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Monica chats with British Model, Olivia Arben. Olivia is also an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation. Monica and Olivia chat about her modeling career, why she's an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, London Fashion week and her tip for glowing skin. CONNECT WITH OLIVIA INSTAGRAM British Heart Foundation social campaign and charity shops: #boughtatbhf


044 - Kathryn Yee - Owner and Designer of The Everyday Co - Product based business, getting noticed through features and PR, Creating a product that is true to you

Monica chats with Kathryn Yee, the owner and designer of The Everyday Co. They cover: • knowing when it’s time to expand your product line • how press and features get your brand noticed in an authentic and genuine way • Staying in your own lane 20% off entire order with code INFLUENCERGIRL20 WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM |


043 - Growing a community on your blog and Instagram, defining your personal style, and blogs are still relevant featuring Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie In Lace

Monica chats with Elizabeth Hugen, the founder of Lizzie In Lace. Monica and Elizabeth chat about: • How to get your blog noticed • Keeping communication open • The importance of supporting new bloggers • Growing a community on both the blog and instagram • Why blogs are still relevant • Defining your own personal style CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK PAGE


042 - Inventing a product in the beauty industry that turns into a global brand with founder of One Two Cosmetics Katy Stoka

Monica chats with the inventor of One Two Cosmetics, Katy Stoka. One Two Lash is the world's first magnetic false lash. Monica and Katy chat about her decision to overcome the fear of inventing and launching a product in the beauty industry and how she took the brand global. The company has grown to more than 200 employees and One Two Lash is made by hand in the United States. Website Instagram Katy's Personal Instagram


042 - Making natural beauty and skincare products fun and accessible with founder of Schmidt Naturals, Jamie Schmidt

Monica chats with Jamie Schmidt, the founder of Schmidt Naturals. Jamie share her story of how she started creating her natural deodorants for herself and then brought them to the local farmer's market and how the fans of her products allowed her business to flourish and is now sold at Target and Whole Foods to name a few. Website Instagram


040 - Influencer marketing, management and the importance of in-person connection as an influencer featuring Sarah Boyd of Simply

Monica chats with the founder of Simply about the importance of in person connection as an influencer and business owner. Sarah shares success stories of influencers who have attended the conference and later became panelists. Use INFLUENCERGIRL for 15% off conference tickets Website Instagram Facebook


039 - Being transparent about mental health through podcasting and social media featuring Scout Sobel of Podcast by Scout

Monica chats with Scout, the host of Podcast by Scout about mental health, how to create a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself and starting a business. Website Instagram PODCAST BY SCOUT More podcast details:


38 - Starting a blog even if you think it's saturated, kindness in the online space, and preventing burnout with Venessa Kaufman of We The Classy

Monica and Venessa, the owner and blogger behind We The Classy chat about: • getting started as a blogger in a saturated market • how to prevent burnout • bringing more kindness into the online space Website Instagram The Foundress


037 - Body Positive Brand Messaging + The truth behind going viral featuring Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick

Monica and Sarah chat about • Body Positive Brand Messaging • What it's like to go viral • How to stay true to yourself as an influencer and how that is the best long-term strategy Website Instagram Facebook Page


036 - Christine Lakin on creating a limiteless career

Monica and Christine chat about • How to create your own career path • How to be successful when you're multi-passionate • Why you shouldn't listen to people who say you can't do what you want when it comes to your career Website Instagram Facebook Page


035 - What you need to know about the future of blogging with Molly Stillman of Still Being Molly

Monica and Molly of Still Being Molly chat about: • How to grow an engaged audience • How to not freak out if your engagement is down • Power of your email list • Where the future of blogging is going • Importance of long term business plans Website Instagram Facebook Page Facebook Group


034 - Navigating your late twenties: career, dating, friendships featuring Chelsea Scott of The Millennial Miss

Monica and Chelsea chat about being millennials in their late 20s plus: Website: Instagram Handle: Facebook Page:


033 - Cultivating a community, vulnerability, and the only skin care tip you need from Katey Yurko, founder of The Violet Fog

Monica chats with the founder of The Violet Fog, Katey Yurko. They chat about blogging, skin-care, and dating - you know the important things. They cover: • Embracing your readers as you transition your blog's direction • Cultivating a community and loving your readers in the online space • Making your blog about the readers • Wellness tips The Violet Fog website Article about Gua Sha Facials Article about liking an ex's new girl's photo on IG (ugh the shame!!! lol) Link to The...


032 - How to manage a full-time job with a blog and side hustle with Elise Armitage, Founder of What the Fab

Monica chats with founder of What the Fab, Elise Armitage. They discuss: • The recent rebranding of What The Fab and what Elise learned from it/advice for anyone about to do a rebrand • Key elements to a successful sponsored campaign/partnership • How to balance a full-time job and a full-time blog What The Fab is a fashion and travel blog that seeks to find the fabulous in the every day. The site aims to inspire its readers to go a little bolder and live life a little...


031 - Taking a business minded approach to blogging featuring Kara Harms of Whimsy Soul

Monica chats with founder of Whimsy Soul, Kara Harms. Kara shares the inside scoop on • how to stay on brand with multi passionate interests • taking a business mindset approach as an influencer • how she grew an engaged audience • the future of Instagram stories • the best way to use Instagram lives • why blogs aren’t dead • importance of evergreen content Listeners can try Airbnb for $40 off with this link Kara's favorite blogging tool is Tailwind. This tool single-handily...


030 - How to grow your blog audience organically featuring Hayley Larue Baray of Blondie in the City

Monica chats with Hayley Larue of Blondie in the City. Hayley shares how she has grown her audience organically with the help of Pinterest and engaging with her audience to build community. Hayley shares her blogging tips and her journey in starting Blondie in the City. Connect with Hayley: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK PAGE Get $50 off pre-owned designer handbags on Tradesy with code Hayley50


029 - How to live a glowing life with ease featuring Martina Fink

Monica chats with holistic health coach, Martina Fink about living a glowing life from the inside out. From eating the foods that make you feel good to living a sustainable life, Martina shares her expert insights into how you can start glowing today. Martina also breaks down her retreats and what you can expect when you join her on her Bali retreat this summer! Connect with Martina Glow Ritual: Meditation: INSTAGRAM...


028 - Building a global brand featuring Lacy Gadegaard of Laced Hair Extensions

Monica chats with founder and CEO of Laced Hair Extensions, Lacy Gadegaard. Lacy shares her journey into founding Laced Hair Extensions from starting as a hair stylist to trusting herself enough to start a global company. Lacy also shares her advice to influencers and bloggers when it comes to successful brand partnerships. Connect with Lacy: INSTAGRAM | PERSONAL INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE Learn more about this episode at


027 - What is Reiki and how can it help? Featuring Lauren Gonzalez of Badass B In A Pod Podcast

Monica chats with Lauren about Reiki Healing, her own spiritual journey, choosing growth over victim mentality and getting certified in Reiki healing. Connect with Lauren: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK Lauren's Podcast


026 - Creating a high-performance, inclusive line of makeup featuring Monika Deol, founder of Stellar*

Monica chats with the founder of Stellar*, Monika Deol. Monika shares her journey from television to developing a high performance make-up line sold at Sephora. Stellar* is a revolutionary, high-performance, inclusive line of makeup that over delivers to medium skin tones. Shop the Featured Stellar* Products: Starlust Holographic Lipgloss Starlust Holographic Highlighting Palette Opus Liquid Lip Connect with Monika: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK