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For Immediate Release is a podcast series addressing the intersection of the online world with public relations and organizational communications. It is anchored by the twice-weekly Hobson and Holtz Report.

For Immediate Release is a podcast series addressing the intersection of the online world with public relations and organizational communications. It is anchored by the twice-weekly Hobson and Holtz Report.
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For Immediate Release is a podcast series addressing the intersection of the online world with public relations and organizational communications. It is anchored by the twice-weekly Hobson and Holtz Report.








For Immediate Release #133: Narcissism, Consumerism, and Activism

This week's conversations feature PR analytics thought leader Christopher S. Penn on the growing risks posed by "deepfakes," videos convincingly altered with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and customer service expert Frank Eliason on why Facebook users just aren't abandoning the social network in droves in the wake of its Cambridge Analytica scandal. Also in this episode: The Arthur W. Page Society is updating its mission and purpose (and launching a podcast); an Augmented Reality app...


For Immediate Release #132: Your Mission is Not Your Purpose

Sharon McIntosh, host of the EE Voice podcast and a veteran internal communications executive now consulting with companies on communicating change, joins FIR host Shel Holtz to talk about the mistake companies make when they assume their mission and their purpose are the same things. Also in this episode: Reddit redesigned its website and some of the most outspoken users on the web were basically fine with it; families are the biggest users and advocates for smart speakers, so where is...


FIR #131: Snapchat’s Egg Hunt, Facebook Privacy, SpaceX Satellites… and a Smorgasbord of Segments

With Shel away with a family matter, Dan York stepped in to host this week’s episode, with Gini Dietrich contributing a segment on crisis communications. Topics included: Snapchat launches a “Pokemon Go”-style augmented reality Easter Egg Hunt Facebook makes some changes to improve user privacy Doc Searls weighs in on all the tracking of media... Continue Reading → The post FIR #131: Snapchat’s Egg Hunt, Facebook Privacy, SpaceX Satellites… and a Smorgasbord of Segments appeared first on...


FIR #130: March Hobson & Holtz Report

Neville Hobson joins host Shel Holts for the March installment of "The Hobson & Holtz Report." Topics discussed include Facebook, more Facebook, CSR, blockchain and smart contracts, and blockchain and elections. Dan York's Tech Report covers IETF 101, TLS 1.3, message layer security, and yes, Facebook. Continue Reading → The post FIR #130: March Hobson & Holtz Report appeared first on FIR Podcast Network.


For Immediate Release #129: It's A Great Time to Be A Communicator

Serena Ehrlich, director of social and evolving media for BusinessWire, talks about what news organizations might do next now that Facebook's algorithm has all but ended the sharing of their content in users' News Feeds. Also in this episode: Companies are increasing the size of their communication staffs in an effort to protect their reputations; the link between reputation and market value is getting stronger; YouTube will link from conspiracy theory videos to Wikipedia articles Fake...


For Immediate Release #128: Roses Are Red, Buy Our Stuff

On episode #128 of the "For Immediate Release" podcast, Kathy Klotz-Guest joins host Shel Holtz to discuss an emerging trend of brands using poetry to convey messages. Kathy -- a standup comedian in addition to her day job using strategy, improv, and humor to help organizations create share-worthy experiences -- sees some huge potential extensions of the approach taken by brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and A+E Network. Also in this episode, a wonderful VR experience from Barneys and the...


FIR Podcast #127: Color Us Post-Text Skeptical

Josh Bernoff joined host Shel Holtz for a conversation about how brands are addressing gun sales and the NRA in the wake of the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Later in the episode, Sean Williams and Shel had a chat about just how much HR communications will embrace the "post-text world" concept. Other topics on this week's show include news about enterprise messaging apps, the surprise shutdown of a media company its leaders...


FIR Podcast #126: Is KFC FCK'd?

Neville Hobson joins host Shel Holtz for the February installment of "The Hobson & Holtz Report." Topics include how KFC in the UK handled a chicken shortage that shut down half the operation's restaurants, whether the way people are using their smart audio devices presents few opportunities for marketers, why companies need to start communicating with employees about their Artificial Intelligence plans, new criteria for evaluating making Fortune's list of the best companies to work for,...


FIR #125: I Love My Parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty

This week's conversations feature Peter Himler on companies using founders and entrepreneurs as spokespersons, Donna Papacosta on the Oxford Comma, and David Spark on a study on business video consumption habits. Other stories include Google's introduction of its own version of Stories; you can still buy a newspaper from a newspaper rack; Twitter's new feature streams local news video from the scene of breaking news; Facebook is creating a section in Watch to feature breaking news;...


