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The Late Night Show for your Monday morning







EPISODE 100 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED and Mason is FINALLY leaving. In our most jam packed and bittersweet episode we bring back all of the Chubbies Podcast classics. We have a Bad Monologue, a Script Read Off for the World's Worst YouTube Channel a visit from Harvey, a goodbye song for Mason, a Millennial Zone bracket between Pete Davidson, Liver King, Hasbulla and Julia Fox and some of our favorite memories in Chubbies Podcast history. Hosted by Joey Avery, Mason Robinson and Phil...


The Usted of Dabs

Episode 99 brings a change to the Bad Monologue and a Script Readoff begging a city council for change. Also what celebrity food combos should follow in the success of the Travis Scott burger and did Millennials finally kill Millennials kill articles?


Life Streaming

Episode 98 reveals a new trend sweeping the... well one guy did it... LIFE STREAMING. Streaming your whole life, aka Phil's worst nightmare, aka what chat then voted Phil has to do. We cover the future of streaming, what it means, and then rate the rant of an impassioned chicken wing fan.



Episode 97 comes on the wings of inspiration. A home run makes baseball players sad and we take their queue to create some unwritten rules that will keep other people from being too good at stuff. Also, some opinions you certainly won't agree with, a new found respect for Rebecca Black's lyrical prowess and a Girl Scout Cookie debate and investigation.


The Great Hot Dog Debate

On Episode 96 things get HEATED as everyone presents their most controversial opinions. Are comic book movies cool? Are hot dogs good? Was Grant Marek competent? Also, we pitch the world's most revolutionary restaurant ideas and Harvey wakes from his slumber to deliver some sage wisdom. Plus food for thought, is Phil's mantle of bleakness to blame for all of 2020? We think yes.


Chubbies Creates the Perfect Outfit

On episode 95 Joey reads some old tweets, the KFC Crocs are back but the market is VOLATILE and we come together to make the world's greatest possible outfit all from styles we want to see brought back. Bonus challenge to anyone who can draw it. Also, Microsoft buys TikTok, we create the perfect social media platform for 2050, and we make celebrity super kids.


Kentucky Fried Fashun

PLEASE EXCUSE DEVON'S ECHO. On Episode 94 Devon likes his audio so much he feeds it through twice, we discuss the #1 fashion trend of the week- Fried Chicken Crocs- and we revisit our previous opinions on the life of the digital nomad in a world that has drastically changed. Plus Mason does an impression well for once, and we discuss the brand collaborations the world truly needs. Oh yeah, and aliens are real. But we told you that months ago. To see the video of this episode and watch us...


We're Back

We discuss our time off, Mason moves across the country, Joey’s life changes because of a photograph and Tik Tok witches hex the moon. Plus we debate the most millennial moment of quarantine and come up with this week’s most brilliant marketing ideas.


Mice People

Episode 92 answers a question that has been one everyone's mind, does Joey know how money works? Also human mouse hybrids are real, Tom and Mason get artistic, and frozen Phil makes his hopefully final appearance.


Michael Jordan's Pants

Episode 91 includes so many demerits Joey almost loses his bucket hat. Also, is Michael Jordan the defining athlete of our generation? Why does he wear the biggest pants in the world? And what we would all do if we had to take some time away from Chubbies. Plus, things we're keeping from social isolation even after it ends and a joke without a punchline. Video:



Episode 90 is BUZZWORTHY. Get it? We discuss all the seminole moments of our online youth, screen names, Limewire, Phil's search history and then our stock expert Harvey comes by to tell us why to buy high and sell low. Also, how short is Joey really? And how come we aren't talking about the fact that aliens are here? The truth is revealed. And murder hornets are here, they're scary, and we must save the bees.


The Face of Chubbies (ft. Will Cheesebro)

Episode 89 features a man that used to be known simply as, The Legend. If you know Chubbies, you know this face, what you might not know is that Will Cheesebro is exactly who you'd think he is. He is the type of guy who will risk run ins with the police just to jump off a sea wall to get a video when the camera isn't even rolling. He'll get swept out to see on an inflatable orca during a riptide in shark infested waters and simply ask what shot you want next. For the generations of Chubbies...


Chubbies Reviews the Internet E2

Another video watch party where we break down the best content the Internet has to offer. Watch the whole episode here: In this episode we discuss: Salad Fingers E1: Chubbies Synchronized Swimming: CZN Burak:


NEW SERIES: Chubbies Reviews the Internet E1

SOUND THE NEW SERIES BELL. *Bell rings*. We are gathered here today to unite the Chubbies content team and find the best videos, ever, on the Internet. Old videos. New videos. In between videos. Maybe sometimes not even videos. But probably mostly always videos. If you want to watch the episode and see the videos for yourself you can here: Full Episode: If you want to watch each individual video , you can find those...


The Thumb Club

In Episode 88 we crown the defining symbol of the millennial generation. We also get the audience involved for advice from the Chubbies team and determining a winner to the one line quarantine movie pitch competition. Use the code "CHUBBIESPOD" for $10 off our site until midnight EST Monday April 13th. Also, want to hang with us? We're doing trivia live on Facebook Wednesday at 8pm EST, the podcast live on Facebook Thursday at 7pm EST and a happy hour on our Instagram live at 5pm EST...


Thanks, Internet

Episode 87. We're BACK. What'd we miss? In a very different episode the full original podcast crew is back at it but all from their own homes. Grant Marek makes his return for Things Grant Definitely Doesn't Know But Will Try to Explain with Confidence Anyway Episode 1 Million. Everyone provides some Shart Tank pitches for social isolation, Joey delivers a Bad Monologue and we deliver an ode to the Internet. What would we do without it? JOIN US for Trivia on our Facebook Live Wednesdays...


Conversation with an OG Chubster (ft. Jared Freid)

Stand up comedian Jared Freid stops by Chubbies HQ to fulfill a lifelong dream. We discuss his early days as a Chubbies fan and his career from TFM writer to touring comic and Bachelor Live Screamer. Plus, ideas for new reality shows and where the relationship between reality and reality shows end up. Check Jared out: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Join the Chubbies Podcast Family:...


A Chubbies Pod Announcement

Episode 85 opens with the saaaaad news that for the time being we'll be moving to a monthly model. Which means that while each podcast will be infused with extra glory, there will be less of them. We will still be there for you the first Monday of every month. And we'll pepper in extra episodes when we can. BUT THIS EPISODE is not lacking, because on it Phil solves the world. Mason plans a secret trip, and Joey grows a goatee. Also fashion bring backs, cell phone belt clips, a tiny food...


The World's Greatest Conspiracy

Hey... psssst... shhhh... listen. Don't let anyone know you're listening to this. Maybe we should have given it a more discrete title... I'm not sure. But Phil and Joey were doing a little freestyle pod when they stumbled across one of the biggest secrets in human history. They were talking about the Super Bowl and Disneyland and sharing betting stories and were about to get into the Oscars when they realized the big secret that the powers that be don't WANT you to know. We tell you here....


The Chubbies Super Bowl Commercial

Episode 83 is a #freestyle and we discuss the Chubbies Super Bowl Commercial that never was, what we'd like one to be, and whether Joey should buy the billboard above his friend's house. Also a window into Mason's world and why you should always get to the no. Join the podcast family: *Due to unforeseen circumstances the first gift cards haven't been sent out yet. They should be coming soon. We were going to deliver them via carrier pigeon but...