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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.






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(February 25, 2021) Upgrade Your Pension Plan With Passive Income

Pensions provide a passive stream of income for those fortunate enough to have one, but Al Gordon points out critical limitations affecting not only retirement planning but the legacy you could leave behind. Click to Listen Now


(February 25, 2021) 7 Reasons Why Financial Education Is Your Best Investment

Del Walmsley shares an impactful article highlighting the importance of investing in your financial education, and real things you should do to become financially successful. Click to Listen Now


(February 24, 2021) Reset Your Financial Trajectory and Reclaim Your Life

After retiring from the Military, Al Gordon started spiraling into a financial catastrophe. While his past choices were set in stone, he learned new ways to leverage his resources without having to rely on trading his time for money. Click to Listen Now


(February 24, 2021) Are You Stuck in an Irritating JOB?

Del Walmsley talks about irritating factors found within the workforce that drive people towards seeking other opportunities, and provides simple alternative ways to get on the right side of the equation. Click to Listen Now


(February 23, 2021) Overcoming the Middle-Class Mindset

Al Gordon speaks with Lifestyles Unlimited Life Changer, Greg Scott, about key tools and critically important economic drivers that keep members moving forward towards Financial Freedom, and shares transformation stories he has heard from inside the classroom. Click to Listen Now


(February 23, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – Michigan Members Made 144% Return on FIRST Lead™ Deal!

After the 2008 financial crisis, Greg and Nicole S. evaded a 25% companywide employee reduction. Realizing how much risk was built into their lives, they tell Del Walmsley about their first real estate endeavors and how their portfolio has grown through Single Family, Passive Multifamily, and Lead Investor™ deals to owning 2,617 doors in 6 different states! Click to Listen Now


(February 22, 2021) Choosing Insurance Coverage to Protect Your Investment Property

Al Gordon discusses the different types of insurance policies that can provide valuable protection for your real estate assets. Click to Listen Now


(February 21, 2021) Replacing the Fear of Layoffs With Passive Income and Generational Wealth

Matthew H. became an unexpected rental owner of his previous primary residence, but the returns were so good he ended up with 6 additional units kickstarting a highly successful real estate portfolio generating enough income to retire both himself and his wife and earning National recognition as the 2018 IRO of the Year! Speaking today with Andy Webb, he shares how he progressed from Single Family to Multifamily investing and expanded his circle of influence to giveback to his community....


(February 21, 2021) Prepare Today for the Financial Storms of Tomorrow

Life’s next disaster is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Mike Harrison lays out what actions you can take today to prepare for inevitable storms and hedge against being dependent on others for your family's wellbeing. Click to Listen Now


(February 21, 2021) A Rental Owners Guide to Weathering Winter Storms

Addressing the recent extreme weather conditions resulting in prolonged periods without power, broken pipes, and other storm damages, Andy Webb shares pre-storm, through the storm, and post-storm tips and things to do as a rental owner to prepare your property and residents. Click to Listen Now


(February 20, 2021) Use Real Estate to Retire in Your 30s!

After hitting a financial rock bottom in college, Alex C. investigated every plausible way to increase his financial wellbeing, vastly diversifying his collector portfolio, but traded it all in to capitalize on the pure power of real estate to make him money in 5 different ways. Today he tells David Ruzicka exactly how he retired himself and his wife in 4 years and now mentor's others to get there too! Click to Listen Now


(February 15, 2021) Single Family Property Returns 372% Over 3 Years!

Analyzing a deal that came across his desk in December, Al Gordon shows how 1 rental property could turn less than $14,000 Out of Pocket into over $50,000 available cash in just 3 years, starting an investment snowball with the potential and velocity to create very significant lifelong returns. Click to Listen Now


(February 14, 2021) The Personal, Political, and Absolute Truth About Being a Rental Owner

Mike Harrison reviews an article from the WSJ discussing the dangers and pitfalls associated with owning rental property and shows how effective investing is extremely profitable, simple, safe, and repeatable. Click to Listen Now


(February 14, 2021) What’s the Risk of Losing Money in a Multifamily Deal

Andy Webb addresses the risks of passive partners losing money in a Multifamily deal and how Lifestyles Unlimited Lead Investors™ mitigate that risk. He also shares insights into the new Texas Rental Assistance program that goes into effect Feb. 15th. Click to Listen Now


(February 13, 2021) How Passive Investments Accelerate Financial Freedom

After 20 years in the Oil and Gas industry, Robert H. turned to real estate and retired himself 2.5 years later! He joins David Ruzicka on the radio to share the journey from his very first passive deal to taking down deals as a Lead Investor™, and finally mentoring others to reclaim their lives and write their own Financial Freedom story. Click to Listen Now


(February 12, 2021) How to Double Your Money Every 3 Years

Compiling the 5 different ways real estate earns returns, Al Gordon looks at how a $60k investment can grow into $2 Million over 15 years when you effectively put it to work for you… versus what you'll get from society’s standard rate of return. Click to Listen Now


(February 11, 2021) How Real Estate Outperforms the Stock Market

Al Gordon analyzes recent properties on the market, running the numbers and comparing their rates of return with what you can reasonably expect the stock market to produce over a lifetime. Click to Listen Now


(February 11, 2021) Del Walmsley’s Craziest Real Estate Deals

Del Walmsley shares stories from his real estate investing career from the wildly comical to creative solutions and achieving astronomical results. Click to Listen Now


(February 10, 2021) The 2 Best Times to Buy Rental Real Estate

Al Gordon travels back 20 years to when he bought his first rental property, banking on Appreciation to make up for year over year losses until finding the Lifestyles Unlimited roadmap and turning that property around to produce positive cash flow and make money in 5 different ways! Click to Listen Now


(February 10, 2021) How to Start and Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

Del Walmsley discusses the early part of his investment career, providing a pathway for new investors to grow as he did from nothing into a multi-million dollar portfolio, and compares different types of investment returns to the wealth that builds within residential real estate. Click to Listen Now