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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.


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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.




The Most Important Charts in the Market, and Where One Top Technician Is Seeing Buying Opportunities 9/27/23

All eyes are on yields and oil, but our traders are looking at some other charts that could tell the true tale of what’s in store for the markets. They lay out their cases tonight. Plus a handful of sectors have gotten to technically oversold levels but Fairlead’s Katie Stockton says there are other more attractive areas to watch. Fast Money Disclaimer


Is the Sell-Off an Opportunity to Buy? And the Future of Cannabis Legalization 9/26/23

Stocks sold off to multi-month lows, with the Dow breaching a key level of support. But some stocks may have been unfairly punished in the volatility. The traders are putting together their list of names that might be getting attractive right now. Plus the Senate set to vote on the SAFE Banking Act tomorrow. What it could mean for the marijuana industry. Fast Money Disclaimer


Rough Road Ahead for Stocks? And an Under-the-Radar Winner in the Weight Loss Boom 9/25/23

The yield on 10-year treasurys crossed the 4.5% mark for the first time since October 2007, but it's the benchmark’s relationship with the 2 year that caught the attention of one of our traders. Why the steeply steepening yield curve could be setting up equities for a problem period. Plus manufacturing giant Jacobs Solutions counts Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk as two of its biggest customers. How the company is benefiting from the surging demand for weight-loss drugs. Fast Money Disclaimer


Stocks Sputter to End a Rough Week, and the Chart Master Updates His “Most Controversial” Pairs Trade 9/22/23

Stocks sputtering into the close on Friday with major indexes unable to hold on to early gains. What the action means as we head into what could be a crucial week for the markets. Plus, four months ago Carter Worth said to sell Apple and Microsoft and Buy Alphabet and Amazon. Where he stands on that trade now. Fast Money Disclaimer


The Great Rate Shock, and What Other Companies Should Merge? 9/21/23

Interest rates spiked to levels not seen in over 15 years, sending stocks sinking on Thursday. Have major averages put in their highs for the year? How should you position yourself for the rest of 2023? Plus on the heels of Cisco’s $28b acquisition of Splunk, we wondered, what other companies should merge. The traders give their picks. Fast Money Disclaimer


Get Ready for “Higher for Longer” and the Full Cost of the Labor Strikes 9/20/23

Stocks closed near their lows of the day after Fed Chair Jerome Powell reiterated his intent to keep rates high and said that a soft landing for the economy is not the base case scenario. We break down all the action in the market today. Plus more details on the UAW negotiations. What all the strikes are costing the economy. Fast Money Disclaimer


Countdown to Fed Decision, and Digging in on Instacart’s First Day 9/19/23

Stocks closed lower on Tuesday as investors awaited the Fed’s next rate decision, and while markets largely expect the central bank to hold steady tomorrow, short-term rates rose to their highest level in over 16 years. We break down the latest moves in the bond markets and what they mean for investors. Plus shares of Instacart parent Maplebear closed more than 12% higher than their IPO price, but well off their opening trade. What’s that say for the state of the IPO market? Fast Money Disclaimer


Are Rates and Stocks Really Disconnected? And Cathie Wood’s Latest Investments 9/18/23

10-year yields hit levels not seen in over 15 years today, but the rise in rates hasn’t seemed to affect stocks yet. Can the two keep rising in tandem, or is there a crash in one group coming? Plus ARK Invest’s CEO joins from London to share her thoughts on Tesla, AI and all things tech. Fast Money Disclaimer


Stocks Sell Off Into the Weekend, and Charting Netflix’s Next Move 9/15/23

Big tech leading the markets lower on Friday, pulling the S&P and Nasdaq into the red for the week. So what does this set-up tell us heading into next week’s fed meeting? Plus Netflix locking in its worst week of the year, and the Chart Master has some deep thoughts on where it’s going next. He lays out his case and we dig in on the trade. Fast Money Disclaimer


Energy Hits Year’s Highs and the Deal Disney May Be Looking to Make 9/14/23

Crude oil crossed $90/barrel for the first time since last November today, and fueled the PPI’s energy index to its biggest gain since at least 2010. But how much higher are prices going from here? And how do you play the gains? Plus Disney shares getting a boost midday after reports it may be looking to offload its ABC networks. What a deal could mean for the beaten down stock. Fast Money Disclaimer


