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Roundtable #5 - Cardano Icarus Release, VeChain Vaccine Tracing, & Astroturfing

This week our Roundtable discussion will be more of a heads-up discussion between Karim and Brent as Mike decided it was more important to try to win poker tournaments! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We kick things off with some cryptocurrency updates for Cardano, Nano, Ethereum's Casper, and Vechain. Our RT topic was inspired by John Oliver’s recent “Astroturfing” episode, a topic we’ve discussed on the podcast before. Can we believe anything anymore? And why does Brent finish the episode feeling that Karim...


Flagship Friday #33

This week our Flagship sails with it’s entire crew as we sail the sea of red which is the current crypto markets… when moon again? o(╥﹏╥)o We kick things off by talking about Bitfi, McAfee’s “unhackable” cryptocurrency hard wallet, getting hacked. AT&T gets sued for $224 million over crypto theft, another major exchange moves to Malta, IOTA update, and an “Exchange Traded Note” gets around the SEC. To finish things off crypto around the world takes us India where the government is exploring...


RT #4 - Free Speech, Censorship, & Cryptocurrency

It’s time for another Roundtable discussion and somehow Brent managed to pick the topic again! We lead off with some news about Kucoin and their headquarters, Vitalik proposed a new algorithm to prevent 51% attacks, and a quick update on IOTA drama. For the Roundtable we discuss censorship, with media giants shutting down Alex Jones for violations of terms of service the boys have to ask… is this a good idea? What doors are we opening here? And does cryptocurrency have anything to say about...


Roundtable #3

We have a new guest on the show this week joining us for another Roundtable discussion. Matthew Mežinskis is one of the creators of the popular Crypto Voices podcast, where he and his co-host Fernando explore the world of cryptocurrency through the lens of Austrian economics. Matthew sits down with the entire crew to discuss his favorite topic (monetary policy), as well as explain what Bitcoin maximalism is all about. There’s also a lot of talk about charts because… well that’s a lot of...


Flagship Friday 32

Falgship Friday time, let’s see what’s in store for is in this week in the world of crypto! The owner of the NYSE exchange says Bitcoin can be the first worldwide currency… and they intend to help make this happen. Apple makes history as it reaches $1 trillion and Karim goes on a not so unexpected rant about big corporations (◔_◔) IOTA leaked emails reveal behind the scenes drama, Vitalik and Charles plan a debate via blog, Berlin prepares to host a truly crypto themed hackathon, and the...


Loom Network 101

It’s time to explore a new coin and today Mike sits down with Karim to break down one of his favorite cryptocurrency projects, Loom Network. While on the surface this may just look like a gaming platform, Loom is actually pursuing the broader vision of creating scaling solutions for Ethereum. Have you ever heard of a coin which had a kick-starter but no ICO? And what exactly is a Zombie Chain? You know what I’m going to say next… tune in to find out! LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Loom ...


Roundtable: Game Theory in Cryptocurrency

We recently released a Game Theory 101 episode in which we provided a general overview of the field and its concepts. But this week we want to let the conversation flow as we looked at how Game Theory actually applies in the world of cryptocurrency and economics. Joining us for this discussion and truly elevating the level of the conversation is Finance PhD and ZenCash co-founder, Robert Viglione. The conversation jumps from voting incentives & security to liquid democracy, decentralization...


Flagship Friday 31

New Friday means new Flagship… and new month means another victory for TeamKarim \ (•◡•) / This week SEC commissioner Hester Peirce defends investor’s right to invest in cryptocurrency and Brent finds a new scam coin called Apollo. John McAfee launches an unhackable crypto wallet which quickly gets hacked, Vitalik and CZ speak so we listen, Australian’s conduct a blockchain enabled trade experiment, and Venezuela attempts to address its out of control inflation. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM...


Roundtable: Twitter & Outrage Culture

CryptoBasic is happy to bring you our first ever installment of our new Roundtable series! You know we like to rant, but we didn’t know that you actually enjoy it when we rant =) This new format will take a specific topic, often but not always cryptocurrency related, and allow us to share our thoughts and explore tangents without constrain. We are starting off the series by letting Brent pick a topic that’s really been grinding his gears – Twitter & Outrage Culture. Have we gone too far?...


101 Series: Security

It’s time for another 101 Breakdown and this week we are looking at security and privacy. Brent sits down with Mike in order to discuss a variety of personal security topics including how to create safe passwords, varying passwords per site, and using password managers. We also look at other attack vectors such as social engineering, malware, public networks, & VPNs. Brent even compares browsers like Brave and Firefox, messaging apps, social networks, and operating systems! LINKS TO...


