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Differentiators: My #1 Tip for Succeeding in Any Channel

It's been a while since I last recorded for my personal podcast, but here we go again! This time, we are going under a new name: Net Positive. In the first episode back, let's dive into what it takes to win in any digital channel. If you want tips more frequently and in your inbox, you can join my newsletter at Don't forget to follow me socially as well (you can DM me your marketing questions or just say wassup): LinkedIn ⏎ Twitter ⏎ Facebook ⏎ Instagram ⏎ ---...


Cory Warfield: Start a Business from Nothing and Grow It w/ Social Media

Have you long contemplated the possibility of starting your own company, but don't know where to start? Cory Warfield can relate to that. In fact, there was a point where Cory didn't even know he wanted to start a business. He found himself without a home and without any resources, and had to decide what he was going to make of himself. In this interview, Cory provides relatable and actionable advice for starting a company and growing it through social media. --- Support this podcast:...


Build an Unstoppable Personal Brand with LinkedIn Expert Natalia Wiechowski

Are you stuck in a career that doesn't fulfill you? Are you silently begging for a new opportunity to present itself so you can move on? Many people across the world are faced with this dilemma, but they have no idea how to escape it. Dr. Natalia Wiechowski was one of them. She gained an impressive education, and began an impressive career. And yet, it didn't speak to what she truly wanted to accomplish with her life. She determined that it was time to make a change. After a 9-month...


The Do NOTs of Instagram

There are a lot of great things to do on Instagram, and a whole lot more DO NOTS. Here is an episode for you Insta-lovers out there. This is based off of my own experiments on the platform. --- Support this podcast:


Is Social Media Bad or Good?

Have you ever truly wondered if social media is bad or good? There are so many factors at play for this question, but I attempt to do my best job at dissecting the good and the bad aspects of social media in this video. There are no perfect answers here, but I believe that ultimately social media platforms are good when used genuinely. You'll learn more about that explanation in the video, as well as why some people think social media is ruining our lives! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and hit...


How to Be Creative on Social Media

Want to know how to be creative and interesting on social media? One of the most daunting tasks for content creators is knowing what content to post. And even then, actually executing and making a creative video or post is extremely difficult. In this episode, I share my own tips that have worked exceptionally well for my social media accounts. Make sure to subscribe and comment letting me know what your social media questions are. I would love to be a resource for you! --- Support this...


Go from Idea to Successful Social Media Account

Ever had a great idea for an Instagram account or YouTube channel? How do you take it from just an idea to a successful reality? --- Support this podcast:


6 Easy Steps To Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

Now is the time to start catching the wave of professional networking online, and there is no better place to do so than LinkedIn. But the simple fact of having a profile is not enough. You need to transform your account into a lead gen and recruiting machine. What determines LinkedIn profile strength? Ultimately, the impact of your LinkedIn account comes down to 6 simple, yet essential, elements: Headshot Banner Image Headline Summary Endorsements Experience --- Support this podcast:...


How to Choose Keywords without Any Tools

What on earth is a keyword? And how am I supposed to choose good ones if I'm a total noob to SEO? In this episode, I give you a method for finding and selecting keywords that will crush it online, without having to learn to use any new online tools. Remember to subscribe to the show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. --- Support this podcast:


How to Build a Following on Instagram

Over the past 2 months, I have used my personal Instagram as a guinea pig to find out what works and doesn't on the app in terms of gaining a bigger following. Here is what I've found so far: 1. What not to do: - Follow/Unfollow - Buy followers - Misuse hashtags - Post random content - set up automatic DMs - set up automatic comments and likes - post at random times 2. What to do: - Post at the right times according to cold-hard data - Follow only people in your niche - Using the right...


Becoming a LinkedIn Zealot & Storyteller with Jacob Lebovits

Want to start crushing it on LinkedIn? Take some tips from one of the best content creators on the professional network, Jacob Lebovits. --- Support this podcast:


How to Get Featured on Men's Health (or other big publications) w/ Jordan Paris

Today, I speak with Jordan Paris, Author of Growth Mindset University and owner of Paris Web Design. We cover everything from what makes great web design, to common design flaws and mistakes, and even how to get featured in big publications, like Men's Health. Get Jordan's book on Amazon or at Also check out Jordan's blog at Make sure to subscribe to the podcast AS WELL AS the YouTube channel at...


How-To: IGTV (Instagram TV) and Why You MUST Create Videos

IGTV is Instagram's brand new app and integration that allows you to upload long-form video content! This will answer questions, such as: - What is IGTV? - How Does it Work? - Why Is It Different than Instagram? - And more will be explained! This is huge news for all creators, whether on Instagram vs YouTube vs Snapchat, or elsewhere. IGTV has the potential to change the way personal video is consumed. You can create a one hour Instagram video! This is an Instagram update you won't want to...


Getting More Customers from your Website with Carol J. Dunlop

On today's episode, I speak with Carol J. Dunlop, author of "UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting". We discuss the ins and outs of what makes a great website, as well as how to get more customers from your online presence. This is a great show for small business owners who are looking for tips from an industry pro. Carol has been in web design and marketing for more than 20 years, and has seen it all. Here is the website...


How to Make Way More $$$ on your Website with CRO

If you have traffic coming in to your website, but the sales just aren't reflecting any success, you need to try out some CRO tips. Lucky for you, I have a bunch right here in this episode. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is highly important, and often overlooked. It basically deals with all elements of your website that are trying to get users to buy your product or service. How well is your website set up to succeed? --- Support this podcast:


8 Social Media Engagement Tips: Explode Your Likes & Comments

Looking for insanely actionable social media engagement advice? Here are 8 tips that will explode the amount of likes, comments, and shares you receive. Tips include: - Ask them to like, share, or comment on your content - Always respond to any comment you get on any platform - Use clickbait the right way! - And more! If you haven't already subscribed to this podcast, don't miss out on any more actionable tips! Go to --- --- --- Support this podcast:...


How to Make Money Off of Your Hobbies and Passions through Social Media

There is so much opportunity out there for you to take your idea from an interest to a money-making machine. Here are my expert tips based on my own personal experience. Get started on your journey today! --- Support this podcast:


What is Email Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

Do you use email marketing for your business? Well if you don't, or need a primer, take a listen here. --- Support this podcast:


How Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?

What is SMM? How can I make it work for my business or brand? What platform(s) should I use and which should I avoid? Get the answers to these questions and more, right here. --- Support this podcast:


Pro's Guide to the Best Free Marketing Tools for Your Biz

A Pro's Guide to the Best Free Online Marketing Tools for Your Small Biz or Brand Getting better keyword ideas: UberSuggest Website SEO Analysis: Neil Patel's SEO Analysis Collecting Emails: SUMO Email Marketing and Automation: Finding viral content to post: Google Trends & Buzzsumo Finding what your customers want to know: Getting your ideal leads: Hunter