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(April 23, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “An Investment Playbook Based on Giving” – Featuring LU Member, Robert M.

Robert gave all of himself to change his life with real estate investing. That's just who he is. So, when it came time to rely on his team to change the experience of apartment community living, he gave even more. "I'm going to give you 51% of the relationship" says Robert conveying how he provides the extra effort to every employee connection he makes. That's where this system of giving starts... and it never stops. The result? His communities led the nation in resident satisfaction. Click...


(April 22, 2019) Two Concepts You Should Know to Retire Wealthy

"Pay yourself first" and "don't kill the golden goose..." The first concept was popularized by George S. Classon's "The Richest Man in Babylon," as a way for people to automate and ensure success in saving money. The second idea, apart from a reference to an age-old fairy tale, is a foundational approach to investing, promoted by Warren Buffet, which seeks to preserve the principal at all costs and live off of cash flow. Together they form the single best method for retiring wealthy. Click...


(April 21, 2019) Your 401(k) at Its Best Is Still Beat by Real Estate Investing

Al Gordon crunches the numbers on the absolute best-case scenario for maxed out 401(k) contributions and employer matching over a 30-year period using the IRS' updated 401(k) contribution limits for 2019. He reveals that even the casual real estate investor will be better off investing in real estate rather than investing in the 401k. Click to Listen Now


(April 19, 2019) Actual Retirement vs. Paying into the Retirement Industry

The total retirement assets of the U.S. citizenry is in the trillions. This means that at the same time you’re looking for the best retirement option out there, the industry itself, in all its governmental systems, 401k’s, IRA’s, financial advisory firms, etc., is looking at you. You’re the meal ticket. “We should be saving more,” the industry says…naturally. Del has a different message entirely. Click to Listen Now


(April 18, 2019) Retiring with Real Estate Is About Developing Effective Habits & Processes

How do you think Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters Tournament after not winning for 11 straight years? How do you think Del Walmsley retired two and a half years after investing in real estate after losing most of his net worth on Black Monday? The habits and processes they ingrained in themselves set them up to succeed. Michael Soulek shows how everyday people can do this too with real estate. Click to Listen Now


(April 17, 2019) Lifestyles Unlimited Members Do More with Real Estate

What Del Walmsley created with Lifestyles Unlimited is a way to hone the art form of real estate investing. Today, Michael Soulek talks about the best practices that emerged as a result of the open networking environment, the precise education and mentoring, and the clear map that Del developed. "The art of the Del," as Michael calls it, is that missing ingredient you won't find from even the most well-known real estate gurus. Click to Listen Now


(April 17, 2019) The Middle Class Mindset vs. The Millionaire Mindset

To understand more about the millionaire mindset, you may be surprised to know that it's best to learn more about the middle class mindset first. This has to do with a simple mantra we can all recite in our sleep: get into a good "college" to get a well-paying "job," so you can retire by... You get the picture. It's a lifetime commitment. But, what if retirement came in a five-year timeframe instead? That would change everything wouldn't it? Al Gordon tells all about how our members make...


(April 16, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Education & Mentoring Helped This Family Jump Into Real Estate” – Featuring LU Member, Mark D.

Let Mark tell you how Lifestyles Unlimited membership kickstarted a family legacy of real estate investing. Click to Listen Now


(April 15, 2019) Why Financial Planners Lost Madeline’s Confidence

Madeline got fed up with her retirement guidance as it became obvious no amount of financial advisors would change the endless roller coaster of the family nest egg. At a loss, she asked what could be done to better secure family funds during economic downturns. The answer she got serves to tell you all you need to know about the current state of affairs of financial planning. Could this money be better off in her hands? As it turns out, yes. Click to Listen Now


(April 13, 2018) Real Estate Investing Is Redefining Retirement

Think about this for a second. If you are following the wrong roadmap towards retirement, then it does not matter how much more work you put towards it or even how much money. In other words, YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Meet Lorie Bass, our newest Lifestyles Unlimited Radio Host. Both Lorie and her husband are in their early fifties and they were following the wrong map before they found Lifestyles Unlimited. Today, Lorie lays out the five ways real estate investing makes money. Click to Listen...


(April 12, 2019) Financial Freedom in an Unfree World

Today, Del challenges ineffective, self-help thinking that plagued the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and has come back in a new form: look the part and you’ll get what you want. Del purged this type of thinking and replaced it with something far more effective: action! The result of his action was financial freedom. Click to Listen Now


(April 11, 2019) Real Estate Investing Is About Flipping Conventional Wisdom

Michael Soulek discusses prominent quotes and important parts of Lifestyles Unlimited's culture that flip conventional thinking on its head. Click to Listen Now


(April 10, 2019) The Best Investment Vehicle for Achieving Financial Freedom

In 2009 while the country was undergoing the Great Recession, Lifestyles Unlimited member, Damon Janis, published the book, “Financially Free.” In his book, Damon made the case that real estate investing was the best path to financial freedom. Today, Al Gordon talks about the solid fundamentals underlying Damon’s argument and why they still hold true 10 years later. Click to Listen Now


(April 10, 2019) Put Your Money to Work

Paying off the mortgage on a primary home is part of the American dream. But, what is that equity doing for you once you're mortgage is paid off? Nothing! Welcome to the term “dead equity”. Dead equity is one of the many ways we misguidedly tie up our money when it could be working for us in another investment. On today's show, Michael Soulek discusses this topic and others, including how to effectively reposition your funds. Click to Listen Now


(April 09, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “No Experience to Owning 108 Units” – Featuring LU Members, William & Gunel

In one year, William and Gunel went from owning no real estate to owning 108 units of multifamily real estate as Lead Investors. This is their story. Click to Listen Now


(April 08, 2019) Family Comes First – Featuring LU Member, Lee

Imagine making choices around the birth of your child because of your job. That was the difficult position Lee and Claire faced the weekend before a big corporate closing that required Lee's presence. Their earned income was calling the shots. This experience was a turning point for Lee. Never again would a job interfere with family life, and because of passive income from their real estate deals, it never will. Click to Listen Now


(April 07, 2019) Military Veteran Finds Map for Building Passive Income with Real Estate

Whether it was his three years in military service in the Army or his education to become a CPA, Joey Sullivan had the map to achieve his goals. But, when he began taking interest in real estate investing and generating passive income, he was struck by how little information there was to show him how to do it. Lifestyles Unlimited gave him the map he was looking for. Now, he's paying forward what he learned as a Single Family Mentor. Click to Listen Now


(April 04, 2019) The Pay-it-Forward Retirement Plan

What is the most important thing you have to reach retirement successfully? Belief in yourself. So, what if there was a system in place designed to encourage people to share positive beliefs and ideas about money and financial freedom? As Michael says, at Lifestyles Unlimited, that's exactly what Del Walmsley created. Click to Listen Now


(April 03, 2019) Duplexes, Triplexes, & Fourplexes

Today, Al Gordon discusses one of the most misunderstood areas of residential real estate investing: duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. Click to Listen Now


(April 03, 2019) Free Your Money From 401(k)s, IRAs & Annuities

Traditional qualified retirement plans hold onto your money for life. You may draw down on them, but you don’t have free access to all of the money in your retirement account. Del Walmsley decided to take his money back and retire in 2.5 years at the age of 34 by investing in real estate. Michael Soulek explains the why and the how of shifting your thought process on saving for retirement. Free your money from 401(k)s, IRAs, and annuities in order to invest in real estate. Click to Listen Now