Netflix’s Big Ad Warning, and Counting Down to ARM’s IPO 9/13/23

Shares of Netflix took a big leg lower after the company’s CFO warned its ad tier hasn’t been a material contributor to revenues yet. Can the streamer turn things around? Plus investors bracing for what could be the biggest IPO of the year. What you need to know about ARM Holdings’ offering and the landscape for capital raises in the second half. Fast Money Disclaimer


Countdown to CPI and the Latest Threat to Apple in China 9/12/23

All eyes on tomorrow’s CPI print, but with crude oil prices rising to 10-month highs, will inflation pressures weigh not only on the consumer, but on the Fed. Plus Apple unveiling its latest lineup of iphones and smartwatches. But could a competing product out of China deliver the real threat to growth in that country. Fast Money Disclaimer


Disney & Charter End Their Spat, and China’s Latest Campaign Against Apple 9/11/23

Shares of Disney & Charter rising as the two companies sign a deal to end a blackout that affected millions of cable subscribers. But is this just the beginning of the end of the TV bundle? Plus a nationalistic push in China is trumpeting home-grown Huawei over the American iPhone maker. What this could mean for the biggest tech company in the world. Fast Money Disclaimer


RH Sends a Warning Sign on the Consumer, and Putting a Number on the Shrink Problem 9/8/23

Shares of Restoration Hardware posted their worst day since the start of the pandemic after issuing a big warning on the state of the luxury housing market. But is this a canary in the coal mine over the strength of the consumer? Plus shrink has been a big issue for the retail sector of late, and we’ve got the numbers on just how concerned we should be. Fast Money Disclaimer


Could China’s Crackdown Go Beyond Apple? And Just How Big Can the Weight Loss Market Get? 9/7/23

Apple dropped for a second day in a row, and this time major suppliers came along with it. Is this just the start of what a China crackdown might do? Or are companies from Nike to Starbucks also in the crosshairs? Plus one analyst out with a big forecast for how large the weight loss drug market could get. What it all means for the biggest players in the space. Fast Money Disclaimer


Fast Money - 9/6/23

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed. Fast Money Disclaimer


Rates Rise and Homebuilders Sinks, Plus the MedTech Stock Getting Skinnier, Thanks to the Weight Loss Drug Boom 9/5/23

Homebuilder stocks kick off the week on shaky foundation, as interest rates resume their march higher. What the moves say about the strength of the markets heading into fall. Plus one analyst downgrading shares of ResMed as the boom in weight loss drugs could lead to lower demand for sleep apnea devices. We look at the other side effects of people slimming down and the stocks that could get impacted. Fast Money Disclaimer


The Old Tech Stocks Learning New Tricks, and the Stock That’s Been a “Terrible Embarrassment” For One Trader 9/1/23

Shares of Dell soared to all-time highs today, while IBM and Cisco are also in rally mode. What’s driving the strength in legacy tech names, and what does it mean for the markets? Plus shares of what should have been a steady, defensive stock play have fallen to 14-year lows. What went wrong with Walgreens and how the traders are managing their trades now. Fast Money Disclaimer


Dollar Store Doldrums, and Pot Stocks Light Up for a Second Straight Day 8/31/23

Shares of Dollar General dropped to three-year lows after slashing sales and earnings guidance. So does this sector tell the true tail of the consumer? Plus marijuana stocks lit up again today as the Department of Health’s recommendation yesterday seemed to raise hopes for legalization. We talk to George Archos, CEO of cannabis producer/retailer Verano, to find out what it means for the industry. Fast Money Disclaimer


Is Nvidia Stock Actually Undervalued? And the Insurance Impact of Hurricane Idalia 8/30/23

Shares of Nvidia hit all-time highs again today, but one top analyst says the stock could rally almost 50% more from here! Melius Research’s Ben Reitzes lays out his case. Plus insurance companies bracing for a slew of claims from Hurricane Idalia. How the industry is poised for what’s to come. Fast Money Disclaimer