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Podcast - Just a Taste: Matt Williams of Secco Wine Club

Do you know what is in the wine you are drinking? Matt Williams of Secco Wine Club enlightens us on the truth about mass produced wine, and what 0 added sugar, 0 chemicals, and Eco Friendly wine can do for taste and your body.


Podcast: Just a Taste - Dayton Miller of Boulder Food Group

Dayton Miller, Managing Partner of Boulder Food Group, joins host Scott Curry to share how his venture capital firm assesses potential investments amongst the titanic shift in consumer mindset and buying behaviors underway in food and beverage, and offers his red flags for entrepreneurs.


Podcast - Just a Taste: Dr. John Hayes of Penn State's Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

How does color impact taste? Spend some time with Dr. John Hayes associate professor of food science and director, Sensory Evaluation Center at Penn State, as he discusses findings from his recent research published in Food and Quality Preference, a journal dedicated to sensory, consumer and behavioral research. He and host Scott Curry also take a look back at Crystal Pepsi and Heinz Green Ketchup, and discuss whether or not other contexts, such as brand, impact the taste experience for a...


Podcast - Just a Taste: Dave Donnan of A.T. Kearney

What is the future of cannabis in food and beverage? Join Consumer Products & Retail Practice expert Dave Donnan of A.T. Kearney as he examines the current state and potential for hemp and cannabis and its potential impact on the food and beverage industry. He and host Scott Curry discuss the complicated legal landscape and consumer expectations for the booming cannabis business within supermarket retail and beyond. Dave also shares his perspective on the current state of dinner amid the...


Podcast: Just a Taste - Ken Kisoo Park of Detox Water

Inspired by his mother’s aloe remedies, Ken Park – Founder/CEO of Detox Water, created a deliciously flavored aloe infused water that is now surging in popularity across the nation. Incubated in his Babson College dorm, Ken started his journey by first private labeling a popular Asian aloe drink. With an appealing name, and striking packaging, Ken’s product caught on and started to move by the pallet. This episode of Just a Taste explores the roots of Detox Water, the potential health...


Podcast - Gary Kestenbaum, Food Packaging Development, Performance, and Safety Consultant

What are the top 3 facets of Food and Beverage packaging safety? Go through these important topics and get an informative overview of product packaging with expert Food Packaging Consultant, Gary Kestenbaum. He and host Scott Curry discuss the various considerations companies need to make when developing packaging including design, product/package interaction, pricing, supplier, and much more. Also, find out the great extent some Food and Beverage companies are going through to train their...


Just a Taste - Episode 45: Gabe Carimi of Stryve

Host Scott Curry takes a deep dive into the world of Biltong with Gabe Carimi, former NFL player, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Stryve. Learn what inspired Stryve to be started, what it entails to produce their innovative product, and what Gabe looks for in teammates when building a successful company.


Just a Taste - Episode 44: Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report

Yaron Weitzman, NBA Writer for Bleacher Report, discusses what it means to eat kosher and shares some funny stories about his personal experiences with it.


Just a Taste - Episode 43: Nancy Clark Sports Nutritionist

Nancy Clark, an internationally known sports nutritionist and author, discusses her secrets to living a balanced and healthy life.


Just a Taste - Episode 42: Ciare James of Conagra

Ciare James, Brand Director of Frozen Meals at Conagra, has successfully led efforts to revitalize and contemporize iconic brands like Hunt’s, Reddi-wip and most recently, Banquet through core business rejuvenation, winning innovation and compelling communication. Learn more about her and what she is doing today to continue to lead Conagra to success.


Just a Taste - Episode 41: Lilani Estacio of Orca Bay Seafoods

Lilani Estacio, Head of Marketing and Communications at Orca Bay Seafoods, discusses some of the myths surrounding seafood, the challenges of getting people to cook it at home, and how Orca Bay always keeps their seafood fresh for the consumer.


Just a Taste - Episode 40: Aviva Paley of Kitchens for Good

Aviva Paley, Senior Director and Co-Founder of Kitchens for Good, shares how her company is breaking the cycles of food waste, hunger, and poverty through innovate solutions in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise.


Just a Taste - Episode 39: Abby Prior of Bright Farms

Abby Prior, Vice President of Marketing at BrightFarms, discusses her companies mission to improve the health of the planet and the health of society by bringing more local produce to more people nationwide. Find out how BrightFarms is using less water, less shipping fuel and less land than industrialized produce companies while also providing a more nutritious and better tasting product.


Just a Taste - Episode 38: Dianna Lovett Founder of Cocomama

Dianna Lovett, Founder of Cocomama, discusses her lifelong love affair of chocolate and her big hearted wish for a world in which delicious treats could be enjoyed with peace of mind. Lovett wanted to create a company that would utilize only ethically responsible cocoa while supporting small-scale farmers. She traveled the world from West Africa to Central America to find the perfect beans and discovered FUNDOPO, an Organic, Fair Trade cooperative in the Dominican Republic.


Just a Taste - Episode 37: Mark Tilsen of Tanka

Mark Tilsen President and Co-Founder of Native American Natural Foods, the innovator of the first national meat snack bar, Tanka Bar, joins our podcast. Tilsen explains how the Tanka Bar is helping break the social, economic, and political isolation of the Indian reservation where it is produced and how buffalo meat is healthier and more environmentally sustainable than beef.


Just a Taste - Episode 36: Baxter Holmes of ESPN

ESPN Writer Baxter Holmes joins the “Just a Taste” podcast to discuss his James Beard Award winning article titled “The NBA’s Secret Addiction”. This article explores how PB&J sandwiches became a favorite snack for players and teams across the league. It also dives into the level of devotion they had to this childhood favorite, from grilling the sandwiches to having full on buffets with multiple jams and condiments.


Just a Taste - Episode 35: Maura Judkis of the Washington Post

Washington Post Reporter, Maura Judkis, joins us to open eyes on the problem of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry and also discuss lighthearted topics like the dining habits of millennials. Judkis explains how and why sexual harassment became so prevalent in restaurants and what is being done, or unfortunately not being done, now that it has been exposed. On a very different note, she reveals how millennial dining habits are shaping the food industry.


Just a Taste - Episode 34: Chef Melissa Mayo

Celebrity chef, yoga fanatic, mom, wife and word traveler, Melissa Mayo, shares her unique experiences and beliefs on this week’s episode of Just a Taste. Mayo discusses a wide range of topics that include her journey from accountant to celebrity chef, how thoughts can sculpt your health and the excitement of opening her dream cooking school in Tuscany.


Just a Taste - Episode 33: Mike Cockrell of Sanderson Farms

Mike Cockrell, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of Sanderson Farms – the 3rd largest poultry producer in the United States – explains how honest business practices and honest relationships has led to their success. Cockrell speaks with expertise and insight since he has experienced it all at Sanderson farms. From their humble beginnings as a small chicken hatchery in rural Mississippi to their perch atop the poultry world producing 4.5 billion pounds of chicken each year, gain valuable...


Just a Taste – Episode 32: Domonic Biggi of Beaverton Foods

In a world where lean, successful companies are often bought out by massive conglomerates, Beaverton Foods, a condiments business founded in 1929, has remained true to its roots of being a family-owned business with a focus on producing quality products and taking good care of its associates. The CEO of Beaverton Foods, Domonic Biggi, speaks with ChefsBest on this episode of Just a Taste about the company’s humble beginnings during the Great Depression as well as what business is like today....