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[S3 E12] What To Really Expect in Digital in 2019. Probably.

In the final episode of the Digital Download Podcast of the year, I welcome back Arment Dietrich CEO and Spin Sucks head honcho Gini Dietrich to review the last 12 months and look ahead to the next year. We analyse some of the predictions we made back in January on S1E1 of the podcast, and we try to project where we believe the digital communications industry is headed over the next 12 months. We cover areas including influencers, voice recognition, Facebook marketing, artificial...


[S3 E11] The One Where I’ve Got Something To Say

The public relations industry is one of the most insecure professions around. They might be universally despised, but traffic wardens believe in themselves more than PR people. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I address some of the conversations driving the industry over the last month and take the opportunity to voice some frustrations that have been building recently. It's a very honest and forthright show containing some potentially divisive views. The intention is to...


[S3 E10] Where Digital PR is Headed in 2019

Every year the PRCA Digital PR report throws up some unexpected findings from the world of digital communications, and this year is no different. Among the headlines are that although PR teams are controlling more social and digital media activity, they're less confident in measuring it! In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Danny Whatmough, Chair of the PRCA Digital Group and MD for Integrated Media at Weber Shandwick, about some of the findings and what the...


[S3 E9] How to Tackle the Diversity Issue

Diversity is a hot topic in the public relations and communications industry. But while issues such as the gender pay gap and mental health receive a lot of attention, other issues such as racial equality, sexual orientation and disability do not. In addition, the industry does not appear to be making much, if any progress. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Sara Hawthorn, hard of hearing owner of InFusion Comms and diversity campaigner, about how the industry can...


[S3 E8] Link Building for Communications Professionals

The convergence of public relations, social media and SEO is nearly complete, and one area where the lines are now completely blurred is that of authority link building. And yet PR professionals still question their ability to build links that impact search rankings and are confused by how to go about it. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Andy Barr, owner of 10 Yetis, to address some of the key questions that public relations and communications people commonly ask...


[S3 E7] How Digital Is Transforming When & Where We Work

Advances in digital communications technology over the last few years have made the ability to work from anywhere at any time a reality. Whether it's automated processes or a greater ability to share information quickly and effectively, the world of PR work is changing rapidly before our eyes. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Rich Leigh, founder of Radioactive PR, about his decision to switch his agency to a four day work week without cutting pay. We discuss what...


[S3 E6] How Digital Has Impacted Journalism

It's no secret that the media has changed beyond all recognition in the last ten years, with print circulations down by 50% and digital news sites struggling to turn a profit. As a result, the symbiotic relationship between journalists and public relations professionals has become even more strained. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to veteran tech and business journalist Guy Clapperton about how digital has changed journalism and about how journalists now operate. We...


[S3 E5] Collagin: From PR Stunt to Dragon’s Den

There are good PR stunts and there are bad PR stunts. The good ones create a massive groundswell of publicity and awareness that can help to propel a brand's fame and reputation to a new level. The bad ones float something large down the Thames... In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I chat to co-founder of Young in Spirit Camilla Brown about Collagin, the collagen-infused gin that she and business partner Liz Beswick dreamed up as a PR stunt but that is now on sale in John...


[S3 E4] Future Proofing Your Career in Communications

There is no escaping the march of technology and the impact it is having on our professional lives. And yet some more senior PR and communications professionals are running scared when the simple fact is that we all have to embrace change to remain relevant. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I chat to author and founder of Zude PR, David Sawyer, about the journey he's gone through in the last five years from digital dullard to writing a book about future proofing your career...


[S3 E3] Fake News! How Misinformation is Impacting Communications

Last week Brewdog came under fire for a story that turned out not only to be untrue, but that came from a hard-to-identify source. It is the perfect example of the challenges facing brands in a post-Trump, post-Brexit world where misinformation holds as much if not more weight than the truth. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I discuss the phenomenon of fake news with Alex Myers, CEO of Brewdog's PR agency, Manifest. He candidly opens up about the circumstances surrounding...


