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The Cure for Procrastination

When confronted about his procrastination, a young man responded jovially, “Hey, anything worth doing is worth putting off!” Perhaps you can relate to this young man’s mantra. If so, I have good news for you. Procrastination is NOT a permanent personality trait. If you tend toward procrastinating, you can change. But first, let’s look at some of the pitfalls of procrastination and why this is such a crucial problem. Some of the Pitfalls of Procrastination Include: Missed deadlines,...


Aim for Progress, Not Perfection

In her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will To Succeed, Sheryl Sandburg shares one of her favorite mottos. “Done is better than perfect”? In this episode, I want to explain why you should Aim for Progress, Not Perfection. We want our podcast, product, service and business to be the best it can be. We want to be a market leader; we want to be successful; we want to be unsurpassed. So, we aim for perfection! But perfection has its downsides: Perfection is elusive. Pursuing perfection...


Podcast Strategies for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Realtors

It’s important for lawyers and realtors to build a trust bond with potential clients. In this episode, I share three ways lawyers and realtors can use a podcast to create a bond with their listeners. Before I dive into what you’ll hear in this episode, I’d like to revisit trust and building a bond with podcasting. If you remember from one of my earlier episodes, I said that podcast hosts and listeners have been naked together. Yes, seriously. You, as the host, are in your listeners ears...


What You Need to Know About Keyword Stuffing

This week I am talking about, “keyword stuffing”. And no, this episode is not related to a podcaster’s Thanksgiving (although, the idea is intriguing). Keyword stuffing is a practice that is causing Apple to ban podcasts from their platform. Why is this important? Apple Podcasts is still one of the top podcasting directories around and a great way for podcast discovery. A quick overview of how discovery in Apple Podcasts App (and iTunes) works: Apple allows you to search podcast title,...


Danny’s Recommended Resources for Entrepreneurs

In Episode 22, I shared my recommended gear and software for podcasting. This week I wanted to take some time to share some of the other resources that I depend on, learned from and have grown from throughout my entrepreneurial journey. These are resources that have helped me grow my business, community and influence. In this episode you’ll learn: Podcasts that have made a huge difference in my journeyWebsite, graphics and email marketing resourcesAnd, some of my trusted podcast...


Podcast Repurposing Process in Six Easy Steps

Podcasts are a great starting point for creating loads of great content for use on many different platforms. This week I want to talk to you about, what I like to call, the podcast repurposing process. If you struggle with crafting blog articles or social media content, then repurposing your podcast can help you create various forms of content from just one single recording. In this episode, I share six steps you can begin to implement today, and be on your way to repurposing your podcast...


Recommended Gear and Software

This is a list of tried, true, and trusted gear and software for podcasters that I’ve personally benefited from. No, it’s not everything and it’s not the most expensive stuff; to get the best quality, I believe you need to purchase the highest quality equipment. The problem is that the best equipment can be expensive, more than you might be able to afford early in your career. I’ve used every single one of these pieces of gear and software and stand fully behind them. Let’s jump...


The Double Ender

I want you to have awesome, amazing, and high quality sound on your podcast. So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing proven ways to help you to improve your sound. We’ve already discussed the basics of recording, your room, we’ve talked all about gear, and we’ve talked about recording techniques, mixing, and mastering. If you haven’t checked out those episodes yet, I urge you to do so. In this episode, we cover the not-so-secret secret weapon for making your interviews sound...


I love your show, but it sounds terrible.

I love your show, but it sounds terrible. No really, it does. Okay, so your message is amazing, but nobody is listening to it because your podcast just sounds bad. What are you going to do about it? In 2010, I discovered podcasts. They helped me get through the experiences and daily life following the birth of my daughter. The medium of podcasting really moved me. But the audio quality of podcast after podcast, was outright bad. I actually reached out to several podcasters and told them,...


Five Proven Ways to Improve Your Sound - Part 3

I want you to have awesome, amazing, and high quality sound on your podcast. So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing proven ways to help you to improve your sound. We’ve already discussed the basics of recording, your room and we’ve talked all about gear. If you haven’t checked out those episodes yet, I urge you to do so. In this episode, we cover the last two ways to improve your sound: recording techniques, mixing and mastering. In this episode, you’ll hear: The importance...