FIR #124: Founders as Spokespersons

Company founders are turning up more and more as spokepersons in advertising and marketing. (Have you heard the founder of Third Love or the co-founders of Bombas pitching their products on the radio instead of a paid spokesperson?) On this week's FIR, hear conversations about this trend with Scott Monty and Gerard Corbett. Also on this week's episode: Facebook tests a downvote option, publishers dropped from Facebook's News Feed are turning to LinkedIn, Dodge faces backlash for invoking...


For Immediate Release #123: Tide Pods and Crock-Pots

This week's conversations featured Melissa Agnes on how two companies deftly handled surprise issues not of their own making, Kami Huyse on Richard Edelman's assertion that PR needs to pivot from advocacy to education, and Sharon McIntosh on a Pew study revealing how workers feel about trending workplace issues. Also in this episode: Could Facebook be getting ready to kill the News Feed altogether? Facebook users accustomed to getting their news on the social network are going back to...


For Immediate Release #122: It's Hefty But Good -- Trust Us, You'll Love It

The January installment of The Hobson & Holtz Report brings Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz together in a long-form podcast that covers the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer (including the role of influencers as influence marketing efforts move from agencies to in-house departments), the rise of live-streaming video (with 95% of executives planning to use it this year), pharmaceutical companies with strong social media presences, a department store encouraging customers to follow employees'...


For Immediate Release #121: The CEO Makes How Much?

This week's conversations featured Jen Phillips on CVS's decision to eliminate airbrushing from ads for beauty products it carries and Augie Ray on Visa's new sonic brand, a two-note sound you'll hear when completing financial transactions using your Visa card. Also in this episode... Continue Reading → The post FIR #121: The CEO Makes How Much? appeared first on FIR Podcast Network.


For Immediate Release #120: Kill Social Media and Hope It Dies

This week's conversations featured Deirdre Breakenridge on the ROI of ethical behavior and PR's role in serving as the company's conscience, Marshall Kirkpatrick on American's love-hate relationship with social media (as documented in a new Harris Poll), and Phil Gomes on Kodak's announcement that it would introduce a blockchain-based photography registry and a cryptocurrency for purchasing rights to images. Also in this episode: Facebook's latest News Feed update focuses on friends and...


For Immediate Release #119: New Year, New Format

This is a landmark episode of "For Immediate Release." It's the first show of 2018, the beginning of our 14th year of podcasting, and the introduction of a new, faster-paced format with a shorter overall runtime. Joining host Shel Holtz for some quick conversation in addition to other stories are Gini Dietrich (on Snapchat's new feature that lets you embed Snapchat Stories anywhere on the web), Paul Barton (on the increasing focus companies are placing on employee experience, or EX), and...


For Immediate Release #118: Longer Tweets , Creepy Tweets, and Tweetstorms

Neville Hobson joined Shel Holtz for the monthly installment of "The Hobson & Holtz Report" to discuss a group of UK newspapers using robots to help write stories; research that found higher engagement for tweets that took advantage of the new 280 character count; Adobe's announcement that Storify will shut down; how GoFundMe is changing the shape of disaster relief; the flooding of the FCC's comment server with fake comments; and whether that Netflix was really all that creepy. Dan York...


For Immediate Release #117: A Dilly Dilly Episode

Doug Haslam and Ike Pigott joined host Shel Holtz for this week's FIR podcast to talk about a study that finds most employees don't think their real-world job experience matches their employers' brands; a small craft brewer called a new beer Dilly Dilly and got a special cease-and-desist from Bud Light; LinkedIn is letting Slideshare fall into obscurity, YouTube's algorithm for finding objectionable content is sweeping up innocent creators; and brands are secretly buying their way into...


For Immediate Release #116: Is More Annoying Content the Future of Media?

David Spark and Ryan Williams joined host Shel Holtz for this week's FIR podcast to talk about a few of Henry Blodget's 14 predictions about the future of media; a few of David Spark's list of 10 ways companies annoy us that they don't know about (or do they?); whether internal communicators still need to keep proving their value; how one media company managed its digital transformation by recognizing that being digital means giving people a voice; and what Salesforce is up to bringing...


For Immediate Release #115: Digital Coloring Book Ads Are Here (And They Work)

Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips and Lynette Young joined host Shel Holtz for this week's FIR podcast to talk about when to send your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional emails if you want customers to actually open them; whether Google and Twitter (or media outlets) could introduce provenance to facts in order to help readers know when what they are reading is true; the growing importance of "brand safety" to chief marketing officers; how Honda is using Facebook ad targeting for...


For Immediate Release #114: Stupid chatbots

Chris Christensen and Christopher Penn joined host Shel Holtz for this week's FIR podcast to talk about Todd Defren's departure from SHIFT Communications, the newly-identified podcast "super listener," the rise of the travel podcast category, whether you should turn your Instagram account over to a bot, AI as the "new electricity," United Airlines' auction of hardware from a Boeing 747 to MileagePlus members, and the importance of addressing a crisis quickly. Dan York reports on the...


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