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140: Why Not Now with Amy Jo Martin

We have to start challenging ourselves and asking those tough questions if we truly want to make an impact. Today’s guest is Amy Jo Martin, the author of NY Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules and host of the Why Not Now Podcast. We discuss exploring questions with yourself such as, “why can’t I make an impact?”, “why not now?” “if not me, then who?”. She shares how she started her first business, Digital Royalty before exiting it in 2016 to pursue Renegade Brand Bootcamp, a...


139: Having Confidence in Your Choices

A boost in your confidence can be one small change that makes a huge impact on your life. Being confident can be the difference between jumping into something that you’re passionate about or sitting on the sidelines, wishing and dreaming about it -- but not doing anything to make it happen. Today, I’m sharing the 4 confidence killers that are hindering you from making an impact and the 5 Rs to battle those confidence killers. I’ll share how to go from self-conscious to self-confident and why...


138: Creating a Support System

When you’re going through things in life, it’s so valuable to have a good support system there to cheer you on and even roll up their sleeves to get in the trenches alongside you. Today, we’re talking about the value and importance of having support systems in your life. We’ll discuss how support systems can be diverse and the four different types of support that people seek. I share why you may want to look outside of your regular social circles when seeking a support group. Lastly, I also...


137: Chris Winfield on Leading with H.O.P.E

The world will be a much happier place if everyone did their part in helping one person every day. Today's guest, Chris Winfield, strives to do just that. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Super Connector Media, which he successfully built on the concept of helping one person every day, H-O-P-E. We discuss how small changes can have life-altering impacts, why you need to share your gifts with the world, and why he believes in calling himself out when necessary. He also...


136: Why Productivity Has Failed You

With hundreds of productivity hacks and methods out there, it’s pretty safe to say that not everything works for everybody. I know we’ve all been there, trying a productivity hack that others swear by and thinking, “this doesn’t work for me!” Today, I am going to be talking about why productivity has failed you and how to actually make time for your priorities. I will share how to figure out what works for you and why you need to be flexible when finding your own systems. I’ll also chat...


135: Finding Your Purpose Within Pain

Did you know that sometimes it’s through life’s most pivotal, and oftentimes painful moments that we can find our true purpose? All it takes is some flexibility and resiliency to get us back on track toward our mission when we’re facing life-altering obstacles and curveballs. Today, I’m talking about using pain to find your purpose. I share why you need to be resilient and get yourself back up after you’ve been knocked down. I also discuss the 4 A’s that I used when I was faced with a...


134: Taking Passion to the Next Level

Are you taking the necessary steps to find and pursue your passion and purpose? Today I’m talking about the differences between hobbies, passions and true purpose. Finding and pursuing your passion can be the first small step toward something big like finding true happiness and fulfillment. It can be the thing that helps to propel you out of bed on Monday mornings and get you excited to start the week. We’ll also be discussing how to uncover what’s important to you, my 4 tips to help you...


133: Boss Up! with Lindsay Teague Moreno

Business and motherhood can coexist. Today I have momtrepreneur, Lindsay Teague Moreno, author of the best-selling book, Getting Noticed and upcoming book, Boss Up! on the show to share how she’s built several million-dollar producing companies and empowered thousands of women to say YES to building the business of their dreams. She shares how she got started as an entrepreneur and how she discovered her passion for teaching women about social media, branding, sales and storytelling. We...


132: Using Failure as Fuel

Are you afraid to fail? Failure doesn’t need to be something that you fear. In fact, when you embrace failure, you’re that much closer to becoming successful. Today I’m going to be talking about reframing failure and facing our fear of failing. I share a few stories about some of the most successful people in the world and how they failed but got back up again and pushed past their failures to success. I also share a story about how I almost let a $45,000 mistake cause me to give up and how...


131: Reclaiming Your Lost Dreams

One of the biggest regrets people have in life is of the things they didn’t do or accomplish. It’s not the silly mistakes they’ve made, it’s about those dreams they wish they would have chased after. On today’s episode, I talk about how to stop making excuses for going after your goals and scheduling a date to accomplish your “someday” dreams. I share a personal story about my “someday” goal that I have finally accomplished with my new book, The Joy of Missing Out, and offer some...


