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Episode 034: How (not) to start your trading career

People that want to become successful traders tend to start their journey the wrong way. Many will follow a ‘corporate-like’ path, thinking this is how to find the answers about successful trading, however... I’ve been a trader for 12 years and let me tell you…THAT is not the case. There’s only ONE way you can build a successful trading career. And in this new podcast, I’ll share exactly that! Here’s what you’ll discover: How you can build a REAL trading career and become financially...


Episode 033: The WORST time to launch a new trading strategy

Launching a new trading strategy can be tricky. Sometimes even the most obvious moment can come with painful consequences. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way... But now I’ve got some good experience on how to time the launch of a new trading strategy properly. (Because, in trading, EVERYTHING is about the right timing). In this new podcast episode, I share some valuable tips to stop you from making the same amateur mistakes, so you don’t have to suffer the same painful...


Episode 032: Are you scaling your business to its full potential?

Everyone wants more profits. And they want it faster. That includes me, you and all the other traders out there. There are some really great approaches to speeding up the growth of your portfolio. Some work ok, and some work better than others. The technique I’m going to share with you today has been doing real magic for me. For years. We use it heavily in our hedge fund too. But it’ll probably be very NEW to you, so make sure you listen to this podcast episode. Here’s what you’ll...


Episode 031: Is your out of sample testing even valid?

Strategy validation is a crucial part of live trading. Get it wrong and the results can be disastrous. Traders rely on various techniques to validate strategies, including out of sample testing, but how do we know if the approaches we’re using are even valid? In today’s podcast episode we discuss a series of questions submitted by trader Sam. Sam raises a number of interesting points about out of sample testing that all traders need to consider, including: How much out of sample data is...


Episode 030: How to think like an Algo-millionaire

If I asked you today: Can you see yourself flying on a private jet in 12 to 24 months? What would you reply? Could you see yourself in that position in a year from now? From my personal experience, a lot of traders will say ‘No WAY’. They’ll completely shut down the idea and intention of visualizing their near-term future. But as a matter of fact, visualizing your 1 to 2-year goals is what may actually help you get there faster. And I’m living proof of it. But it’s not just me. Top...


Episode 029: Automate to grow rich

Who wants more free time to do the things they enjoy the most? To live the life of our dreams and not have to eat, breath and sleep work? I’m sure we all do, but how can we do that and still make money at the same time? No… the answer is not the cliché ‘work harder’... The answer is to work SMARTER. Luckily, we’re in an era where we can leverage technology so that the majority of our work can be done for us - we just need to set up the process and then we can go enjoy life while the...


Episode 028: 2019 is here and we’re ready to smash it

Can you believe 2018 is gone, just like that? Yep! And what a year it has been… A lot was achieved, and a lot was learned. Now, like for any other year, it’s crucial to reflect on where you were the most and least successful in 2018. It’ll make your 2019 goals a lot more REALISTIC and allow you to really focus on what can be improved. So, join us in this podcast while we go back in time through the year of 2018 and reveal what we learned, achieved and can improve upon, and what you need...


Episode 027: Success Story #5 - How Breakout Masterclass student launched his portfolio in just 6 months

Shiva is a guy like you. He loves trading. He’s success driven. He’s smart. And he’s very passionate about what he does. And he has definitely been one of the most progressive students of the Breakout Strategies Masterclass. He enrolled in the masterclass just 6 months ago, but since then he has already developed and started trading his first breakout portfolio LIVE. Let me repeat that: With the help of the Breakout Masterclass, he has launched his very first breakout portfolio in just...


Episode 026: Why you should love your drawdowns

Handling drawdowns and losing streaks is one of the biggest challenges traders face. We say (or think) that we’re ready for them, and that we know what our tolerance is and can handle them… but problems can arise quickly. Traders often underestimate how long, painful and frustrating drawdowns can actually be. They can leave us devastated for months… Or even completely break us… But believe it or not, drawdowns can actually be a good thing. How? In this podcast episode, we discuss...


Episode 025: Success story #4 - Persistence pays off for retired currency trader

It’s no secret that trading comes with its own challenges and obstacles. But as for any other worthwhile endeavour, perseverance and persistence is often the key to success. On today’s podcast, we have Jim, a retired currency trader, who’s a great example of this mantra. Jim took an interest in automated trading as a way to solve a lot of the issues he had with discretionary trading. He started developing automated strategies but was faced with the challenge of trying to build enough...


Episode 024: How not doing anything can be the most profitable strategy

Most traders love “tinkering”. We’re always looking for the next problem to fix, the next idea to try out, the next thing to learn and tweak. In our trading journeys, we can become obsessed with understanding every single detail that a lot of the time has no relevance to our progress. We can become so occupied with artificial problems that we’re not making space for what truly matters… live trading! It's great to be curious and keep wanting to learn, but when it starts delaying our...


Episode 023: Feel the fear but do it anyway

Have you ever wondered why there are so many losing traders? You can have all of the know-how, the best techniques, the best software… … You can even be the smartest person on the planet. But still not achieve the success you’re looking for. In today’s podcast, we talk about what’s holding traders back from achieving their full potential. Here’s what you’ll discover: The key reason why many traders can get stuck and stop moving forward, How the misalignment between your conscious...


Episode 022: Listener question - “Isn’t DPS something traders already do?”

A couple of weeks ago we shared a podcast about Dynamic Position Sizing (DPS). After that episode, we received an interesting comment from BTA podcast listener Paul (thanks Paul!), which we believe could bring more clarity to other traders as well. Paul is a trend follower who’s been trading for about 2 years. He’s figured out that varying his position sizing can be a good way to improve his results. So, he started applying position sizing to his trading, betting more on trades he...


Episode 021: The most important trading metrics

A lot of traders think of performance in terms of the dollars they’ve made or lost. But knowing how to effectively measure trading strategies, portfolios and overall trading performance is key to long-term success. The overwhelming number of statistics available in backtesting software these days is incredible, but… Most of it doesn't actually matter. So, how do you separate what’s important from what’s not? In today’s episode, we share the most important metrics we’ve used over the...


Episode 020: Listener question - “How to get over a losing streak?”

Imagine starting your trading journey. You have a super positive mindset and you’re excited to learn and succeed. You keep learning and improving your craft, and you keep seeing positive results coming your way. You have profits. You feel great! You have a good number of robust strategies and your equity curve is looking smooth. But all of a sudden… you feel like you’ve been hit by a hurricane. Your trades start losing, and you feel devastated. You’ve done everything according to...


Episode 019: Success story #3 (PART 2) - How Alan the surgeon initiated operation “portfolio”

Last week, we hosted a brilliant discussion with the orthopedic surgeon, Alan. With his outstanding surgical focus and the Breakout Strategies Masterclass, he created more than 70 highly robust strategies in less than 2 months. If you haven’t listened to that podcast yet, make sure to check it out first as Alan shares all of the crucial lessons he’s learned throughout his trading career. But he’s not done yet… As he prepares to go live with his first portfolio, he’s here today to give...


Episode 018: Success story #3 (PART 1) - How orthopedic surgeon Alan created more than 70 robust strategies in under 2 months

Alan, an electric engineer tuned orthopedic surgeon, went into trading with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. And as most traders do, he learned the hard way… He learned that the beautiful backtesting curves being sold online bring you nothing but pain and frustration. And you can probably guess that Alan lost a big chunk of his account very quickly… Actually, he lost 50% of his account in ONE single day. Ouch! He suffered BIG time. But nevertheless, Alan stood his ground. He was...


Episode 017: How DPS can increase your probability of success

Trading is a probability game. But the probability of the success of each trade changes every single time. While the market conditions of today may reduce the probability of a trade by 50%, tomorrow the conditions may increase the probabilities. So, it doesn’t matter what trading system or strategy we trade… we cannot treat all trades equally. If a trader has a proper understanding of this, it can be leveraged to improve performance, sometimes radically. How, you may ask? Dynamic...


Episode 016: The 'traditional trading' trap

Let’s face it… most traders will NEVER make money in their trading career. Yup, you read that right… in their ENTIRE trading career. And why is that, you may ask? Well, we could call it a tradition! Tradition is that one way everyone does something the same. That one path that everyone follows. For example, you see many generations of traders using the same risk management approach. Understandably, you go in the same direction because that’s how it’s been for a while. But if the...


Episode 015: How to survive confused markets

Imagine having a trade that's had a nice run and is holding a tidy profit. Then, just before the market closes, right before you’re going to exit your trade, there’s a fast sell-off and you end up closing the trade with a loss. Yup, one minute you’re on the right side of the market and the next you’re watching your trading account suffer. It just sucks! Creating good trading strategies is challenging enough. But having to deal with the markets’ unpredictable and changing ways makes it...