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The podcast that talks about the marketing and business of indie games.

The podcast that talks about the marketing and business of indie games.
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The podcast that talks about the marketing and business of indie games.




Ep 106 - How to Grow and Learn Fast as an Indie Dev

If there is at least one thing that any indie dev wants, it's probably to grow fast. However, growing fast still comes with many risks and challenges. Knowing what to do (and not to do) can save time, money and frustration, but sometimes you just got to plow through the obstacles ahead to learn what you need to get the game completed. This is nothing new for Dave Oshry of New Blood Interactive, as he shares the risks he took and the experiences he learned from to get his games to market in...


Ep. 105 - How to Stand Out as an Indie Dev

No matter what indie devs do to try and stand out, it’s always going to be a struggle. Whether you need funding, are trying to break through the advertising clutter or simply just want a sustainable living, it’s always going to be an uphill battle. Thankfully, Meredith Hall of Ultimerse can relate to a lot of this and shares what strategies and tricks she has learned to make great strides and stand out as a slightly bigger, colorful fish….in a big pond.


Ep 104 - Where to Start Indie Game Marketing

As much as we wish marketing didn’t demand a lot of time and effort, that still doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Logan Williams of IndieWolverine shares several marketing tips that any indie or solo dev should start with and be able to implement in small, actionable steps and see results.


Ep 103 - How to Make a Kickstarter Comeback

Crowdfunding is one avenue that indie devs and many others always look to in hopes of getting the funds they need which will take their project to the next level. But one thing that always looms over projects is the possibility of failure. We’re here with Kunal of SWDTech Games to talk about how their first Kickstarter campaign for their game Pixel Noir failed and how they made the ultimate comeback the second time around and fund their game. That discussion and more as Indie Game Movement...


Ep 102 - Being Perseptive of Your Game's Messaging

Indie devs may know the ins and outs of their game, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how their messaging is being interpreted by players. Bill Gardner of The Deep End Games shares his journey and the lessons learned from his first game Perception and how important it is to really know your messaging when it comes to marketing your game.


Ep 101 - Taking 6 Years to Make a Game

Being a hobby or indie dev is hard, but having a simplified, easy to follow process in place can make the world of a difference. Corey Selover and Jeremie Duval of Happy Rock Studios share their story as hobby devs working through a six year stretch to finish first game and the valuable processes they learned along the way.


Ep 100 - A Brief Intro to Indie Game Movement

Andrew, Dicky and Justin briefly introduce themselves while going over why they started the podcast and what topics they look forward to discussing in future episodes of Indie Game Movement.