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Impact Investing with Eddie Lorin

Do you take into account the social mission or the social impact of the investments you buy? Eddie Lorin from shares ways to invest well while doing good. Eddie helps people invest in ways that help people through the investments they purchase, such as REITs that invest in multi-family properties. For more information, visit the show notes at


How to Invest in Real Estate with Jake and Gino of Wheel Barrow Profits

Real estate investors Jake and Gino bought their first rental property, then learned it was a “crack den”. But they didn’t quit, and they own more than 900 multifamily units. They speak with Linda P. Jones about what it's like to own multifamily units - and what to look out for. "You make money on the buy", says Gino. Our panel agrees, and discusses more on the topic of multi-unit rental real estate: Listen to find out more about multifamily rental real estate. For more information,...


Slashing Taxes in Your Portfolio, with Mark Byelich and Paul Murray

Mark Byelich and Paul Murray say the best and most advantageous bucket is the tax-free bucket. A tax-free bucket includes things like Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s and the cash value of life insurance policies. Mark and Paul, from share their thoughts with Joe Saul-Sehy, which led to an interesting discussion with the panel about: Can you live a lifestyle and pay no tax? Is permanent life insurance a good tax savings vehicle? What tax strategy is most commonly overlooked or...


Target Date Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, and How to Handle a Windfall: We Answer Listener Questions

We are starting the next 200 episodes with another Listener Questions episode: Michael is 35 years old, has no debt, and $30,000 in his checking account. He contributes 3 percent of his earnings to his company’s 401(k) to gets the match. Michael wants to get more aggressive with his investments. Should he contribute more or just change out of a target date fund? John wants to understand the difference between an exchange traded note and an exchange traded fund. Also, inverse index ETFs...


Investing Success and Failure with the Money Tree Crew

Celebrating our 200th episode with stories of our biggest successes and financial mistakes. For more information, visit the show notes at


Retirement FAIL with Greg Sullivan

It’s not the technical stuff that keeps people from failing in retirement, life events keep people from making it through their golden years. Greg Sullivan says personal, emotional and relational things that happen in life that can throw your retirement. He says making portfolios based on 8 years of cash needs, and some incremental changes along the way to retirement, helps weather the storm of any market cycle. He also talks with Joe about Long Term Care Insurance and a chapter called...


The Magic Pill to Wealth, with Julia Carson

The secret to success doesn’t come from a pill. Julia Carlson shares tips she sees her rich clients use to create wealth. Surprisingly, most of her tips don’t involve being the best at investing: • Couples do finances together • Investing while living on less then you make • Making purchases based on experiences and not stuff She also shares information about her clients paying off the mortgage and what it does for the overall health of their finances. For more information, visit the show...


Investing in the Next Generation of Entrepreneurship with Tracy Worthington

Tracy Worthington didn't want to go to college, so she got a cosmetology license. She began by selling candles and soaps to friends but ended up creating an entire line of 100 items. Today she runs a very successful business in Palm Springs called Just Blow Drys. This prompted Linda to inquire, "Will entrepreneurship be the key for the next generation to create their wealth?" The panel also gets into this look into the future where malls become a huge collection of restaurants and...


How to Use Investing to Reach Your Goals with Rick Frisbie

Whether using an investment manager or robo-advisor, setting a goal is one of the most important steps in financial planning. Rick Frisbie from speaks to this point and the importance of having an investment strategy that will take you to where you want to be down the road. Investing doesn’t have to be just for retirement savings. It can be for travel, a new house, anything you can dream up that requires long-term planning. For more information about this episode, visit...


Long Term Care Insurance, Stock Market Timing, and Roth 401k - We Answer YOUR Questions

When shopping for long term care insurance, what are the pros and cons to take into consideration? This is the first in a line of questions we answer from you - the listener. Cheryl asks about the pros and cons of long term care insurance. Dan is familiar with a Child IRA and wants the panel to talk about a Ricky Trust. They take it a bit further by discussing the benefits of investing at a young age. David asks if there is any sense in timing the markets to take advantage of a probably...


Stock Market Predictions Investing for Retirement and Getting Out of the Rental Property Game Your Listener Questions

Why does the market drop when financial news is good? This is just one listener question we answer in today's Listener Questions episode. Justin saw the job’s US jobs report described more job and better pay, but S&P fall more than 2 percent that day and 4 percent the following Monday. Harry wants to know if he should move out of his Target Date Fund into a lower cost index fund. He also wants to know if he should have a Roth IRA, invest more into his ETFs, do more investing into his...


Frugal Your Way to Financial Independence with Taylor the FI Guy

Taylor is on the way to FI (financial independence). He also likes the idea of retiring early, which completes the acronym FIRE. So he and his wife are putting away more than 70 percent of their income. Before his journey, Taylor liked saving money. Then met a woman who brought more frugal habits into their relationship - and more income. He also read The Richest Man in Babylon, which furthered his desire to spend wisely and invest a ton of money for the future. Listen to his story -...


Finding the Right Financial Advisor with Lorraine Ell

Miranda sits down with Lorraine Ell, CEO and Senior Financial Advisor at Better Money Decisions, about ways to find and identify the right financial advisor for you. Are there clear signs for when you need to seek the advice of a financial advisor? You want to find an advisor that does comprehensive planning, not just one who looks at your retirement savings. Does your financial advisor help you to understand the investing options and financial decisions placed in front of you? Lorainne...


REITs, Stock Options, and IRAs: We Answer Your Listener Questions

Jake focuses on dividends. Should he invest in a single REIT and reinvest dividends until retirement? This is just one of the questions we tackle from our listeners on today's Money Tree Investing Podcast. For more information, visit the show notes at


Student Loans and Investing in Your Future with Robert Farrington

Student Loans have become the single most concerning financial issue with young people and the millennial generation. Whether you signed the dotted line with full knowledge of what happens when you take on student loans or you unknowingly signed your life away for a college degree, the debt must be satisfied in some way. Robert Farrington of led the charge last month with the Student Loan Movement. The goal was to bring awareness to the problem of student debt and...


Modern Entrepreneurship with Raoul Davis Jr.

Raoul Davis Jr from talks with Linda about what an entrepreneur is and how important they are to our future. The internet has made entrepreneurship much more achievable for the average person: social media makes it easier to connect with people, email allows entrepreneurs to make direct sales to individuals, and LinkedIn helps entrepreneurs find industry professional they need to help grow the business. You can be branded or you can get labeled. Being branded is...


Investing in Blockchain Technology with Eric Ervin

Eric Ervin created an ETF of blockchain technologies. He knows the power behind the technology, and can see larger companies using blockchains in a variety of ways. Not only can blockchains develop cryptocurrencies, but they can also work to record legal contracts and be a record of documentation. Then the panel discusses the question, “Can blockchain be a viable asset class”? For more information, visit the show notes at


Financial Basics for Money Smart Week with Karen Chan

Our guest today is Karen Chan, a Personal Financial Educator working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to promote Money Smart Week. Karen shares financial basics for those just getting started and the "easiest way to build up savings." For more information, visit the show notes at


Roth IRA and HSA with Eric Brotman

Eric Brotman from Brotman Financial Group explains the benefits - and the differences - between various tax-advantaged savings accounts. For more information, visit the show notes at


Change Your Money Beliefs with Belinda Rosenblum

We form self-limiting beliefs based on negative things we’ve seen, or perceive to be negative, that subconsciously prevent us from being or doing the same thing. Belinda believes we should stop and ponder these behaviors to see if they are based on factual data and not the remnants of past emotional strains. She gives an example of Justin, who believed it wasn’t safe to have money in the bank, nor could he trust women with money. When Justin was 7 years old, the money he earned from a...