Five Proven Ways to Improve Your Sound - Part 2

Last week I kicked off a three-part episode series devoted to improving the sound quality of your podcast. We’ve already covered the two most important things to understand to get high quality sound on your podcast. This week we delve into gear, including computers, software, and yes, microphones. A lot of the gear I cover in this episode can be found in my resource list. In this episode, you’ll hear: Appropriate gear foryouand setting up your gear correctlyAn important tip about...


Five Proven Ways to Improve Your Sound - Part 1

I recently ran a two-part episode series that explored four reasons why sound quality matters. If you’ve missed those episodes, you can go back and listen to them, here and here. Over the next few weeks, I am now going to share five ways you can improve the sound quality of your podcast. I am an audio engineer at heart, so this is the stuff that I love to share. In this episode I cover the two most important things to understand to get high quality sound on your podcast. In this...


Story Driven Business with John DeLancey

This week I am sharing a discussion I recorded with my buddy John DeLancey. John and I met at Lou Mongello’s Momentum conference (which still has a few spots remaining). John is the author of Marketing the Magic, one of my go-to books on how small businesses can use story in their marketing. He’s also host of The Story-Driven Business Show and Marketing the Magic podcasts. John is a diehard entrepreneur who’s built multiple businesses since leaving the United States Air Force. We talk a lot...


Why Does Sound Quality Matter? Part 2

Last week we talked about why sound quality matters on your podcast. We covered the first two reasons, which are ease of use for the listener and professionalism and authority. Today I am going to cover the third and fourth reasons. In this episode, you’ll hear: Why sound quality is respectful to your audienceHarmful sound, sound can be weaponizedCompetition - why would someone choose a podcast with bad audio quality over one with good quality? “If someone is willing to download and...


Why Does Sound Quality Matter? Part 1

My goal is to spread the word of the amazing things podcasts can do for your business, brand or mission. In order to share your message and share it well, the sound quality of your podcast matters. Over the course of the next two episodes I will be answering the question, “Why does sound quality matter?” In this episode, you’ll hear: What sound quality of a podcast is, exactlyHow detailed edits and clarification edits will help your interview-based or business-based podcastThe first two...


Build a Community from Your Podcast with Katie Krimitsos

Today Katie Krimitsos joins me on the podcast. Katie is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a podcast and community for highly ambitious entrepreneurial women who are craving more in their business. This week we are talking about building a community from your podcast. Katie is a friend, a client, and a mentor of mine and I could think of no one better to talk about how to build a community with your podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear: Katie’s first experience with podcastingHow the Biz...


The Recruiting Podcast: Successful Hiring Made Easy

I recently shared strategies for using podcasts in human resources and employee communications. This week I wanted to talk more about using podcasts for human resources or rather more specifically, recruiting. It’s hard to calculate the true costs of hiring an employee. But what we do know from some studies and research is this: in 2016, SHRM reported that the average cost per hire was $4129. And, in 2017 Training magazine reported that the average cost to a company per learner was $1075....


Use a Podcast for Employee Communications

In this episode of So You Want to Podcast?, I explore a human resources industry strategy that uses podcast as a way to communicate with employees. Podcasting is mainstream. In 2017, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly. You can hear more interesting statistics about podcasting, here. Forward thinking companies are using podcasts as a convenient way to connect with their employees. In fact, you can include Marriott, GEICO, and Johns Hopkins in this category. In this...


5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Podcast Launch

A common problem among podcasters is that they get so excited about the show they want to create or have created that after spending a lot of time and money to create an interesting show and get the best gear to record it, they just throw it out into the world and hope it sticks. They take the “Field of Dreams” approach... if you build it, they will come… Well, in most cases, if it isn’t an insanely original idea, that happens to tap into a huge need or a huge potential audience (like...


11 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast That Don't Involve Ads or Sponsors

You may have also heard people talk about “monetizing” your podcast with sponsorships and ads. This is the question I get more than any other question… While it’s true that ad dollars are flooding to podcasters from things like video and TV advertising, the vast majority of ad dollars are going to major media outlets. You are much better off sponsoring yourself by making sure that everything your listener (ideal client) hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your podcast is...