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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.








(May 6, 2021) Slumlords Vs Rental Owners

The city of Denver recently passed real estate regulation legislation stating that as of 2022, all Landlords will need to purchase rental licenses and renewals to operate business. Al Gordon explains why the Government is getting involved and the fundamental differences between Slumlords and Real Estate Investors. Click to Listen Now


(May 4, 2021) A Tale of Two Rental Properties

Before becoming a real estate investor, Al Gordon was watching his financial life slowly implode. Knowing what he does now, he shares vital information to educate listeners’ on how to put their money to work for them producing passive income. Comparing 2 Single Family property deals that have come across his desk in the last 48 hours, can you guess which ones return 193% and 275% after 5 years? Click to Listen Now


(May 3, 2021) Is It Still a Good Idea To Invest in Real Estate During a Seller’s Market?

It’s no secret that we’re in a seller’s market and properties are getting snatched up FAST! What does this mean for you if you want to buy a house? Al Gordon runs the numbers behind 2 deals that just came across his desk, identifying potential in these properties that the untrained eye would completely overlook, capable of turning $9,200 cash out of pocket into $73,400 in 5 tears!! Click to Listen Now


(May 2, 2021) Successful Couple With $1.6m Net Worth TRAPPED in Corporate America

A high net worth couple in their mid-50s has accumulated enough money in their 401(k)s to retire and Live the Lifestyle… but upon realizing they’re not allowed to access that money without heavy penalties, they’ve reached out to MarketWatch for advice on how they can retire early without paying so much in taxes. Mike Harrison explains the difference between having a ton of money and being Financially Free, evaluating the effectiveness of the article's advice compared to how he would approach...


(May 2, 2021) How to Seal the Deal in Today’s Real Estate Market

Whether you are a renter, buyer, or investor, the nature of today’s real estate market demands immediacy or you may miss out on the deal. To help prepare you for this fast-moving market, Andy Webb shares tips on how to make a fast and educated decision and addresses whether or not you should WAIT to buy in this hot market. Click to Listen Now


(May 1, 2021) Award-Winning Multifamily Investor Opens up About Life Before Real Estate

Diagnosed with cancer, Supriya S. was about to receive her first chemo treatment when she found out that her company was shutting down and she was losing not only her job but health insurance coverage. Determined to find a way forward, she started investing in Real Estate on her own and shares with David Ruzicka how she found Lifestyles Unlimited and the Roadmap to Financial Freedom. Click to Listen Now


(April 30, 2021) On the Brink of Retirement – What Real Estate Could Do for You in 5 Years

Speaking to both executives and their employees who are relying on savings in 401(k) accounts to retire, Al Gordon crunches the numbers on what your money could be making for you in real estate over 5 years and what moves you can make to feasibly generate 193% - 279% Return on Investment! Click to Listen Now


(April 29, 2021) Investing In Texas Vs. Cali – Round 3 KNOCKOUT!

In the final chapter of this 3-Part comparison of the Texas and California real estate markets, Al Gordon puts a strong cash flowing Single Family Cali property up against Texas returns… find out which one generates 165% MORE money in 5 years! Click to Listen Now


(April 28, 2021) Why Relying on Appreciation Alone Returns Rookie Numbers

Part II in the Texas Vs. California – Real Estate Face-Off, Al Gordon continues the conversation by comparing Cali’s Top 5 cities for real estate investments to the Texas market, which maximizes Returns on multiple levels. Click to Listen Now


(April 27, 2021) Texas Vs. California – Real Estate Face-Off

Many people think that investing in California real estate is the way to go because of the massive appreciation driving up the market price. Looking at how $220k performs over 5 years in California compared to Texas, Al Gordon talks through the numbers to see which rental market will return the most money. Click to Listen Now


(April 26, 2021) What It Takes to Double a Dollar

Investors who put $24k into the S&P 500 5 years ago JUST doubled their money, versus investors who doubled that amount in 3 years via the Nasdaq. Citing the latest historical returns, Al Gordon compares these traditional investment vehicles to realistic returns you can get from a residential real estate investment, DOUBLING that amount in TWO YEARS and TRIPLING it in FIVE!! Click to Listen Now


(April 25, 2021) How to Effectively Leverage Equity to Maximize Your Investing Returns

Seeing real estate successes from members of his family, Daniel Z. was encouraged to start investing right out of college. Sharing his Financial Freedom story with Mike Harrison, they reflect on his first Duplex purchase and how he learned to leverage property equity to expand and build a powerful passive income producing portfolio.Click to Listen Now


(April 25, 2021) How to Manage Rental Real Estate Remotely

Having spent the last month traveling around Texas with his family in their RV Bunker, Andy Webb shares best practices to self-manage a Single Family rental portfolio from the road, covering maintenance requests, lease renewals, and preparing for tax protest season. Click to Listen Now


(April 24, 2021) Michigan Couple Stops Flipping To Buy Rentals, Increasing Cash-on-Cash Returns by 14%, Plus Thousands in Captured Equity!

Nicole S. did accounting and financial analysis for 19 years before realizing that what she and her husband were doing for retirement wasn’t a good long-term plan. With him eager to flip houses, she tells David Ruzicka how they stumbled into real estate before finding Lifestyles Unlimited and becoming Multifamily investing EXPERTS in 17 deals with 2,300+ doors in 5 different states!Click to Listen Now


(April 23, 2021) Real Estate Stability Through Times of Inflation

Inflation naturally occurs over time, but there’s more to the story where real estate is concerned. To understand the health of the market, Al Gordon looks at the inflation levels occurring in consumer products and investable assets, and why the stock market has continued performing during the pandemic. Click to Listen Now


(April 22, 2021) 8 Ways to Lead Your Family to Financial Freedom

The US Army implemented Troop Leading Procedures as a framework for leaders to analyze, plan, and effectively execute their missions. Al Gordon applies valuable lessons learned from decades of Military Service to successful real estate investing, sharing a deal that just came across his desk with a 51% Cash-on-Cash Return and 181% Return on Capital Gains! Click to Listen Now


(April 22, 2021) 25 Reasons Why People Aren’t Successful

Del Walmsley questions why it is that people will work their entire lives and never get ahead, by looking at why people are so different and common themes of successful people. Click to Listen Now


(April 21, 2021) How To Avoid Spending 40 Years Working a 9-5

Al Gordon opens the mailbag to address real market real estate questions, from first-time property buyers to selling single family houses and leveraging the 1031 Exchange… learn what you can do to avoid spending the rest of your life in a cubicle. Click to Listen Now


(April 20, 2021) Turning Tragedy Into Triumph With Real Estate

After a terrible surfing accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, Peter N. found himself at the mercy of medical bills watching his savings shrink away. Facing and overcoming every obstacle, he tells Al Gordon how his life changed for the better 1 investment property and conversation at a time. Click to Listen Now


(April 20, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – How Real Estate Solves Real Life Problems

When a severe spinal cord injury left Peter N. unable to work, he realized something had to change for him to survive. Running into Del Walmsley at a bar, he learned how to leverage real estate to solve his real-world problems and they talk today about his road to Financial Freedom, and the lessons and Legacy he’s passing down to his 3 kids. Click to Listen Now