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096: Overcoming Your Distractions with Chris Bailey

Why is mindfulness so important when it comes to productivity? Today, Chris Bailey & I will be discussing productivity, mindfulness, and his books, The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus. Chris is a productivity expert who speaks to organizations around the globe on how to become more productive without hating the process. We will also be sharing about the importance of taking time to let our minds wander and the benefits that come from that time. What’s In This Episode: Why...


095: Stop Being Busy & Start Being Productive

Which is better, to fill our day with 40 insignificant tasks that we can check off our list? Or five momentum building, goal setting tasks? Five important tasks will trump any number of insignificant ones any day of the week. Today, we’re talking about shifting our mindset from busyness to productivity. I’ll share why it’s important to be intentional with our time and how to be sure our ‘yeses’ matter. What’s In This Episode: Focusing on what we’re doing best rather than worrying about...


094: Using Routines to Limit Distractions and Promote Productivity

Time blocking and routines are two solid ways to focus on doing things that really matter the most to us. We all function in many different roles and if we don’t intentionally plan our time, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and overstressed. Today, we're going to be talking about creating routines and utilizing time blocking to help move you closer to achieving your goals and your dreams. What’s In This Episode: Cultivating and creating intentional habits so you can focus on...


093: How Journaling Can Change Your Life

Today, we're talking all about the power of paper and how journaling can change your life. Paper is a permanent space in an all too temporary world. The words we write don't disappear in 24 hours unless we want them to. Paper's a break from the consumption of technology. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the benefits of journaling, how writing awakens our creativity, and five ways that you can use a journal.


092: Creating a Planning System

Season 8 is all about planning for success. As we move towards the end of the year and into the next, this is the ideal time to lay down the groundwork and focus on how planning for success can help lead us into happier, more productive lives. Today, we are going to talk about creating a planning system that works for you. I’ll share how having a system in place enables us to focus on our goals every day, the importance of writing our goals down, and my 5 P’s for how to plan. What’s In This...


091: Take Time to Savor the Moment

We all feel so busy, rushing and hurrying... Our days feel like they're chock-full to the brim with every minute filled with tasks and activities. It feels difficult to stop and really savor the moments, and that's what I want to focus on today - savoring our time so we can feel less stressed. We’ll talk about the how savoring increases our happiness and five ways to create savored moments. What’s In This Episode: Increasing happiness through savoring momentsHow to stop rushing to...


090: Disconnecting When It’s Time to Connect

Over the second half of the season on cultivating happiness we've been talking quite a bit about connection and the need for one another in order to increase our happiness. Today, I want to talk about why we need to disconnect from our smartphones and choose instead to connect with others to really intentionally carve out time to deepen up those connections. We’ll talk about setting aside tech free time & making routines to enrich our connection with others. What’s In This Episode: The...


089: Living a Purposeful Life with John O’Leary

Sometimes we might feel as though happiness is not a choice. When John O’Leary was nine years old, he suffered burns over 100% of his body and he was expected to die. He's now an inspirational speaker, podcaster and bestselling author, teaching more than 50,000 people around the world each year how to live inspired. John encourages people to wake up from accidental living and lead an inspired life. Today on the podcast, he’s sharing why cultivating happiness is a choice and how you can...


088: The Beauty of Traditions

Traditions have a way of weaving time together. They allow us to retain and pass down our cultural beliefs, our spiritual beliefs, and even our family moral values. A tradition is any activity that is purposely repeated, and today we’re talking about how they help us create stronger bonds and connections, which is a key to happiness. We’ll also discuss the benefits of creating traditions and the three different types. What’s In This Episode: Conserving energy and alleviating stress...


087: Cultivating Partnerships

Relationships are one of those things that are at the top of our priority list, but in the busyness of our days, we sometimes forget to pay attention to that as a priority. Our connections with others are what builds into our overall happiness and improve our productivity. This week, we are talking about building and cultivating your partnerships, dealing with issues and conflicts, and letting go of unrealistic expectations in your relationship. We’ll also discuss the three keys to creating...


086: Creating Connections: Importance of Others

We’ve been talking about happiness all season long, and today we’re discussing the importance of connections and how that impacts your happiness. It’s important that we treat our friendships as the priority that they truly are because as humans, our need for love and belonging are the foundation for who we are. In this episode, we’ll discuss how important friendships and connections are, the way that connection impacts your health, and why it is important to build a friendship on a variety...


085: Eliminating Stress by Bending Time

Do some hours seem long and enjoyable while others feel fleeting and full of stress? Today, we are going to be talking about eliminating stress by bending time. We’ll talk about the impact planning fallacy has on our perception of time and how to make our important tasks more manageable and our days more enjoyable by using time buffers. We’ll also discuss the importance of lingering and six ideas that reinforce the idea of not rushing on to the very next thing. What’s In This...


084: Ask Tonya: Being Intentional & Cultivating Happiness

Learn how to be intentional with your family in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering listener’s questions about how to create & maximize time with family, the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks, getting your family on board with new systems, and how changing your perspective on others’ successes can lead to your own accomplishments. What’s In This Episode: My favorite tips on how to carve out whitespace & recharge so that we can work effectively & feel...


083: Scheduling the Unschedulable

There are some things in our lives that feel like they shouldn’t be scheduled, but when we make time for them, they truly increase our happiness. Today we're talking about scheduling the unschedulable to allow yourself the space to be able to do what you want to do. We will talk about the importance of planning your free time and prioritizing your tasks, your loved ones, and yourself. What’s In This Episode: Prioritizing your tasks & investing your time consciouslySetting boundaries to...


082: The Importance of Breaks

Are you good at taking breaks? Do you feel guilty taking breaks? Do you feel like they are a waste of time? Many of us skip breaks, just trying to push through and be as efficient as possible. Skipping out on breaks isn’t good for your productivity or overall happiness at work & at home. Today, we’re talking about the importance of taking breaks and the types of breaks that will make us feel happier each day. What’s In This Episode: Increasing your productivity with breaksScheduling...


081: The Joy of Missing Out

We've all heard of FOMO, the fear of missing out, but what we need to do is to work to cultivate the joy of missing out. We’ll find the happiness in not following along what everybody else is doing, purposely not following the crowd, and doing your own thing. On today’s episode we are talking about where our FOMO comes from and the things that exacerbate it. We’ll also learn practices that will help us cultivate solitude and help us discover what we truly love. What’s In This...


080: Shifting Your Perspective

Today we’re shifting our perspectives to cultivate a happier, more satisfying life. We’ll focus on mindset, the importance of identifying negative self-talk and thoughts, and the five practices that will allow you to shift your perspective. Learn to finally stop finding the negative in situations, and instead choose to become more aware of the positives and create your happiest life. What’s In This Episode: Lazy vs. Intentional: How your actions and emotions make all the...


079: Choosing Happiness

What does happiness have to do with productivity? Everything. The goal of productivity is to find ways to create space, to focus our time, our energy, and our effort into what really matters most, the result of which is happiness. Today we start season 7, on cultivating happiness through productivity. We’ll start with discussing the idea of choosing happiness. I’ll talk about what it looks like to choose happiness, how to handle our negative emotions and inner critic and four mindset shifts...


078: Manifesting & Visualizing Your Success

All season long, we've uncovered several of the stumbling blocks many of us deal with and turned them into starting blocks. We're really only limited by our visions of who we are and what we're capable of doing & the stumbling blocks we experience are merely small obstacles to overcome. Today, I’m building on that idea and the importance of visualizing success. Visualization is the deliberate creation of images in one's mind and when done correctly, visualization is an effective way to...


077: Taking Risks With Intention

Risk taking involves testing our boundaries in a safe environment, which helps us cultivate what we value and define who we are. However, it is a skill that is often under practiced because many fear stepping out on a limb and failing. Today, I am going to be sharing why it is important to practice the skill of taking risks, practical tips for assessing whether a risk is meaningful, and how to accurately define success when stepping outside of your comfort zone. What’s In This...