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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.








(June 16, 2021) Learn How To Take Back Your Life From Corporate America With Passive Income

Binit G. leveraged higher education to stay competitive in the corporate world but soon realized that the true cost of success was forfeiting freedom over his time. Getting an education in real estate investing from Lifestyles Unlimited, he tells Del Walmsley exactly how he was able to replace his and his wife’s corporate paychecks with passive income from rental assets in TWO YEARS, and gives insights on the 54 unit Multifamily property he took down as a Lead Investor™ and will be...


(June 13, 2021) 5 Misconceptions of the 401(k)

Mike Harrison “invested” in his 401(k) for 2 decades before realizing that the so-called retirement benefits were actual disadvantages. Calling out 5 facts about the 401(k), learn how to convert these savings plans into tangible cash-flowing assets. Click to Listen Now


(June 13, 2021) The Myths of Risky Real Estate Investing

Have you heard how risky it is to invest in real estate? Responding to questions from skeptics afraid of losing money in a deal, Andy Webb talks through common misconceptions about managing rental properties and how to effectively build wealth in this stable investment vehicle. Click to Listen Now


(June 12, 2021) Passive Investor TRIPLES His Net Worth in 5 Years With Real Estate!

Joe C. considered investing in real estate while in his 20s, but it took him 20 more years to overcome analysis paralysis and buy his first property. Since joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2016, he tells David Ruzicka what steps he took to triple his net worth completely passively, and wealth-building lessons learned investing in both Single Family and Multifamily properties. Click to Listen Now


(June 10, 2021) Retire on Your Terms and Timeline

Don H. is a Museum Curator with a passion for history and preserving artifacts. Realizing his investments weren’t making enough money to last through retirement, he tells Al Gordon how he repurposed underperforming assets into Multifamily communities, making significant returns! Click to Listen Now


(June 10, 2021) The Laws That Govern Finance

Making money is simple when you understand the unchangeable rules of wealth. Del Walmsley explains the laws that govern financial success and how to avoid financial failure. Click to Listen Now


(June 9, 2021) Financial Freedom Contingency Plan

Throughout life, encountering unforeseen circumstances is a certainty. Al Gordon talks about the art of contingency planning, for the financial stability of your future and within the structure of a real estate contract. Click to Listen Now


(June 9, 2021) Buy Apartments with Passive Partners and Build Wealth Together

Vivian and Cornell saw the value in real estate as an investment vehicle and started a small portfolio of rentals, before finding the Lifestyles Unlimited family and scaling to Financial Freedom. Catching up with Del Walmsley, they talk about how to turn around a mismanaged property into a profitable community, and give insights on the Multifamily deal they’ll be showcasing at the Wealth & Passive Income EXPO Master’s Tour! Click to Listen Now Click HERE to Register for EXPO


(June 8, 2021) Tell Al – Multifamily Property Value Increased by $3.7 Million in Two Years!

Reaching retirement after 30 years, Cornell and Vivian downsized to survive on savings and a fixed budget, before hearing how passive income could elevate their lives. Telling Al Gordon HOW they created enough Cash Flow through Real Estate to design and build their dream home, they give a sneak peek at their 103 unit Multifamily community featured on the Wealth & Passive Income EXPO Master’s Tour that’s increased in Value $3.7M since purchase in 2019! Click to Listen Now Click HERE to...


(June 8, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – Engineer Replaced His W2 Paycheck With 2 Passive Deals!

Steve T. is an Electrical and Computer Engineer who worked in high tech for 13 years before joining Lifestyles Unlimited with a Net Worth of $250k and learning how to compound it into $4.5 MILLION! Sharing his progression from Passive to Lead Investor™ with Del Walmsley, learn how you too can build a more stable and fulfilling life. Click to Listen Now


(June 6, 2021) The Best Way to Finance Real Estate Investments

Sharing his unique blend of experience investing in real estate assets, Cary Donham of Capital Concepts talks about all things financing with Andy Webb; explaining hard money lending, renovating, refinancing, and how to build a powerful passive income portfolio. Click to Listen Now


(June 6, 2021) Milestones of Wealth Progression

The majority of Americans are trapped in a conventional world where the only way to make a million dollars and retire is by feeding a 401(k) or IRA for 40+ years. Learning a more effective way to grow wealth rapidly through real estate, Mike Harrison quickly hit the first milestone of wealth progression and realized how much more is possible. Click to Listen Now


(June 6, 2021) Navigating Real Estate Appraisal Review Board Hearings

Did you protest your property taxes? Talking tips and tricks to handle the process, Glenn Goodrich of PropertyTax.IO joins Andy Webb to share his expert insights on how to approach the ARB hearings and have a successful protest. Click to Listen Now


(June 5, 2021) Environmental Geologist RETIRES With Real Estate to an Island in the Caribbean!

Growing up in inner-city schools, Phil S. pursued a traditional corporate career and higher education with hopes that someday he could get out of the rat race. Finding his way into the world of real estate, he tells David Ruzicka how he Captured $135,000 Equity on his FIRST rental house, snowballing into 7 Passive deals, and retiring to the Island of Bonaire in the Caribbean! Click to Listen Now


(June 4, 2021) Warning Sign: Negative Cash Flow Ahead

It’s no secret that California Real Estate is some of the most expensive in the world, so buying for appreciation is a good idea…right? Analyzing the returns on a Single Family house overlooking the San Francisco Bay that’s TRIPLED in value over the last 19 years, Al Gordon walks through the numbers to see if this particular property will work from a rental perspective..Click to Listen Now


(June 3, 2021) Quit Corporate America and Turn $250k Net Worth Into $4.5 MILLION in 12 Years!

Surviving 7 job transitions in 13 years, Steve kept his ears open for opportunities and hearing Lifestyles Unlimited on the radio, his fortune changed forever. Approaching as a skeptic, he tells Al Gordon how he increased his equity to take down a Multifamily deal as a Lead Investor™, protecting the community through the Pandemic, and growing his Net Worth by $.4.25 Million in 12 years! Click to Listen Now


(June 3, 2021) The Maturity Continuum to Gain Financial Freedom

At an early age, society teaches us how to be dependent… but rarely do people mature past this point as they grow up. Addressing the stages of neglect preventing people from maturing financially, Del Walmsley breaks down the mindset change that needs to take place before you can become Financially Free. Click to Listen Now


(June 2, 2021) Re-Write Your Retirement Destiny

Meeting a gentleman at the gym with $22k in his 401(k) who retired at the age of 70 and is living off of Social Security, Al Gordon remembers his own financial uncertainty after the military and provides a solution on how to refocus available funds into dependable streams of passive income for the rest of your life. Click to Listen Now


(June 2, 2021) Financially Free To Spend Unlimited Time With Family

When Amrit and T.K. had kids, she took a break from her IT job and realized she didn’t ever want to go back into the constrictive scheduling. Looking into other possibilities, they tell Del Walmsley how they both found the Freedom they wanted in Real Estate and share how they increased the Value of their 68 unit Multifamily community by $1,490,000 in 2 years!! Click to Listen Now


(June 1, 2021) IT Professionals Turn Real Estate Investors, Increase Property NOI 92% In 26 Months!

Amrit and T.K. were working 12 hours every day in their corporate jobs Frustrated with the direction their life was going and wanting to focus more on family, they tell Al Gordon what led them into the world of real estate, their journey to becoming Lead Investors™, and insights on the 68 unit Multifamily community they’ll be sharing at the Wealth & Passive Income EXPO Master’s Tour in September! Click to Listen Now Click HERE to Register for EXPO