[S3 E2] Nike, Kaepernick and the Use of Brand Archetypes

When Nike published its latest advertisement featuring racial injustice campaigner Colin Kaepernick, it sparked a torrent of abuse for the brand from those who disagree with Kaepernick's stance. It also prompted an outpouring of admiration from supportive consumers and marketers alike. To say it is controversial is an understatement. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I discuss Nike's approach with Stephen Houraghan, who runs Australian branding agency Iconic Fox. We talk...


[S3 E1] Emerging Technologies in Communications

In the opening episode of Season Three of the Digital Download podcast, we take a look at some of the emerging technologies that digital communications professionals need to start paying attention to. Using Gartner's Hype Cycle as a reference point, communications technology expert Neville Hobson and I discuss what's predicted to hit the mainstream within the next two to three years. Through the lens of public relations and marketing communications, we analyse the impact that these might...


[S2 E11] The Importance of Humanity in a Digital World

In the final episode of Season Two of the Digital Download podcast, we take a look at some of the major themes to have emerged from the show during the last three months. MD of Carrot Communications and co-founder of Polpeo Kate Hartley and I discuss how, despite the podcast being primarily about how digital technology is impacting the communications industry, the outstanding message to come through is one of humanity. We talk about what this means in terms of technologies including social...


[S2 E10] It Doesn’t Pay to be an A**hole

Hard rock band Halestorm won a Grammy Award in 2013 and is about to release its fourth album in nine years on Atlantic Records. Lead singer Lzzy Hale is one of the most popular and likeable frontwomen (or men) on social media, where she is pretty much ever-present on Twitter and Instagram. But does popularity pay? I caught up with Lzzy and guitarist Joe Hottinger (who, incidentally, are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet) on a recent media trip to London to promote their new...


[S2 E9] The Immense Value of Online Communities

The word 'community' is often misused by communications professionals, many of whom fail to grasp the fundamental nature of community and how to leverage it. But when deployed strategically, with a clear purpose and focus on the members not the administrator, online communities can provide huge business value. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Gemma Went, a digital strategist who has built a successful mentoring business by building a vibrant online community. We...


[S2 E8] No More Bullshit: The Value of Brutal Honesty

There's a lot of corporate rubbish spoken in and around the PR industry. From over-elaborate brand statements and communications jargon to pseudo-propitious CSR initiatives. Companies and brands hide behind walls of carefully constructed marketing initiatives that present a polished veneer instead of what really goes on inside those organisations. But what if we remove that veneer? In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to John Brown, founder of Don't Cry Wolf, about honesty....


[S2 E7] The Lowdown on B2B Influencer Marketing

B2B influencer marketing is a discipline that, far from being in its infancy, has not reached the maturity of the consumer sector. While the latter is plagued with Instagram and YouTube 'stars' who flog their supposed influence to the highest bidder, the B2B sector is relatively untouched. Many communications professionals are unsure of how to best utilise B2B influencers and of what the differences in approach are to the consumer sector. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I...


[S2 E6] Give a Robot a Cuddle: A Review of Digital Download Live 2018

This episode of the Digital Download podcast was recorded live at Digital Download Live 2018. The event presented a challenging set of developments for the communications industry that necessitate ensuring you are up-to-speed with technological change, namely fake news, a potential crash in influencer marketing, the decline of content visibility and the threat of artificial intelligence. In today's show, some of those attending Digital Download Live 2018 discuss what they heard at the event...


[S2 E5] The Secrets of Ultimate Instagram Creativity

Instagram is arguably the most creative of all of the social media channels, and yet so many brands, companies and marketers struggle with how to utilise it. While many corporate accounts are dull and predictable, there are individuals using Instagram to build their personal brands in highly creative ways, and it is from these examples that inspiration can be taken. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Bronte Huskinson about her phenomenal rise from 3000 to 42,000...


[S2 E4] Why Inbound Could Finally Prove the ROI of PR

Public relations has had issues with measuring return on investment for, arguably, the entirety of its life. Competitive disciplines such as digital marketing, advertising and SEO have mopped up business for little other reason than PR has struggled to prove its worth. A new methodology, however, promises to guide PR professionals towards a process that demonstrates its value once and for all. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Iliyana Stareva, Global Partner Program...