Marketing Through Facebook Groups [Tanya Whittam]

You’ve spent time and money on creating an amazing brand presence online and you’re feeling pretty chuffed with it all, but what now? How do you go from looking great online to being great online and generating more of those all important sales? Well, we’ve got the answer right here in this episode with genius business strategist, Tanya Whittam. Tanya has successfully built multiple 6 figure businesses and still brings in organic clients every month using Facebook. I’m sure you’re...


001: Direct Mail In An Online World [Oli Luke]

In a world obsessed with Facebook reactions and virtual inboxes you might assume that direct mail is dead. In fact, it’s still an incredibly powerful tool to have in your kit if you want to supercharge your marketing efforts and increase sales, conversions and profit! For this episode of 3 Marketers we caught up with a friend of ours, copyrighter extraordinaire and direct mail guru, Oli Luke. Oli revealed just how you can use direct mail in a digital marketing world to make a big impact…


000: Introduction To The 3 Marketers Podcast

A quick 'hello' and intro to what the 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast is and what we'll be bringing to your ear-holes every week. Hello - we're Rob and Kennedy from ResponseSuite - the survey platform specifically designed for marketers. Each week we're going to chat with a marketer or entrepreneur about one specific area of their business they're enjoying success in - so we can tap into a little slice of that for ourselves. For more info check out https://blog.responsesuite.com