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REITs, Stock Options, and IRAs: We Answer Your Listener Questions

Jake focuses on dividends. Should he invest in a single REIT and reinvest dividends until retirement? This is just one of the questions we tackle from our listeners on today's Money Tree Investing Podcast. For more information, visit the show notes at


Student Loans and Investing in Your Future with Robert Farrington

Student Loans have become the single most concerning financial issue with young people and the millennial generation. Whether you signed the dotted line with full knowledge of what happens when you take on student loans or you unknowingly signed your life away for a college degree, the debt must be satisfied in some way. Robert Farrington of led the charge last month with the Student Loan Movement. The goal was to bring awareness to the problem of student debt and...


Modern Entrepreneurship with Raoul Davis Jr.

Raoul Davis Jr from talks with Linda about what an entrepreneur is and how important they are to our future. The internet has made entrepreneurship much more achievable for the average person: social media makes it easier to connect with people, email allows entrepreneurs to make direct sales to individuals, and LinkedIn helps entrepreneurs find industry professional they need to help grow the business. You can be branded or you can get labeled. Being branded is...


Investing in Blockchain Technology with Eric Ervin

Eric Ervin created an ETF of blockchain technologies. He knows the power behind the technology, and can see larger companies using blockchains in a variety of ways. Not only can blockchains develop cryptocurrencies, but they can also work to record legal contracts and be a record of documentation. Then the panel discusses the question, “Can blockchain be a viable asset class”? For more information, visit the show notes at


Financial Basics for Money Smart Week with Karen Chan

Our guest today is Karen Chan, a Personal Financial Educator working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to promote Money Smart Week. Karen shares financial basics for those just getting started and the "easiest way to build up savings." For more information, visit the show notes at


Roth IRA and HSA with Eric Brotman

Eric Brotman from Brotman Financial Group explains the benefits - and the differences - between various tax-advantaged savings accounts. For more information, visit the show notes at


Change Your Money Beliefs with Belinda Rosenblum

We form self-limiting beliefs based on negative things we’ve seen, or perceive to be negative, that subconsciously prevent us from being or doing the same thing. Belinda believes we should stop and ponder these behaviors to see if they are based on factual data and not the remnants of past emotional strains. She gives an example of Justin, who believed it wasn’t safe to have money in the bank, nor could he trust women with money. When Justin was 7 years old, the money he earned from a...


Diversified Investing Retirement Accounts and Rebalance Listener Questions

We love getting your questions. Today we tackle questions from Kai, Matt, Gary, Justin, Nora and Don. For more information, visit the show notes at


Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

While many real estate investors seek capital appreciation, cash flow investors like Kevin Bupp look for recurring revenue they can use to spend, invest, or save up to purchase another rental property. Kevin shares insights on what it means to be a cash flow investor and how you can begin to invest in real estate with very little money. For more information, visit the show notes at


How to Outlive Your Money

Imagine this: Your sister is caring for your mother, and you feel she constantly gets financial assistance above and beyond what you think is fair. Would you be worried that your mom will run out of money? This is the situation Pat is in. He thinks his sister is taking advantage of the situation and doesn't want mom to end up in the poor house. Listen to his real-life story and to the solutions the panel shares that could help you outlive your money. For more information, visit the...


What Happens When Someone Steals Half a Million from You?

A bookkeeper noticed checks were clearing the bank without signatures, so she began writing some herself out of her employers account. More than $500,000 later she finds herself in jail, but who is to blame here? Desiree Patno is the CEO and President of Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and Desirée Patno Enterprises, Inc. who found out from an outside bank that this was going on. She is now on a mission to expose the neglect from all parties involved - not just the...


Taxes, Early Retirement, Roth IRA - We Answer Your Questions

A couple listeners with more than $2M in investments emailed us with questions about retiring, their 401(k) accounts, and how to beat taxes. For a full list of questions, visit the show notes at


3 Paths to Financial Independence with Deacon Hayes

Deacon and his wife combined finances shortly after marriage - only to find $52,000 in consumer debt was weighing them down. They made the choice - and a plan - to pay down that debt in 18 month. Moving past debt freedom, Deacon began focusing on complete financial independence. In his book, “You Can Retire Early!: Everything You Need to Achieve Financial Independence When You Want It” he describes the three ways to financial independence: • Real estate • Stock market •...


How to Make Money in the New Market with Will Denyer

Can a demographic have such an impact on a national economy that it keeps interest rates low? Will the end of a "global savings glut" force interest rates to go up? What will this mean for inflation? Our guest, Will Denyer, explains how three decades of investing by Asia's population helped keep interest rates low, but how it all could change once they begin taking money out for their retirement. For more information, visit the show notes at


Money Stories and Investing Buckets with Jason Smith

Challenging the traditional way of thinking about the bucket strategy, author Jason Smith says you should have three investing buckets. He begins to explain with a story, then dives deeper into the Investing Buckets: The Now Bucket, the Soon Bucket, and the Later Bucket. Jason also cautions against "Freak-out Risk". Listen as he explains how volatility in the market causes people to make emotional decisions with their money at the exact wrong time. For more information, visit the show...


Choose the Right Financial Advisor with Joe Saul-Sehy - MTI176

Most people think picking an advisor means finding someone who can pick the best investments. Joe Saul-Sehy, one of our regular panelists, used to be a financial advisor. He can testify that being a great advisor requires the ability to help clients discover and work on their goals - not just manage their investments. Join Linda, Doug, Miranda and Joe as they discuss how to identify a good financial advisor, what the difference between an advisor and a Certified Financial Planner is, and...


How to Find a CFP Where to Put Your Retirement Savings and How to Save for a Home We Answer Your Questions - MTI175

By popular demand, we take your questions and put them on air. Linda P Jones, Miranda Marquit and Joe Saul-Sehy give their takes on questions you sent in. For more information, visit the show notes at


Investing in Gold with Rich Checkan [MTI174]

“Securities do not always prove good. Money is gold, and nothing else”. This quote is attributed to J.P. Morgan in 1912. Does it still hold some truth today? Rich Checkan is the president of Asset Strategies International. Doug asks him about the benefits of owning gold and does gold truly keep its value? Then our panelists - who are worth more than their weight in gold - discuss the history of gold’s value in economies and where gold fits into an investment portfolio. For more, visit...


Open a Child IRA, with Chris Carosa [MTI173]

Could a child invest enough by age 18 to have enough money at retirement - even if he/she never saved another dime? Chris Carosa wants children to have a “Child IRA” available from birth - giving the money enough time to compound into $2.2 million dollars. Does that sound good to you? It will after you listen to this episode of the Money Tree Investing Podcast. For more information, visit the show notes at


Wall Street Walkers - Build Wealth Without the Stock Market

A special presentation of MTI Panelist Miranda Marquit's podcast,, which originally aired on November 9, 2017 at


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