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025: How To Think And Speak Like A Sales Rockstar [Andy Bounds]

As marketers, your mission is clear, communicate your message to the right audience in order to sell stuff and make some money! But as marketers the thought of selling and being the 'sales-guy' probably send shivers down your spine, right? What if I told you that after listening to this episode you'll actually be raring to go, selling with confidence and closing those game-changing deals... Author and Sales Training Superstar Andy Bounds is with us to share his insights on how small...


024: Push Your Testing For Big Results [Scott Ayres]

Planning and scheduling content for your various social media platforms can be one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. Will it get high engagement? Will it reach enough people? How many emoji's should I add in the copy to get the most likes? There's only one way to find out and that's to test and test again until you find the magic formula. But come one, who has time to do that when they're running a business? That's where this week's guest comes in...Scott Ayres is the guy who...


023: Product Creation For The Win [John Thornhill]

In a world where every niche is catered for, there are more product categories than ever before people are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to making a purchase...is product creation dead? The answer from this weeks guest, John Thornhill, is no, absolutely not! Product creation is alive and thriving and in this episode, he's spilling his tips on how to create profitable products from your own skills and knowledge...


022: Building A Winning Audience On Instagram [Teresa Heath-Wareing]

Instagram is getting bigger, better and more powerful every day. With 1 billion active users worldwide Instagram has become the place to build audiences, increase exposure and showcase your products and services. If you aren't using Instagram in your marketing efforts then why not? Maybe you're not sure if it's right for your business, or you've tried it before and struggled to grow a following and increase enagement... There are 1 billion potential customers out there and this week we...


021: Sell Big With Offline & Online Events [Dave Dee]

Whether you want to make money online or offline, there's no denying that presenting at live events of online webinars is a big money maker. This week we're giving you a full, end to end strategy on how to fill a room full of people, pack out your webinar, deliver the good with powerful presentations and make an absolute fortune! Our own Rob & Kennedy have actually learned a lot from this weeks guest Dave Dee, and would even go as far as to say that Dave actually inspired them to start their...


020: The Best Bits [3 Marketers Special]

Party poppers at the ready and a drumroll please… Welcome to the show notes for the 20th episode of 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast! We obviously wanted to celebrate in style and deliver you something extra special, so we’ve bundled together all the best bits from the podcast so far and crammed them all into one punchy episode for you!


019: Turning Your Passion & Expertise Into Profit [Paul Healey]

We’ve all had that gut-wrenching moment, lying awake at night wondering if your business is all it could be and if you’re doing everything you could do! Do you speak to your audience? Do they even want what you’re offering? Why oh why aren’t you hitting all your goals yet? That’s where this weeks guest, the go-to marketing guy, Paul Healey comes in. It’s Paul’s job to find out if you have a viable product and market the heck out of it until you’re sleeping like a baby again. This week Paul...


018: Get Ahead With Conversational Marketing [Paul Ince]

Everyone’s chatting about chatbots, in fact everyone’s chatting to chatbots these days. And who can blame them when the tech is just so clever! Chatbots and other conversational marketing tech can play a key part in elevating your sales and customer support processes, but just where and when should they fit into your business? This week Rob & Kennedy managed to pin down marketing genius Paul Ince to find out everything you need to know about how to implement some nifty conversational...


017: Creating The Perfect Subscription Model [Jon Bowtell]

If you’re involved in any sort of online business, then you’ve definitely heard people telling you that you should set up some sort of online subscription or membership service – easier said than done right? Sure, it would be amazing to have recurring revenue coming in each month and it would certainly take off some of the pressure, but what if you don’t have a product that people would buy into more than once? Well, you’ll be pleased (super-duper pleased) to find out that you can actually...


016: Getting Results From Video [Matt Young]

Video is the big social media favourite right now; every algorithm loves video and generally, video gets pushed up the rankings with both posts and ads. So, you’d be crazy not to be churning out videos as content at every possible opportunity. There’s just one problem… Sometimes the idea of making a video to put on the internet is terrifying. You could put all your effort into it and what happens if nobody watches and it just totally flops? Well luckily, we have Matt Young here to answer all...


015: Increasing Webinar Traffic and Conversions [Richard Legg]

Whatever your campaign may be, it’s all too tempting when things aren’t working out to think – scrap it, just start all over again! But in reality, you can actually do a campaign u-turn by making a few simple tweaks and refining it, rather than scrapping it. This week we caught up with Richard Legg, who has made a big mark in the marketing world by running webinar campaigns and running them very successfully. Even if you don’t run webinars this episode will give you plenty of tips on how to...


014: The Ultimate Funnel Creation Process [Dean Holland]

I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of a killer sales funnel before, probably quite a few times actually. Some sales funnels are so slick that you don’t even realise you’re being put through it until you get your wallet out for the 3rd time that day! There’s no denying that creating a super tantalising sales funnel is one of the best ways to make some tidy profit from your products. So how exactly do you go about setting up this super funnel? Or, if you already have a funnel in place,...


013: Creating And Scaling The Perfect Facebook Audience [Justin Lofton]

Facebook advertising is a hot topic right now in the marketing world. There are so many theories and strategies out there, how on earth are you supposed to know what’s going to work for you? Every business is different so it’s best to get as much info and advice as you can from different experts. That’s why this week we sat down with Justin Lofton, to find out his very own Facebook ad strategies and why they work so well. If you know anything about Justin and his company SyncSumo, then you...


012: Entrepreneurial Mindset Ready For Success [Ryan Phillips]

Running a business can sometimes be challenging, to say the least. Most entrepreneurs are battling with a crazy hectic schedule as well as trying to be an entrepreneurial superhero! That’s exactly why, this episode, we’re diving into the world of entrepreneurial mindset and how you can set yours to really focus on your business goals in a way that will result in success! We caught up with Ryan Phillips to find out what brilliant advice he can give on driving your goals, overcoming...


011: How To Ace Content Marketing On Social Media [Andrew & Pete]

As I’m sure you already know ‘content is king’. But, only if you do it right! The world of social media is a pretty noisy place to be and sometimes it can be hard to get heard. If only you could cut through the noise, stand out and get your business in front of all the right people! This week we had the chance to chat with some lovely local lads, Andrew and Pete, who are making waves right now in the marketing world.


010: The Importance Of Personality In Business [Michael Spremulli]

Your personality is what makes you shine! It’s what makes you stand out in a crowd and is probably part of the reason you became an entrepreneur or business owner in the first place. So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could leverage your personality style to help you work more intelligently and effectively. Well here’s the good news…you can! And here to tell you exactly how is Michael Spremulli…


009: Facebook Ads For Webinar Conversion [David Schloss]

It’s really easy to get confused with Facebook advertising, most people are talking about it and having a go at it, but a lot of people are actually losing money doing it. The burning question is, how do you structure your ads and figure out your spending so that you can turn your Facebook ads into paying customers? This week we decided to get to the bottom of it for you and sat down with David Schloss who gave some amazing insight into how to test your advertising and how to sell on...


008: Value Driven Course Creation [Neil Napier]

The popularity of business and personal development courses has massively increased over the past few years, so if that’s your biz then high-five! But how do you know whether or not you’re creating course material that people are going to bite your hand off for? What if you’re investing time and money into a course that nobody wants to buy? Well, we have the interview right here that will get rid of all those fears for good! This week we’re chatting with Neil Napier about course creation....


007: How To Boss Customer Engagement [Troy Broussard]

One of the biggest things we all focus on is getting loads of leads and then working hard to turn them into customers. But boy is that hard sometimes! Taking cold leads who have never heard of you before and turning them into paying customers, handing over their hard earned cash, can be really tough! That’s why the real money is made from the people who are already customers and getting them to buy again, and again. If you’re wondering how on earth you make that a possibility for your...


006: A Formula For The Perfect Offer [Adil Amarsi]

Converting leads and bringing in sales is always at the top of any entrepreneurs to-do list. So what do you do when you’ve spent hours labouring over the perfect sales letter and offer creation and it’s just not hitting the spot? Well, you listen to this episode of 3 Marketers, obviously! We’ve managed to pin down legendary copywriter Adil Amarsi and he’s agreed to share his top tips for expert copy creation and even shared his 15-point formula for the perfect sales letter. Be prepared, this...