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Empowering Women in Financial Planning

Matt will be speaking at an event on the topic of empowering women in financial planning and it got him thinking a lot about examples in his personal and professional life that tie into the topic. This episode will run through statistics you need to know and the most important investment items you need to have in order. Click here to see the full show notes.----more---- Today's rundown: 0:52 – Busy next year coming for Matt. 1:51 – What got me thinking about this topic. 5:14 – How to...


3rd and 4th Quarter Financial To-Do List

We’ve already rolled into the third quarter of the year and that presents us with a great opportunity to evaluate our portfolio. Giving your plan a check-up will help keep it on track headed towards your goals so use this checklist focus on the most important questions. Check out the full show notes by clicking here.----more---- Today's rundown: 0:35 – Introducing today’s topic. 2:30 – Understanding where we’re putting our money in a company plan. 3:15 – Ask if your company has a Roth...


Understanding Tax Laws Can Help You With Investing Decisions

A recent tax bill was signed into law in July 2019 and it serves as a reminder that understanding taxes is an important aspect to planning your retirement. Knowing how much of your money will be yours when you decide to access it will determine how much you actually need. On this episode, we discuss this tax law and answer a few questions sent to us. Check out the full show notes by click here.----more---- Take a look at the full rundown below: 0:26 – Matt discovers goat yoga. 3:30 – On...


Unasked Questions About The Stretch IRA

Do you ever wonder what you might not even know to ask about? For instance, do you know what a stretch IRA is and how it works? Or how to designate beneficiaries and joint ownership over your accounts appropriately? Matt talks through the ins and outs of these things, answering your questions before you ask them. See the full show notes here. ----more---- Take a look at the full rundown below: 0:38 – Episode overview about making sure you do what you are supposed to with your retirement...


Early Retirement, NOT In A Lower Tax Bracket, & Defining Your Financial Security

We've got a few listener questions on the docket for today. First up, we'll discuss Abe's question about being forced into an early retirement. Should he get another job? What items should he address before he is no longer receiving a paycheck? We'll also answer Blair's question about tax brackets in retirement. What is the real outlook on future tax rates, and how should we prepare? Finally, we'll take a look at how you can define financial security for yourself.


Adam Quiney On Your Relationship With Money

This week we speak with special guest Adam Quiney, an executive leadership coach, about how your relationship with money can define your experiences as an investor and as a retiree. We'll delve into how that relationship is formed and how it then influences your thoughts and decisions throughout each phase of your life.


SECURE Act & Gifting vs. Inheriting

At the end of May, Congress passed the SECURE Act, which will create some major changes to qualified retirement accounts. We'll look into what those changes will be, as well as possible future implications. And later, Matt shares a story about a client that highlights the importance of understanding the difference between gifting and inheriting.


Roth IRA Follow Up And Inheriting Something I Don't Want

We received quite a few responses from listeners after the last episode, so we'll be following up on last weeks's topic by discussing Roth IRA conversions. We'll also talk about what to do if you inherit a piece of property that you don't want, and we'll learn about Stretch IRAs.


Roth IRA Contribution Limits And Other Questions

This week, we'll delve into some listener questions about retirement accounts. Matt will clear up the difference between the tax characterization of different types of accounts, as well as whether they should be invested differently. He'll also discuss what happens if you overfund a Roth IRA, how your Social Security is taxed, and more.


Estate Planning Essentials: Beneficiary Forms And Legal Documents

When it comes to building a retirement plan, one of the biggest items that people overlook, or even avoid, is designating their beneficiaries. But taking the time to do this is key to ensuring that your assets are handed down in the way you intend, and that your estate does not go through probate. Matt gives us some tips on how to prepare these essential legal documents.


What's The Value Of An Advisor?

Matt recently received an email question from a knowledgeable DIY investor who is considering handing over the reins to a financial advisor, but is skeptical about the value an advisor could provide. So this week, we'll discuss what type of benefits a true holistic financial advisor should bring to both you and your investments.


Julie's Story - A Client's Perspective

The featured guest this week is Matt's current client Julie, who is in the process of planning for retirement and has been working with Matt for several years now. Julie provides some valuable insight into the planning process from a client perspective, and even offers up some great travel tips from her experience in the hospitality industry.


Mailbag: Savings, Roth or Traditional IRA, College Planning

We've received a lot of listener questions following our interview with Harlan Accola. Jane wants to know about the preferred interest rate for a savings/money market account. Hector asks about the differences between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA. Finally, Jim wonders about how to properly save for his kids' college plans. Matt will answer all those smart money questions and more.


Episode #93: Harlan Accola - Behind The Curtain of Reverse Mortgages

If you're like most people, you've probably steered clear of reverse mortgages for one reason or another, but there's quite a bit more to them that isn't generally discussed. Matt brings in Harlan Accola to demystify the subject. Who should consider one, and who should not? What kind of options are available and what are the costs associated? And why do reverse mortgages have such a bad reputation?


Episode #92: What The Rich DON'T Do With Their Money

This week, let's look into some basic steps that you can take towards building and protecting wealth, as well as finding peace of mind in your investment plan.


Episode #91: Mailbag - Social Security, Inherited Stocks, Market Recessions

We love to feature your questions on the podcast. Join us as we answer your email questions on Social Security, market recessions, and inherited stocks. For detailed show notes, a corresponding blog post, and access to mentioned resources, click this link:


Episode #90: Relocating In Retirement

Many couples look to relocate or downsize in retirement. Relocating can be beneficial, but it presents questions you'll need to answer before you move. For detailed show notes, a corresponding blog post, and access to mentioned resources, click this link:


Episode #89 Understanding Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is a buzzword you often hear in the financial industry. It's important to understand what it is and how it applies to you as an investor. For detailed show notes, a corresponding blog post, and access to mentioned resources, click this link:


Episode #88: Market Volatility & Risk

There's a conversation Matt has with clients all the time. It's about market volatility. It's one of the most important things to grasp and understand as you prepare for retirement. On this episode, Matt will recount one of those recent conversations with a couple that came into his office, some of the questions they asked and how ultimately they were able to achieve more comfort with their financial plan. Show notes for this episode:...


Episode #87: Mailbag - Paying Off Your House

Join us as we feature your email questions. We'll cover paying off your house and financial planning for married couples. For detailed show notes, a corresponding blog post, and access to mentioned resources, click this link: