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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.






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(September 26, 2022) The Anatomy of a Multifamily Investment – Part 2

Mike Harrison continues talking about the anatomy of a Multifamily investment, from the structuring of a deal to getting paid and what you need to know to get started. Click to Listen Now


(September 23, 2022) Make Your Lazy Money Work for You!

Kara G. worked for a large national homebuilder, moving to Colorado for a promotion in 2020. With work demands increasing through Covid, she was burning her candle at both ends and reaching a breaking point. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited, she tells Andy Webb about passively investing in her first Multifamily community, quitting her job, and buying 2 Single Family rentals! Click to Listen Now


(September 23, 2022) The Maturity Continuum to Gain Financial Freedom

At an early age, society teaches us how to be dependent… but rarely do people mature past this point as they grow up. Addressing the stages of neglect preventing people from maturing financially, Del Walmsley breaks down the mindset change that needs to take place before you can become Financially Free. Click to Listen Now


(September 22, 2022) Key Points to Start Your Real Estate Investing Journey

Responding to listeners' emails, Mike Harrison discusses how to identify your goals and formulate a plan to start investing in real estate, have that discussion with a spouse, and helps a fellow father weigh out financial options for their 21-year-old daughter. Click to Listen Now


(September 22, 2022) Why It’s Easier for Real Estate Investors to Qualify With Rising Interest Rates

With rising interest rates pricing people out of buying homes, Del Walmsley explains why real estate investors are more easily able to qualify for rental home purchases, and how he’s negotiating deals right now lower and lower. Click to Listen Now


(September 21, 2022) Is Your Fear of Pain Preventing You From Making Massive Gains?

It's human nature to follow the herd and fight, flight, or flee from danger…but are these instincts preventing you from reaching financial freedom? Mike Harrison tackles this head-on by sharing how he overcame the anxiety of change to build a better future for himself and his family. Click to Listen Now


(September 21, 2022) 5 Big Mistakes People Make Trying to Invest for Retirement

Recently attending a Hobby Group, Del Walmsley looks closer to see if there's a greater Return on participation than companionship and explains why so often people limit themselves out of success by thinking small and making these 5 major financial mistakes. Click to Listen Now


(September 20, 2022) Multifamily Investors Donate Their Returns to Change Lives in Their Communities!

Phillip and Celisse started their marriage with $16k in debt, living in a converted workshop in her grandpa’s backyard. Saving diligently for a decade, they realized retirement wasn’t going to happen for them unless something drastically changed. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2020, they tell Andy Webb how they became Passive Investors in 9 Multifamily communities, so far returning $24,000, and why they have given it all away to benefit others in their community. Click to Listen Now


(September 20, 2022) Tell Del Tuesday – Invest What You Have and More Will Come Back

Making $800 a month, newlyweds Phillip and Celisse’s story started $16k in debt with 14 chickens and a goat. Working, saving, and living frugally over the next decade, they were on a clear course to retiring in poverty and started seeking solutions. Attending multiple motivational seminars and financial workshops, the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar gave them something none of the rest had and today tell Del Walmsley what they learned that changed everything, and how they acted on the...


(September 19, 2022) The Anatomy of a Multifamily Investment – Part 1

Are you a good fit to be a Passive Investor? Find out now as Mike Harrison dissects the anatomy of a Multifamily investment, from structuring the deal to getting paid, discussing the people involved and their roles, different types of deals, their lifespan, and who this investment strategy works for. Click to Listen Now


(September 19, 2022) Why Real Estate Investors Get Tax Breaks

Del Walmsley tackles the top of taxes and why the US Government has created such strong tax preferences for housing providers, encouraging listeners to consider where they could be in life by leveraging the power behind these passive streams of income. Click to Listen Now


(September 16, 2022) Bankrupt Man Becomes a Millionaire With 7 Single Family Houses & a 6 Unit Multifamily Community!

Lance F. had a negative net worth of $21k, a job paying $16k annually, and filed for bankruptcy in 2010; but after joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2013, he learned how to leverage his resources and tells Andy Webb how he turned his small starting capital into a million dollar portfolio! Click to Listen Now


(September 15, 2022) Why People Talk Themselves Out of Incredible Real Estate Returns – Part 2

Mike Harrison continues discussing key reasons why most people will never invest in real estate despite the undeniably superior returns. If you’re afraid of a market downturn, are worried about how it would complicate your tax return, or think you don’t have the time or skills to do it successfully, this series is for you! Click to Listen Now


(September 15, 2022) Tell Del Special – From Bankruptcy to Becoming a Millionaire!

Filing bankruptcy in 2011, Lance F. joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2013 and now has a Net Worth of a Million Dollars! Starting with 7 Single Family houses, today he tells Del Walmsley about the 6 unit Multifamily community he purchased in 2021 and how he’s increased the value by $500k in 1 year! Click to Listen Now


(September 14, 2022) Why People Talk Themselves Out of Incredible Real Estate Returns – Part 1

By investing in real estate, Mike Harrison grew his wealth 3x greater in 6 years than in the previous 25 years following the conventional path! The returns are undeniable, so why is it that most people never invest in real estate? Mike tackles this question in this first episode of a 2-part series and responds to each reason with education to alleviate fear. Click to Listen Now


(September 14, 2022) How A & B Personality Types Create Financial Failure in Their Lives

Discussing the different traits attributed to Type A & Type B personalities, Del Walmsley talks about the issues each of them runs into preventing them from achieving financial success. Click to Listen Now


(September 13, 2022) Engineer Turns Real Estate Entrepreneur and RETIRES in 3 Years!

After 17 years in corporate America and 3 years after joining Lifestyles Unlimited, Gourav G. is Real Estate RETIRED! Joining Andy Webb on the air, he shares his portfolio with 2,000+ units as both a passive and Lead Investor™, sharing insights from operating inside the support system of Multifamily owners within Lifestyles Unlimited and talks about how he gives back to benefit the broader community. Click to Listen Now


(September 13, 2022) Tell Del Tuesday – A Better Way to Build Wealth Than Betting on Stocks

Gourav was a Management Consultant for 17 years while investing in the stock market on the side but quickly realized the returns would always be unreliable at best. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2016, he tells Del Walmsley about his experience starting as a passive investor in Multifamily communities to becoming a Lead Investor™ in 5 properties and RETIRING in 2021! Click to Listen Now


(September 12, 2022) Instead of Saving For Retirement, Create Infinite Income With Passive Investments

If you’re wondering “how much money do I need to save for retirement,” you’re asking the wrong question. While financial advisors suggest between $1-3 Million Dollars, Mike Harrison explains a better way to create millions in real estate assets and generate increasing passive income for the rest of your life and generations to come! Click to Listen Now


(September 12, 2022) 7 Reasons Why Financial Education Is Your Best Investment

Del Walmsley shares an impactful article highlighting the importance of investing in your financial education, and real things you should do to become financially successful. Click to Listen Now