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EOS musings, the team is going to Thailand, and more

The CryptoBasic team is headed to Thailand for a conference with Beyond Blocks. They spend a bunch of time in the front of the show talking about that – and then move on to the usual. EOS still irks the team, Mike talks about the different types of ERC tokens, some Cardano drama has concluded in a very positive way, and the team responds to a rant. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Beyond Blocks speaker list EOS is totally decentralized right?EOS Constitution Bullish or Bullshit - Funfair5...


Round Table Bitcoin Cash fork - with Brant Tudor

Alright, we admit it. The CryptoBasic team was slacking on covering this Bitcoin Cash fork. So what do we do since the fork is tomorrow? Well we went and found a person that we respect that ACTUALLY knew what was going on, and brought him on the show to talk about it. Brant Tudor is a doctoral candidate with the Department of Chemistry at the University of South Florida. He has B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science and currently works as part of a research team developing molecular...


Flagship Friday #45 - Tether, Coinbase, EOS, and other musings

Its Flagship Friday! We’re talking about some of the most important topics this week such as: Coinbase getting richer, Tether totally having all the money they said they would, giving away XLM, Apple shutting down the most popular crypto podcast, EOS still being terrible, some politicians, and finally someone got caught doing something in the principal’s office. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Coinbase Gets Money Tether Letter Stellar Giveaway Apple Shuts...


101 Series: Decentraland

Decentraland. The virtual world where dreams come true and whales reign supreme. Do you have what it takes to walk from parcel to parcel? Will you open a casino or maybe a night club? A shell game perhaps? Mike and Brent talk about this unique project in the crypto space, as well as have some musing about the future. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Whitepaper ICO Drama 1ICO Drama 2Decentraland FAQSubredditWebsite HELP SUPPORT THE PODCAST! PLEASE Subscribe and give us an honest rating on...


Oyster Scam, Substratum Scam, and more news - Flagship 44

Brent spends half of this episode going off on the Oyster and Substratum scams, but Karim and Mike find some ways to get legitimate information in there. Karim geeks out about the Five Deeps misison, Mike talks about the Ethereum Cassic and Ethereum donation, and the team wraps it up with some fun rants (do you know what 0x is?) and mailbag questions. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Oyster Scam on RedditOyster CEO Medium Oyster CEO Medium 2 Redditor calls out oyster months ago Substratum...


Matthew Aaron from the Crypto 101 Podcast!

Welcome to another Crypto Convos – the series where we get up close and personal in a one on one setting with some of the best in the business. Today we’re talking with Matthew Aaron from the Crypto 101 Podcast! We talk about the challenges involved in podcasting, some of our favorite people and stories from the space – and about how Matthew has an interview coming with the one and only John McAfee! Check out all the links below to find Matthew’s episodes on his channel. LINKS TO TOPICS...


What is Initiative Q? Bitcoin turns 10, and a new stablecoin.

What is Initiative Q? Bitcoin turns 10 years old this week. Square is coming up with a cold storage solution. The team talks about another shady guy named Justin in the crypto space, and they tackle a really fun mailbag section where Karim brings back the 4 grader from a few weeks ago, which he still has as a weapon. Square Cash has been a fun way to interact with Bitcoin for a while now. The CEO of Square is VERY pro Bitcoin, and now he's releasing a system to the open source that will...


Blockchain and Religion - a round table discussion

What does blockchain have in common with religion? Are some cryptocurrency leaders like a cult? What would a religion look like if it were created ON the blockchain? The team sits down and discusses the somewhat surprising connection between religion and tech. The team definitely has a bias towards being anti-theistic, but gives this topic a chance on this episode of the CryptoBasic Podcast. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Organizational Behavior and the Human Decision process Living Better...


Fidelity Crypto, Tether and Cardano Drama

Karim is off galavanting the nation so Brent and Mike try to take care of things without him. They do a fantastic job, talking about how Fidelity is getting involved with Bitcoin and Ethereum, breaking down all the Cardano Foundation drama. Also, did you know the Ledger Nano S was 20% off? Better grab one with the link below! LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Fidelity Rolls out a Crypto Service Tether is all over the place Decred is making their DAO Cardano Drama Open LetterEthereum Classic...


101 Series: Nexo

After recently discussing the decentralized loan option for Ethereum called Maker, Mike and Brent sit down to talk about one of Mike’s pet projects: Nexo. Learn about how this centralized option is both different and similar to the decentralized options out there (most importantly the ability to use Bitcoin), and make a decision as to which one of them is best for you. Nexo might even have a credit card coming for you! LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW WhitepaperSubredditWebsite HELP...


Blockstream, Binance, Bittrex, Brents. So many B's!

This is an extra large episode of the podcast. Binance and Blockstream are the words of the day, and we even talk about Bittrex too. Listen to Mike, Brent, and Karim argue live about what the implications of a Blockstream technology might be to a consumer. The team goes on rants, Brent invites multiple people on to the show to argue with him, and the team even gets to a very difficult to answer mailbag section. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Binance is Donating Listing Fees Monero Origin...


Why are the markets down? Round Table discussion

Why are the markets down? No one really knows, but it’s on everyone’s mind. The Cryptobasic team decides they’re going to break down what makes sense to them as complete non-experts in the field. We learn some interesting things along the way as the team goes on a tangent. What can we learn from Google trends for terms like – What is Bitcoin , How to buy bitcoin , Blockchain , Decentralized? Find out what insights those provide, and what anecdotal evidence the boys can muster on this Round...


Brent is Mad about Facebook and Coinmarketcap - and all the crypto News

Brent is back and the team has a lot to pack into today’s episode. They’re talking about everything from Coinbase starting the equivalent of an ETF, to how scummy coinmarketcap can be when it comes to how they work out their advertisements. Karim has a very clear opinion on the leadership in Malta, and Stellar has launched the StellarX decentralized exchange! LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Facebook was hacked Coinbase has a bundle for purchase here is some more information about it.Sir Tim...


101: Maker DAO / DAI

Learn how to create stablecoins with unstable assets. After the Stablecoins 101 Brent wanted to look a lot deeper into Maker, and how it works and why it might be a good solution. Karim joins him this time to prod him with questions on how and why Maker works, what concerns there are for the future, and if it could ever replace Tether. Karim does a few basic flip flops on whether this Cryptocurrency replacement for the USD will work out. Check out Maker 101 now. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE...


101 Series: Lisk

Lisk is a project that’s been among the top of the market caps for a while that the Crypto Idiots didn’t know much about, so they decided it was time to tackle that Delegated Proof of Stake coin. Mike and Brent sit down and talk about this cryptocurrency that Brent was more familiar with than he thought. Find out why there might be some downsides to a coin that allows you to use multiple votes in your liquid democracy. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Whitepaper – (well not really)Subreddit...


Was there a Bitcoin Bug? What's using crypto like around the World? Flagship 39 answers this and more.

Brent is off protesting in DC so the team is handling the Flagship with two of them. There’s Austrian bonds, a big bug in the Bitcoin testnet, media bias and much much more. What was Luke Martin talking about? Metamask is supporting the Ledger Nano LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW Austria will use Ethereum for bonds. Bitcoin Bug explained 62% view media as biased.Luke Martin on Twitter Metamask supports ledger Google ends ad banTurkey crypto use Argentina Crypto Use Venezuela Crypto Use...


Round Table Episode: Greece and Greek Financian Crisis Featuring Jason Kyriakos

Today is a special day for the CryptoBasic Team. Jason Kyriakos is on the show with Brent and Karim to talk about the economics of Greece, and how it affects his everyday life. Jason is the editor of the CryptoBasic podcast, and he is responsible for the clean, crisp sound that you all hear on a daily basis. Join us as we have a frank discussion about the Greek culture, about how that movie was really terrible, and about what questions Greeks may have about cryptocurrency and how it affects...


101 Series: GoChain

Mike noticed a coin called GoChain won the Binance monthly contest to get listed for free and decided to take a look at the project. GoChain is an interesting concept where they aren’t as interested in immutability as other coins, but see it as something that should be changed when necessary. Brent wasn’t here to yell at Mike and Karim about decentralization, so get a look at how this project might fare in the crypto world. Find out if Proof of Authority is something that you’d be...


China's rankings suck, EOS Troubles again, and Robin Hood giving to the rich.

Flagship Friday Episode 38: The CCID public blockchain rankings are a joke, and they have the team fired up. Whoever put them out didn’t even do their base level research, and the numbers don’t make any sense. Robin Hood is selling your data, there is a 21 day challenge going on with a woman in China...and she ended up in the hospital. Learn all this and more with a decent amount of mailbag and other fun rants on this episode of Crypto Basic Flagship Friday. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE...


101 Series: Dogecoin

Dogecoin is extremely unique in the crypto space. What started as a joke quickly became a project with a life of its own, with a unique community that has kept the project alive against all odds. Find out how the joke started, how they managed to get a NASCAR car to have the likeness, and learn where they might be going in the future. Brent and Mike do a really bad job of using Doge speak also. Much cringe. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW SubredditWebsiteBlock explorerWikipedia Reddit post...