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The only Forex trading podcast designed to set you up the right way to achieve your trading goals.

The only Forex trading podcast designed to set you up the right way to achieve your trading goals.
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The only Forex trading podcast designed to set you up the right way to achieve your trading goals.




Ep13: Trading Psychology - 3 Things You Must Have To Go Pro

You’re not going anywhere in this business unless you possess these three character traits, and strive to max them out over time. VP opens up his Trading Psychology series with an overview of the top 3 must-haves. All links and videos mentioned can be found in the blog for this episode - Subscribe on iTunes - https://itun [...]


Ep12: Is Forex Recession-Proof?

Recessions are unavoidable. People lose everything. But the people who play defense and know what to do end up propering big in the long run. VP explains how to protect yourself, and how Forex plays a large part. For your convenience, every video mentioned is all right there in the blog for this week’s podcast - Subscribe on iTunes -


Ep11: Journaling Done Right = $$

If you don’t journal your trades, you’re falling behind those that do. Problem is, it’s normally a chore for most, and it’s not very effective in the end. Episode 11 changes all of that. Blog for Episode 11 - Elimination Video - Subscribe on iTunes [...]


Ep10: Best Forex Trading Broker

4 critical things you must check for if you want the best Forex trading broker for you. VP breaks them down one-by-one. Blog For This Episode: Elimination Video: How Long To Demo Trade (Episode 6):


Ep9: Should I Pay For Indicators?

We go over indicators in general a lot in this episode, not just the paid variety. VP has tested thousands of them. He has purchased about a dozen of them. And as usual, he has an opinion on all of them. Blog for Episode 9 - No Nonsense Forex Youtube Channel -


Ep8: Where Do I Set My Leverage?

This is very easy to get wrong. The good news is, once you have a good number in place, you can set it and forget it. Having the right leverage is also a great way to figure out if you’re over-trading or putting too much money on a single trade. In Episode 8, VP gives you two options. Blog for Episode 8 - ESMA Ruling -...


Ep7: What Equipment Do I need To Trade Forex?

I’m about to save you a ton of money on this one. Be honest though, what do you think a professional trader typically uses to trade? No matter what you thought, you were probably right — but there is a best way to do this. And it just happens to be the least expensive option out there. Blog for this Episode:


Ep6: How Long Should You Demo Trade?

Demo Trading is one of the great benefits of Forex trading. Take FULL advantage. In Episode 6, VP gives you a roadmap in terms of how long you should demo trade, what to do afterwards, and why. Blog for this episode: Elimination Video: Dirty Dozen Video:


Ep5: How Much Money Do You Need To Trade Forex Professionally?

Take a guess. You guessed wrong. Find out not only how much, but the different ways you can become a real professional trader. Some routes cost a lot more than others. The blog for this episode:…x-professionally/


Ep4: How Many Pairs Should You Trade?

Episode 4 has the chance to multiply your results, many times over. VP probably trades a lot more pairs than you do, and explains why. The Forex Q&A Podcast can be heard every Monday morning, and is the only forex trading podcast that exposes the same bad trading advice and provides a fresh, honest take on FX trading. The EUR/USD video:


Ep3: Which Time Frame Gives You The Best Results?

VP reveals one of the most important tactics you’ll need to learn going forward. Everyone, regardless of which time frame they like to trade, needs to hear this.


Ep2: Where Is The Best Place To Learn Forex Trading?

Never pay to learn Forex trading, the best places are free. In this Episode of the Forex Q&A Podcast, VP tells you where the best place to learn can be found, which parts you can skip over, and what you should be careful of going forward. —-more—- No Nonsense Forex YouTube Channel Blog for this episode Ask VP a question [...]


Ep1: Top 4 Questions I Get as a Pro Forex Trader

These are the top 4 forex trading questions I get once sombody discovers what I do. They aren’t the most advanced questions on earth, but these are the ones I get asked most often. Listen to this episode first, just to make sure your question isn’t on here. Free fx trading advice is available every week here on the Forex Q&A Podcast. Ask me a question here - Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes -...


Episode 0 - You Better Know Me

Through this podcast, you will gain a very clear advantage in your Forex trading over other traders, because you’re about to learn the things they don’t. The information available on Forex trading right now is terrible and hurts your overall success. You need better. Professional Forex Prop Trader VP is here to give it to you.