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So You Want To Podcast? Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence

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Use a Podcast for Employee Communications

Podcasting is mainstream. In 2017 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly. 32% of those listeners are 25 - 54 (with another 31% 12 - 24 and 15% above 55). The average listener subscribes to 6 shows, consumes 7 episodes per week, and 80% of listeners listen to more than half or all of each episode. And forward thinking companies are using podcasts as a convenient way to connect with their employees. You can count Marriott, GEICO, and Johns Hopkins in this category of businesses...


5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Podcast Launch

A common problem among podcasters is that they get so excited about the show they want to create or have created that after spending a lot of time and money to create an interesting show and get the best gear to record it, they just throw it out into the world and hope it sticks. They take the “Field of Dreams” approach... if you build it, they will come… Well, in most cases, if it isn’t an insanely original idea, that happens to tap into a huge need or a huge potential audience (like...


11 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast That Don't Involve Ads or Sponsors

You may have also heard people talk about “monetizing” your podcast with sponsorships and ads. This is the question I get more than any other question… While it’s true that ad dollars are flooding to podcasters from things like video and TV advertising, the vast majority of ad dollars are going to major media outlets. You are much better off sponsoring yourself by making sure that everything your listener (ideal client) hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your podcast is...


3 Ways to Amplify Your Authenticity in Your Podcast

If you want a podcast that will bring stability to your business and create loyal customers who trust you before they buy and then can’t wait to tell the world about you, then your episode content has to… Grab their attentionHelp them Know, Like, and Trust you.Solve their problemsMake them want to share it with friends. That is why everything your listener hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your episode needs to be relevant to the problem you are trying to solve with...


Other Benefits of Having a Podcast for Your Business

Today I wanted to share a handful of ways you can use podcasts to benefit your business. I’ve already covered some of the big ones, like authenticity, establishing expertise, eye-opening demographics, evergreen content asset and how a podcast can help you reduce marketing and networking costs. There are still more benefits to having a podcast for your business! In this episode, you’ll hear: How being a podcast host can improve or showcase your public speaking skillsIf you don’t like...


Save Money! Podcasts Can Reduce Marketing and Networking Costs (Reason #5)

How much did you spend last year on direct response, print, and awareness campaign marketing? $5k, $10k, $20k? I’ve seen crazy numbers for putting an ad on the side of a bus in larger cities. I know that several non-profits I worked for in the past easily spent $25k/year on print. I know I spent at least $5k last year on my own website tweaks. And I probably spent another $10k or more on travel to conferences for networking purposes Podcasts can reduce all of these costs. The know...


It’s Evergreen. Why You Should Podcast for Your Business (Reason #4)

I bet you’re a bit like me, you get inundated with marketing ideas and strategies all the time. You may have even had podcasting suggested to you before. A lot of people think of podcasting as a marketing tactic or something you can just try out to see if you like it. I’m here to tell you that it is not a tactic… It’s an asset. You are going to invest money and time into building content that will attract your ideal clients. It is a long play about building a relationship with...


A Desirable Demographic. Why You Should Podcast for Your Business (Reason #3)

If you are looking for new clients who are 25 - 54 years old, who are well-educated, and have money to invest in your services, products, or offers, then podcasting is a sure fire way to connect with them.


They’re the New Book! Why You Should Podcast for Your Business (Reason #2)

Podcasts are kinda like the new book. You’ve probably heard the cliche, “so and so wrote the book on this or that.” If you write a book, you are naturally seen as an expert on a subject. In a 200 page book, you’ll average about 55,000 words. Most people speak 125 words per minute. That’s 2500 words in a 20-minute podcast. Do 22 episodes of that podcast and you’ve basically written a book out loud. Congratulations! You are an expert!


You’ve been naked together! Why You Should Podcast for Your Business. (Reason #1)

No seriously, you probably have! I listen to podcasts in the shower and in the bathroom in the morning while I get ready and I bet you do too. The average podcast listener invests around 5 hours and seven minutes per week listening to their favorite shows. They listen at home, in their car, while they are walking, at work, and at the gym. You, the podcast host are in their ears in so many different locations (a lot longer than someone who’s in a video). They can hear your actual...


The Power of Podcasting… My Story and Why I’m Starting This Show

I bet you’re a bit like me ... you want to generate leads and make mores sales because you KNOW you can help people. You want marketing to be simple and straightforward so that people can clearly see why they should buy what you’re offering, but you feel like you’re working way too hard with little return on that investment. You’re tired of trying to cut through all of the marketing noise in social media. Or you’re tired of feeling invisible while others are getting recognition —...


So you Want To Podcast? Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence

Hello, my name is Danny Ozment and welcome to the introductory episode of So You Want to Podcast: Strategies for Growing your Business. I’m a brand strategist who happens to have also been a professional recording engineer for over 20 years. I’m a podcast consultant and producer who has worked with more than 50 podcasts and currently produces more than 15 different podcasts each week. I was inspired to start this show a year ago after attending Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim. I was so...