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114: Knowing Your Enneagram & How It Can Change Your Life with Jenn Jett

Today I’m sitting down with author, speaker and entrepreneur, Jenn Jett, to talk all about knowing your Enneagram type and how it can change your life. We're going to dive deep into this because it really is about understanding and getting to the heart of who you are in this season about new year, true you. Jenn will explain what the Enneagram test is and how knowing your number can really help you in moving forward to becoming that best version of yourself. What’s In This...


113: Improve Your Sleep & Increase Productivity

A good night’s sleep can be the difference between a highly productive day and a draggy, unproductive one. Today I’m going to highlight some of the negative effects of not getting the right amount of sleep. I’ll talk about boosting your productivity with a nap and share some tips and routines that can help you to fall asleep faster and make your environment more sleep friendly. What’s In This Episode: The negative ways that lack of sleep affects decision making and other important...


112: Finding Your Financial Freedom

Today we’re taking a look at how to organize and streamline paperwork, bills, and expenses as well as how to set up systems to downsize debt and grow savings. We’ll talk about tools to make finances and saving easy and pain-free. These steps toward finding financial freedom can offer a big boost to your confidence and go far to help you to feel like more like the true you. What’s In This Episode: How to best sort and organize paperworkUsing smart techniques to automate and simplify...


111: How to Organize Anything (Without Stress)

Today, our focus is figuring out how to organize ALL the “stuff” in our lives, why it's important to organize, and how clutter can actually affect our mental health and even our happiness. I'll share some strategies to help you organize your home and I'll share one of my very favorite techniques called the Mount Vernon Method. All the ideas I'm sharing today will help you tackle any project around the house and allow you to get organized. What’s In This Episode: The connection between...


110: Dorothy Beal on the Power of Self Love

Dorothy Beal is a runner, a writer, and a body-positive activist who believes runners come in all shapes and sizes, and that if you run, you have a runner's body. She is the founder and creator of the I Have a Runner's Body and I Run This Body movement. As a marathon runner, Dorothy believes that movement has the power to transform your life and that one of the biggest barriers that can hold us back is our own mind. Today, we talk about when she first became a runner, digging in on the...


109: How to Make Yourself Work, Even When You Don’t Want To

How do you make yourself work even when you don't want to? Today, our focus is all about getting motivated. We're talking about the basics of motivation and procrastination, how to jump-start yourself when you're not in the mood to do much of anything at all, and I'll be sharing six ways to stop procrastinating and get moving. What’s In This Episode: 3 reasons we tend to procrastinate & how you can work around themUsing fear as motivation instead of letting it paralyze you6 strategies...


108: Why You Need to Stop Asking For Permission

What do you do if those around you aren't bought into your new goal or dream? Are you constantly looking for permission from others? Today, we're focusing on what to do when you're looking for support and there isn't really anyone around you buying in. We'll also talk about making good choices and feeling confident in those decisions. What’s In This Episode: How to get support from the important people around us6 steps to take when you're trying to get someone to buy-in on something...


107: Defining Who You Want to Be

Who do you want to be? It's a big & necessary question for us to think through as we spend this season uncovering the true you. On today's episode, we're talking about defining who you want to be and how envisioning your future self can help you to define who you are and where you want to go in life. I’ll also share how your virtues play a big role in determining your future self. What’s In This Episode: Thinking about your future self to help identify your pathSetting yourself up for...


106: The Art of Knowing What You Want

What do you want to do in life? What drives you? What are you truly passionate about? Today, we are talking about the art of knowing what you want and how to prioritize your passions. We'll be uncovering what you're really passionate about, the benefits of pursuing your passions, and how you can actually make time for them in the midst of your everyday life. What’s In This Episode: Why you should uncover your passion and pursue itHow to know if you’re truly passionate about something5...


105: Becoming the Best You

Today, we're kicking off season nine, New Year True You, by talking about how you can set ongoing goals to help you improve your life. We're also going to dive into the difference between goals versus habits and how habits can actually be good for helping you achieve your goals. I'll be sharing some tips on how to establish some of those good habits and how to make a plan so that you'll be incredibly successful in 2019. What’s In This Episode: Why New year resolutions don’t work, and...


