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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.








(April 12, 2021) The Worst Habits You Could Have As a Real Estate Investor

If you’ve never invested in real estate then you’ve never developed bad habits, which is actually the best situation to be in to learn how to do it effectively. Al Gordon addresses some of his old bad habits and the new habits he focused on developing to save time, money, and achieve goals. Click to Listen Now


(April 11, 2021) The Power of Passive Income To Retire You in 5 Years

Jack read books about real estate investing but lacked the operating experience to effectively do it alone. After his first failed attempt, he walked away from rental properties for 22 years until finding Lifestyles Unlimited, telling Mike Harrison how everything turned around for him to retire with real estate, live on passive income, and enjoy the lifestyle! Click to Listen Now


(April 11, 2021) How Real Estate Snowballs To Set You Free

Broadcasting from a 6th generation horse ranch in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, Andy Webb directly addresses how to achieve a worry-free lifestyle and leave behind a lasting legacy by building stable streams of passive income through single family rental homes. Click to Listen Now


(April 10, 2021) Hawaii Couple Makes 500% Return on FIRST Rental House!

When Joe F. retired from the ministry for a corporate technology position, he knew his retirement planning was 20 years behind someone else starting straight out of school and truly believed he would work until the day he died. His mindset completely changed since finding Lifestyles Unlimited and tells David Ruzicka how he created $2,400 monthly Cash Flow in his first 90 days as a real estate investor, and shares success stories from other members he’s mentored on the road to Financial...


(April 8, 2021) Why Are Pension Funds Investing in Real Estate?

An entire subdivision of 124 houses recently went on the market, stirring up a bidding war with a surprising winner. Al Gordon has the whole story on why a pension fund just spent 32-million dollars in cash to rent these houses out, turning to alternative investment concepts to keep their cash flow moving. Click to Listen Now


(April 7, 2021) Write Your Own Life Story or Someone Else Will

Al Gordon looks at what sets successful people apart from the herd and what you can do today to loosen corporate America’s control over your life. Click to Listen Now


(April 7, 2021) Biden’s Wealth Redistribution

Del Walmsley reviews tax revisions coming from the Biden administration and how they may impact your retirement planning, raising questions over whether conflicting interests may cancel out the intentions behind these changes. Click to Listen Now


(April 6, 2021) 5 Year Retirement Reality for Educated Real Estate Investors

Are you financially positioned to retire in the next 5 years with stable streams of passive income, or are you following the herd mentality and waiting for old age? Al Gordon shares a Real People, Real Results story of how a telecommunications employee followed the conventional path of investing in precious metals, stocks, bonds, IRAs, and mutual funds for 20 years before turning his life around by repurposing his assets into real estate and retiring just 4 years later. Click to Listen Now


(April 5, 2021) Couple Considers House Hacking and Other Real Estate Investing Strategies

Financial advisors don’t talk about real estate investing because it’s outside their lane. Trying to figure out the best way to deploy $60,000 capital, Al Gordon gives this young couple insights into various real estate investing strategies they're considering and opens their eyes to the possibilities of building wealth by doubling their money in every deal over 3, 6, and 9 years to reach $575,000! Click to Listen Now


(April 4, 2021) Great News – You Can Stop Trading Your Time for Money!

Ten years ago, Mike Harrison was trapped in his job financially treading water hoping he would someday be able to save enough money to get ahead. Reflecting on the moment that redefined his entire life, he shares lessons learned from stumbling through his first property purchase to learning easy and effective ways to pick the right assets that will make money 5 different ways EVERY time. Click to Listen Now


(April 4, 2021) Is Your Current Investment Strategy Making a 100% Return?

Broadcasting from Canton, TX, Andy Webb reviews best practices within the Lifestyles Unlimited real estate investing model and applies them to a real deal in this tertiary market. Compared to the strategy that you’re currently following, listen as he lays out the numbers and how to qualify and take down the right asset. Click to Listen Now


(April 3, 2021) Couple Quadrupled Their Net Worth and RETIRED in 2 Years With 9 Rental Properties!

After 24 years in the TV News Industry, Tom T. and his wife had paid their dues to corporate America. Discouraged from doing real estate because of a past rental gone wrong, he tells David Ruzicka what changed for them to become the owners of 9 properties equaling 12 rental doors in just 21 months, replacing their W2 income and increasing their net worth by 422%! Click to Listen Now


(April 2, 2021) Should You Rent or Sell Your House?

Responding to an email inquiry, Al Gordon runs the numbers to see if it makes more sense to sell a Single Family residence that was purchased 4 years ago or turn it into a rental. Click to Listen Now


(April 1, 2021) Are You Following a Fool’s Map?

April Fools pranks are meant to be funny, but there’s nothing funny about following a failing retirement plan. Looking back on the origin of the day, Al Gordon urges listeners to evaluate whether they will be found to be fools in the final chapter, or if they’re ready to change their path and reach Financial Freedom in the next 5 years. Click to Listen Now


(March 31, 2021) The 4 C’s of Getting a Conventional Loan

One of the first steps to becoming a rental owner is learning how to effectively leverage the bank’s money. Chad with Amp Lending joins Al Gordon on the air to explain the financial mechanisms behind the world of lending and where to start. Click to Listen Now


(March 31, 2021) Are You Living Your Best Life, or Are You Stuck?

Realizing his life story could be rewritten, Del Walmsley changed his destiny by envisioning and creating a different reality. Passing the torch, Del shares the phases of his journey to help you look at your life plan to assess or correct the story that you’re following. Click to Listen Now


(March 30, 2021) Couple Gets 152% Return on FIRST Multifamily Apartment and Invest in 9 More Deals Through the Pandemic!

Al Gordon speaks with Frank and Madeline M. who share the strategy behind their success as real estate investors, moving their money out of the stock market and into over 80 passive deals with 9,000 doors Nationwide, winning recognition from the National Apartment Association, and passing down the Financial Freedom Roadmap to their kids! Click to Listen Now


(March 30, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – Letting Go of a Good Life for a GREAT Life!

Frank and Madeline both loved their jobs but were tired of riding the highs and lows of the stock market. Learning the power of real estate to elevate an investment portfolio into stable wealth creating assets, they joined Lifestyles Unlimited and tell Del Walmsley how they took down their FIRST Multifamily apartment deal as Independent Rental Owners, DOUBLING their money and reaching Financial Freedom in just 2.5 years! Click to Listen Now


(March 29, 2021) How a Multifamily Property Produced 13% Cash-on-Cash Returns Through the Pandemic

When James and Kimberly bought their first 28 unit Multifamily community in 2019, they repositioned their lives to be prosperous and coincidentally provided financial stability for their passive partners through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Al Gordon gives insider information to the numbers behind their deal and what was done within the property to create outstanding returns, projecting an 86% ROI over 3 years! Click to Listen Now


(March 28, 2021) Best Tips To Challenge Property Taxes

If you are a property owner it is time to decide if you should challenge your tax evaluations. Sharing insights, Mike Harrison hosts tax expert Glen Goodrich, with Goodrich Realty Consulting, on the show to shed some light on why someone should protest and who qualifies for the new natural disaster property tax exemptions. Click to Listen Now