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#17 – Mack Collier of MackCollier.com

Warning: the audio on this episode is a hot mess but I promise it’s packed with a lot of great tidbits. Mack Collier is a recognized top social media marketer and helps companies craft world-class digital marketing strategies. Mack was a “score” of an interview for the Blog You Want in the Time You Have […]

#16 – The Ideal Blogging Plan

In this episode, I share my thoughts on the ideal blogging plan. No so much about what you should create but the process of actually producing content on a regular basis. I break it down into two main points, how I capture blog and content ideas on a content deck and my weekly content production […]

#15 – Patrick Phillips of Patrick’s Place at patrickkphillips.com

Patrick Phillips joins us on the Blog You Want in the TIme You Have podcast to share his 25+ years of professional media and marketing experiences as well as over 14 years of blogging experience on PatrickKPhillips.com. Patrick writes on various topics including blogging, grammar, faith, tech and trending news and in this episode, we […]

#14 – Little talked about reason why people like WordPress

In this episode, Blog You Want host Scott Winterroth shares his thoughts on why WordPress is so popular and sometimes the most overlooked reason why people pick WordPress.org over WordPress.com. WordPress.org WordPress.com Scott’s story into WordPress


#13 – Marcie Hill of MarcieWrites.com

In this episode, I sit down with Marcie Hill, M.S., long-time serial blogger, content creator, author and speaker. Marcie is the force behind MarcieWrites.com, her personal branding blog, Real Skate Stories, a passion project on roller skating, and Go Shorty, a regional resource for a geographic area of Chicago and the author of 62 Posts to […]


#12 – Ana Cvetkovic of Bloom Digital Marketing and Better Than Raman

In this episode, I sit down with the amazing Ana Cvetkovic of Bloom Digital Marketing and the Better Than Raman blog. Ana started her blogging endeavors in college as a way to creatively flex her journalism training and that journey led her to launch a digital marketing consultancy. She has a very inspiring story and a […]


#11 – Helen Rittersporn, PMP of AnchoredScraps.com

In this episode, Scott Winterroth interviews blogger and certified project management professional Helen Rittersporn of AnchoredScraps.com. We begin with Helen’s origin story which includes some personal notes into why she started daily blogging in 2015 followed by a series of great tips and recommendations for managing her blog workflow including a calculated reason why she doesn’t enable comments […]


#10 – Blogging vs Content Marketing

In this episode, I explain how blogging sort of transitioned into content marketing and why not all blogging is considered content marketing and vice versa. A great instructional episode that is aimed at putting you on the right path to greater content. Links referenced in episode: YouTube: Blogging vs. Content Marketing Scott’s Personal blog DELLEMC […]


#9 – What to blog about?

This episode is a short bite site thought I on one question I get often. “What to blog about?” I once had an idea for a sportsman outdoors blog and I explain what happened to that idea in this episode. I hope this episode will open up your mind and heart to come up with an outstanding […]


#8 – Ellie O’Brien of Hungry by Nature

This episode is an encore presentation of a podcast interview my business partner, Rebecca Steurer, and I held with food blogger Ellie O’Brien of Hungry by Nature. Ellie recommends to everyone who is thinking about starting a blog to ask themselves what is holding them back. It’s the question Ellie asked herself as she was […]


#7 – Maddy Osman of The Blogsmith

Very happy to share a Sunday afternoon conversation I had with a long time friend and colleague Maddy Osman. Maddy is an experienced blogger, content marketer, and freelance writer and is the brains behind many blog sites including The Blogsmith, Urban Cheap Ass, and Tanks that Get Around. She has been featured by several entrepreneur and content marketing […]


#6 – Building a P/V/I strategy for your blog

In this episode, I share some strategies to consider for building and growing momentum with your blog and to maintain blogging sustainability. There are three things all bloggers and content marketers need to consider, and they are: How to grow influence Build visibility online Offer a product that someone wants This episode works on filling in […]


Where should you invest your time

Where to invest your time when it comes to blogging and content marketing. In this episode, I break down into 3 parts where to invest your time and how to plot your moves for maximizing your return on investment. Once you can shift your mindset, the reality of your endeavor is right around the corner. […]


#4 – Preparing for your most creative year ever

It’s 4Q 2017 – time to start preparing for the new year and I want us all to make 2018 our most creative year ever! I’ve outlined some tactics for how I’m trying to make the most creative self I can be and shared with you 4 guiding goals I’ve done and continue to do to […]


#3 – What are your #blogwin moments?

Blogging is a marathon – not a sprint – and often an endeavor that can take years before one starts to see any real payoff. Life throws us a lot of opportunities-to-test and decisions to tackle. At any given moment, you probably like me and have about 25 important things on your todo list. Throwing […]


#2 – Three core questions you must answer before you become a blogger.

In this episode, I try to define blogging in a semi-philosophical way but, most importantly, work towards breaking down some core challenges I and most bloggers face. I examine how to overcome your fear of blogging, building a system for coming up with new post ideas and finding time to create content. Most importantly, I share how I […]


#1 – Introduction to the Blog You Want in the Time You Have Podcast

Why a podcast about the Blog You Want? This is the very first episode of The Blog You Want in the Time You Have podcast by Scott Winterroth. This podcast is for those who want to blog more and be the most creative person they can be. In this episode, I cover what I have in […]


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