130: How to Get the Most Out of a Day Off & Not Feel Guilty

You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a day off. But let’s be honest, a lot of times we do feel bad about taking that time for ourselves. Today’s episode is all about taking that time for yourself and feeling really good about it. Sometimes all we really need is a one-day break or personal day to feel recharged. I’ll share how setting intentions for your day will lead you to a productive (or relaxing) day off. I discuss why you should be mindful about how you want to feel at the end of your...


129: Fully Enjoy Your Vacation & Come Back Refreshed

When was the last time you took a vacation? Taking care of yourself and finding time for vacation is one of the keys to achieving a higher sense of happiness and fulfillment. Vacations are about filling your days with intention and the activities that you’re passionate about and surrounding yourself with people that are the most important to you. Today, I’m sharing why we need to take vacations to make ourselves more productive and to avoid burnout from our work. I will also chat about why...


128: Pursue Your Passion (And Still Get Work Done!) with Tiffany Sorya

Rather than wandering around aimlessly, doing tasks that we don’t necessarily love we should instead be embracing what we do love and finding more ways to do exactly that. Today’s guest on the podcast is Tiffany Sorya, the founder of Novel Education Group, where she shows families how to make education work for them. Tiffany works with many high-profile clients including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the family of Dr. Dre. Tiffany’s approach is about creating a life that works for you, even...


127: How to Work From Anywhere

Life happens outside of the normal nine to five, far from the hustle and bustle of the office. Many people are even working in a non-traditional office space. On today’s episode, I’ll share how to work more effectively away from the fluorescent lights and cubicles of an office. We’ll chat about being productive no matter where you’re working whether that’s at a hotel, at home with the kids at your feet, or at your favorite cafe. If you want to become more productive while working remotely,...


126: How to Make the Most of Boredom

Did you know that time has the ability to stretch and bend like taffy? Think about a time where you’ve felt rushed and 60 minutes seems to zoom by as you hurry to beat the clock. Now think of a time where you spent your day lying on the beach, soaking up the sun. Didn’t that same hour seem to linger? Today’s episode is all about how to make the most out of your time, how to savor the moment and make the most of boredom. I will share the 3 conditions that cause boredom and how you can start...


125: Feeling Fulfilled in a Job You Love with Ken Coleman

Do you dread Monday mornings and feel like you’re always waiting for the weekend ahead? This episode is for you… today, I have a special guest on the show to talk about how you can find passion and fulfillment in your job. Ken Coleman is an author and host of the Ken Coleman Show and the top-rated EntreLeadership Podcast. This season, we have discussed the idea of bending time and it's no secret that we spend the majority of our time at our jobs. Ken will share how you can take ownership...


124: Finding Happiness: How to Fill Your Days with Substance

The constant pressure of people-pleasing is a recipe for disaster. It's vital to learn how to fill your days with substance, allowing you to feel happier and more content in your daily life. In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of self-care and taking time out of your day to do things that fill up your cup. I’ll share some research about life satisfaction and give you actionable strategies to make yourself a priority again. It’s time to curb your people-pleasing patterns...


123: Spend Less Time on Email: Don't Let Your Inbox Own You

With the constant, non-stop pings that we get throughout the day, it’s no wonder we spend so much time on our emails. Email can be a big time thief, taking valuable hours out of our days. Today, I’m sharing how to become intentional about your email management through several strategies, including batching, simple ways to categorize your emails to take action on them quickly. After this episode, you’ll have the tools to manage your email more effectively, the permission to set boundaries and...


122: Take Control of Your Calendar

Have you ever fallen victim to your own calendar? Today, we’ll talk about managing your calendar and how to take control of your schedule and your time... so it doesn’t control you. I’ll share how to get in the driver’s seat when it comes to scheduling your time AND your personal priorities. We need to rethink busy and focus on what’s important to you, so you can structure your days to be more effective and rewarding. What’s In This Episode: The 5 P’s of planning and why it will help...


121: Making the Most of Your Mornings

What time do you start your day? Today, we’re talking about our mornings and some of the benefits of utilizing those wee hours before the household is fully awake. I’ll share some of the research about mornings and how your brain functions, along with ideas on how you can wake up refreshed, and how you can establish night time routines and morning rituals to get you into the habit of getting up earlier. We’ll focus on bending time so you can set your days up for success in a way that feels...