Flagship Friday #30

This week we start things of by re-evaluating the Ross Ulbricht story after news came out that his murder-for-hire charges are being dropped. This is a story we have discussed before on the podcast, but with new information, the guys shift their stances. We also discuss FOMO 3D and Karim takes us off topic for some out of this world news… we found liquid water on mars! Facebook allows Coinbase ads again, a new site tracks “cryptocurrency experts” predictions, the G20 weighs in on crypto,...


101 Series: Augur

Tell me crypto wanderers, have you ever wanted to predict the future? The betting and prediction platform that is Augur has finally launched, so what better time for an Augur 101 CryptoBasic breakdown! Brent and Karim sit down to discuss how prediction markets on Augur are created, wagered on, and closed. We also discuss the recent launch, how the project has grown, the Forecast Foundation’s role in the project, it’s main competitors, and explore how prediction markets could...


101 Series: Game Theory

These guy may be a bunch of crypto amateurs, but this week they’re kicking the expertise up a notch! We’re breaking down Game Theory today, and who better than a trio of professional poker player to explain this concept? Well… probably a lot of people, but you’re stuck with us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What is Game Theory and how can we apply it to our life? We kick off with a history lesson about how the field came to be and then get more hands on as we explore concepts like the prisoner’s dilemma, the...


FlagShip Friday: Episode 29

The Flagship is ready to sail! This week we kick off the show with Karim getting all fired up about corruption and a certain US Congressman… looking at you Brad Sherman. ಠ╭╮ಠ Brent has some words of approval for Coinbase and its handling of its upcoming coin considerations (ADA, XLM, ZEC, ZRX, BAT). We also look at a cryptocurrency study from Croatia (good job boys!), Brent defends EOS (yup, seriously) and has to eat some crow, Vitalik has some tough questions for the community, and the...


CryptoConvos: Robert Viglione #2

For today’s interview we get a chance to sit down with ZenCash co-founder Robert Viglione in order to discuss a variety of topics. We kickstart this interview by diving deep into the recent 51% attack, breaking down the exact timeline of events, ZenCash’s preparation and response, and what the plans are to prevent this going forward. The second half of the interview focuses on updates from the project as we discuss sidechains, the recent re-branding, Pornhub partnership, SuperNode...


101 Series: FCOIN

It’s been a few months now since the Bitconnect Ponzi scheme crumbled (Thats a SCAM!). But contrary to what Carlos Matos would have you believe the world is still the same, and as long as there is money to be made there will continue to be cheats and swindlers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors. Is FCOIN a scam? Almost certainly, and we therefore created this 101 breakdown both as a PSA for the crypto community and as an exercise in spotting the red flags...


Flagship Friday: Episode 28

It’s time again to cruise the crypto waters on our Friday Flagship! The whole gang is here to discuss Vitalik’s comments on centralization, Vitalik’s request to Twitter’s CEO, and of course Vitalik clapping….wait, is this a Vitalik themed episode? Maybe a little! But we also talk about the Augur launch, Bancor Exchange wallets get hacked, Binance on its way to record profits, and we peek at JPMorgan’s internal report on crypto. Crypto around the world this week has stops in Amsterdam,...


101 Series: Investment Theories & Strategies

Lets be honest, for most of us the world of blockchain is experienced through an investing lens… so why don’t we learn a little bit about investing! For this episode Brent and Karim are reminded that there is much they still don’t know as they explore different investment theories and strategies. Why do prices seem to move at random? Are markets really efficient? How does Dollar Cost Averaging compare to Value Averaging? If you loved our Cognitive Biases 101 episode you’re in for a treat,...


101 Series: Zcash

It’s time for another 101 breakdown and this week we are going to look at Zcash, a coin whose forks we somehow managed to cover before the coin itself! Brent sits down with Mike to finally explore this privacy focused project which frankly CryptoBasic had avoided due to what we considered outrageous founder rewards…. has our opinion been changed? We also explore why privacy matters to law abiding citizens in this 101 series on Zcach. Will this controversial coin yield a controversial...


Flagship Friday: Episode 27

Its a WSOP themed week here at CryptoBasic as we all sweat Mike's run, make sure you check out our contest to share in on the action! We discuss Phil Hellmuth’s WSOP entrance, over 600 alt-coins now defunct, Coinbase Custody goes live, Kraken and Bloomberg fire shots across the bow, Binance gets hacked (again), and Western Union files a cryptocurrency patent. Crypto Around The World this episode makes stops in Thailand where seven major cryptocurrencies are approved, South Korea which...