104: Ready. Reflect. Refresh.

What would life be like if you didn't just set your goals, but you actually achieved them? Today, in our last episode of season 8, we're going to recap some of the highlights from the season, add in some new info, and get you motivated to tackle your goals, projects and dreams. Your goals are not outside of reach… that thing you’ve been thinking about in your head for so long? It’s time to get started, make a plan that will work for you and achieve your goal. What’s In This...


103: Overcome Your Obstacles: The Power of the Pivot

How do you handle obstacles when they pop up? Do you let them derail you or do you view them as an opportunity? Today, we’re focusing on how you can overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. I'm going to highlight some important goal-setting strategies for you to use, the different kinds of obstacles, and how they impact us. I’ll also share a few simple steps to help you move forward past your roadblocks. What’s In This Episode: Utilizing the right framework for goal setting and...


102: How Mandy Harvey Turns Tragedy into Triumph

Even the best-laid plans hit snags from time to time. What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost control of your plans? Today we’re talking with Mandy Harvey, an award-winning singer and songwriter, who lost her residual hearing at the age of 19. Even after her hearing loss, Mandy pursued an incredibly successful career in music. She performs around the United States, has released four albums, and was recently featured on America’s Got Talent. Her story looks different than what she had...


101: Ask Tonya: Aligning Goals with Your Unique Priorities

Learn how to plan for success and achieve your goals in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering your questions on how to create a successful accountability partnership, dealing with a family member who refuses to buy in, how to plan and maximize your downtime with your kids, and preparing your business for long-term growth from the very beginning. What’s In This Episode: Want to be the best accountability partner? I’m sharing how you can ensure you’re providing value to your...


100: How to Build a Support System & Reach Your Goals

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This week, we’re talking all about accountability and support systems. We’ll dive into why it’s so important to have someone hold you accountable, how accountability partners help foster success in your life, and how to find & build a successful partnership. We’ll also discuss the different types of accountability partnerships and groups and the benefits of each. What’s In This Episode: Why even self-starters need...


099: How To Make Time For Your Personal Goals

All season long our focus has been on planning for success, but the best-laid plans don't do us any good if we don't take the time to make them happen. Today, we’re discussing how to create space for your goals. I’ll share how creating habits allows you to make daily progress towards your goals, my four tips on how you can intentionally carve out time, and the importance of getting rid of the things that don’t line up with your priorities in order to get you closer to the life that you want...


098: Deciding Your Destination: Start With the End in Mind

Goals are an integral part of creating plans for success, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to know where to begin when it comes to setting a goal. Your goal may be a project, a habit, or a task, but whatever it is, all goals start with you considering the final destination, and that's what I want to focus on today. We will discuss the idea of starting with the end in mind, creating counterbalance in order to achieve certain goals, the importance of visualization, and creating milestones...


097: Don’t Delay Happiness: Someday Syndrome

How many times have you said that you'd do whatever it is you want to do “someday”? In reality, someday is this indefinite time in the future that never really comes. Today, I want to focus on your someday. We’ll discuss the roadblocks that keep us from pursuing the things that we say matter most to us & how we can take actionable steps towards prioritizing and achieving those dreams. We have to stop delaying our happiness and give ourselves permission to change, to start, to do the things...


096: Overcoming Your Distractions with Chris Bailey

Why is mindfulness so important when it comes to productivity? Today, Chris Bailey & I will be discussing productivity, mindfulness, and his books, The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus. Chris is a productivity expert who speaks to organizations around the globe on how to become more productive without hating the process. We will also be sharing about the importance of taking time to let our minds wander and the benefits that come from that time. What’s In This Episode: Why...


095: Stop Being Busy & Start Being Productive

Which is better, to fill our day with 40 insignificant tasks that we can check off our list? Or five momentum building, goal setting tasks? Five important tasks will trump any number of insignificant ones any day of the week. Today, we’re talking about shifting our mindset from busyness to productivity. I’ll share why it’s important to be intentional with our time and how to be sure our ‘yeses’ matter. What’s In This Episode: Focusing on what we’re doing best rather than worrying about...