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You can’t be a legend without some losing. These remarkable conversations examine life and business in a real, fun, no-BS way.

You can’t be a legend without some losing. These remarkable conversations examine life and business in a real, fun, no-BS way.
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You can’t be a legend without some losing. These remarkable conversations examine life and business in a real, fun, no-BS way.




075 Neil Pearlberg, Surf & Skateboard Podcast/Radio Legend On The “Worst Episode” Ever!

Surf and skateboard podcast host Neil Pearlberg joins us today in this special 4th of July episode dubbed as “The Worst Episode Ever!” This is a funny and silly conversation, just like two buddies hanging out over drinks⁠. We cannot guarantee that you’d find inspiration or motivation in this episode, but we are sure you’d be laughing your brains off listening to this witty exchange of conversation! To hear more about Neil Pearlberg and why this episode might be the “Worst Episode” ever,...


007 Dr. Caitlin Elizabeth O’Connell-Rodwell – Secret Lives of Elephants

Today Christopher talks with Dr. Caitlin Elizabeth O'Connell-Rodwell the world's leading expert on elephants. Dr. O'Connell-Rodwell explains how she discovered that elephants are just like us, they communicate through the ground and what all this means for human beings. "Are (we) going to allow elephants to exist. Aside from poaching, it's a land-use issue" - Dr. Caitlin Elizabeth O'Connell-Rodwell Recognizing Boundaries Like the US/Mexico border issue, elephants struggle with similar...


006 Jason DeFillippo – Great Grumpy Stuff

Today, podcast legend Jason DeFillippo once again joins Christopher Lochhead to get their grump on. They trade stories of flying robots sulking in space, health-food baby names, and why convenient use of facial recognition is both flabbergasting and questionable. “I know that feeling that you get when you give up just a little bit of yourself to these people and you just don't know where it's gonna end up someday.” - Jason DeFillippo on fear of giving away ID for convenience The Future is...


005 Dushka Zapata and Heather Clancy – Niche Down: The Power of Being Different

Why is Niche Down, a book meant to be shared with everyone, so personal to its authors? On this episode, Dushka Zapata and Heather Clancy join Christopher to talk niching down, why being different is a superpower, and so much more. Starting Out Differently While Young Christopher, half the dynamic duo behind Niche Down, had to deal with what makes him different quite early. He knew he was smart in certain areas and not so much in some. Reconciling his weaknesses and strengths proved very...


004 Andre Iguodala – NBA Legend

What does it take to become an NBA World Champion with a team built on a culture of fun and dedication? Finals MVP Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors joins us today to give an insider’s view. How do you come up with a thoughtful life design? Andre Iguodala - Finding His Way to the Bay Before he joined the Warriors, Andre had seen his fair share of rainy and muggy days. It was during that time that he chose to sit back and watch basketball a lot. Seeing his opponents and the certain...


003 Cameron Herold – Free PR, Beige Companies & More

How do you make sure your company does not go “beige”? Cameron Herold tells us how and why simple is ultimately powerful. Cameron Herold - Running with Simple According to Cameron, some business persons may be likened to a fly hitting the window over and over in an attempt to get out instead of turning around and taking the door. This is something that's not very advisable and in fact can result in ruin. “Why would you try so hard when there's already a system in place?” - Cameron Herold All...


002 Downturn Coming?

Is it wise to raise a round of funding now? On this episode of Follow Your Different™, Christopher Lochhead answers a question emailed by one of his listeners. Is there a downturn coming? Possible Downturn The CEO of a venture-backed startup has been hearing that venture capitalists are concerned about a downturn. Valuations are coming down and funding rounds are getting smaller. Because of this, they are wondering whether they should raise money when it’s supposedly going down....


001 TJ Welch – How Heroes Fight Wildfires

How do you mobilize thousands of firefighters to tame a terror that could ravage lives and billions? On this episode of Follow Your Different™, Retired Battalion Chief TJ Welch tells us how. He shares a riveting story of leadership applicable to real life, how preparation is key to saving thousands, and so much more. TJ Welch - Starting Out in the City TJ spent the first years of his career dealing with brush fires and structural fires. He also had his fair share of wildland fires as a...


000 Welcome to Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast

From unfolding legends and losery, Christopher Lochhead moves on to unpack stories of how people embrace what makes them different. On this episode, he sits with his dear friend Jaime Jay to share the story behind the show and what people should expect from Follow Your Different™. “The number one question that I have for myself is why would you change something that isn't broken?” - Christopher Lochhead Product of Evolution Starting a new show is both exciting and scary. But according to...


233 BIG News

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232: Brett Hurt Serial Entrepreneurial Success

How does coding for fun lead to becoming a category king? On today’s episode, Brett Hurt joins Christopher Lochhead in a riveting discussion about his story of serial entrepreneurship, the future of data, and the power of community. “There's just this serendipity that occurred in life where these things really drew me.” - Brett Hurt on how entrepreneurship pulled him in Three Things We Learned Wired to do big things Brett has always had the knack for creating things that spelled massive...


231: Questions and Cocktails First Marketing Hire

On another episode of Questions and Cocktails, Christopher Lochhead responds to a question by an aspiring category king. What does a good first marketing hire look like? Do you choose potential over experience? “I think legendary CEOs are evangelists and they don't outsource the strategic part of marketing.” - Christopher Lochhead Working on Lightning Strikes Josh Goodman is grinding to build his nine-person company to a new height. They have doubled in revenue for the last three years in a...


230: Alex Hult from Pro Hockey to Restaurateur

What do you do when your dreams get crushed? On today’s episode, Alex Hult shares his awesome story of business and life success. He tells us how he rose from a halted hockey career and became a legendary restaurateur. “My mind was still thinking as fast, everything else was going as fast, but my body couldn't just handle the speed that I wanted to go.” - Alex Hult Three Things We Learned Alex’s promising hockey career Hockey has been a gigantic part of his life. Growing up in Sweden, Alex...


229 Marjorie Scholtz Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

How do you find a passion in solving a problem that a lot of people face? On today’s episode, CEO of Verbhouse Marjorie Scholtz, shares the story of how she realized her passion. She also talks about how she built a diverse team founded on a single mission, designing a new category of company that makes it easier for people to be homeowners. "Especially in cities like San Francisco, the home ownership rate is the lowest it's been in 50 years." - Marjorie Scholtz Three Things We Learned Keep...


228: Cannabis Category King Dennis O’Malley, CEO of Caliva

How does a button-down professional become a legendary pot entrepreneur? On today’s episode, Dennis O’Malley shares with us how he embraced his category. And he also talks about why taking on the pot industry is an exciting endeavor as any. “In cannabis, almost more than any other industry, there’s an ability to really create and own your category.” - Dennis O’Malley Three Things We Learned Dropping the bomb to everyone Dennis started out like any other aspiring entrepreneur—a button-down,...


227: Questions and Cocktails Content Creator/Thought Leader

On this episode of Questions and Cocktails, Christopher Lochhead answers another question from one of his listeners. How does one go about becoming a great content creator and thought leader? “A lot of the most interesting people have a unique and differentiated point of view and they kind of come from that point of view on a regular basis.” - Christopher Lochhead Think About the How Before you start creating your content, you might want to think about how you would want to do it....


226: Dushka Zapata Do I Need A Soulmate?

How does creativity bloom and do we really need a soulmate? Dushka Zapata is a talented writer and a communications executive at Silicon Valley. Today, she joins us to talk about writing, soulmates, the difference between blame and responsibility, and a whole lot more. “The greatest lie ever told is that there is someone out there that can make you peaceful, happy and full.” - Dushka Zapata Three Things We Learned Creativity blooms from unpredictability and solitude Dushka thinks that her...


225: Foreground vs. Background Conversations – Bix & Joe Bickson

Which is the winner in a comparison of foreground vs. background conversations? On today’s episode, Bix and Joe Bickson join us for another conversation tackling a tenet of future hacking. They talk about how the power dynamics in the company not only affect performance but also derail communication lines. “The first practice we're asking executive teams to have is to say the background conversations in the meeting.” - Joe Bickson Three Things We Learned Power dynamics still prevail in...


224: Steve Olsher Reinvention of an Entrepreneur

How does one walk out of an endeavor and successfully pick it up again somewhere along the way? Steve Olsher is an entrepreneur, CEO, author and podcaster. Today he talks about failures and successes, how to come back from losses, and how Chicago almost killed him. “I look like I do a lot but I implement what I call strategic abandon, which is just getting a lot of things done in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.” - Steve Olsher Three Things We Learned Walking away from something...


223 Questions and Cocktails 1st Time Startup CEO

On this episode of Questions and Cocktails, Christopher Lochhead responds to another question emailed by one his listeners. A 1st time startup CEO for a new venture-backed company seeks advice on how to become a legendary leader. “Legendary people build legendary companies. It's that simple.” - Christopher Lochhead 1st Startup Time CEO  Love the Problem, Not Just the Solution Christopher breaks down his advice into seven points and the first of which is to love the problem. The most...